Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bridge to 2012

I've been thinking, what if I keep continuing my life like this, I WILL BE DEAD.

Holidays slow down my movement. Makes me plan every thing just to consume my holidays in a good way.

I have to keep myself busy with studies. If an enjoyment comes when you almost immerse yourself in your study, that will extract you from heavy study and the escapade is the biggest enjoyment of all.

Next thing I know, a month is gone.

It would be nice if I start packing myself up before next year, ready for the senior year. YES!!!! I'M READY FOR THE NEW ARRIVAL OF LOWER SIX GROUP in May.

The things that we planned to do in this holidays, we have to DO IT NOW. No more regrets.

My resolution for 2012 "Doomsyear", is of course nothing but get as many A' as I can in STPM.

Still hoping for a better life.

2011 Conclusion:

Best moment: 1) Earn my own money/working (1st time)
                      2) Treat my family a dinner (1st time)
                      3) Got my driving license
                      4) New Form 6 life/friends
                      5) Feel the warm of being a family
                      6) Got my Debit Card prior for movies  
                      7) Visit my sister in Penang
                      8) 2nd place in Second Science class

Worst moment: 1) Driving lessons and test (nightmare)
                         2) My movies experience got deteriorated
                         3) Anticipating for beach vacation (didn't happened)
                         4) More Emotional

My blog post for 2011 ends here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hybridal Holidays

I always believe that updating my blog frequently is a good thing for me. And i still do.

It's holiday now and it reminds me how fast a week can pass when attending classes in school.

I realised I've neglected my study so much because all these years I tried to prove I can live well without studying. But it doesn't work that way. Obviously. So I really have to stop it right now. At least I have something to work hard for it. For my good result.

Here are some tips for my science subjects studying (mainly for Physics),

1) FORMULA- Derive and alter it based on the conditions (what we need to find)
2) UNIT-  Convert it to SI units or according to what are the final answers suppose to be in
3) CONCEPT- Remember the definitions and apply it if necessary
4) DIAGRAM- Understanding why and how 

Always keep those tips in your mind (I hope you have large memory storage) and you will master it all. Not proven by someone yet.

Study is a full time job for students. Maybe the large amount of ounce my blood flowing out every time I brush my teeth or even eating something hard can remind me of how much time I have wasted.

The sensitivity of my gums can also represent the sensitivity of my heart towards the surroundings. It annoys me A LOT.

I need a knock on my head and start studying now, before it's too late.

I hope I can do it without much supervising from my parents.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Break Free

It's Friday Friday~ Best of all, it's time for holidays!!!!! We are at this time of the year again!!!!

No doubt, it is the most relaxing moment of my entire form 6 life, time for me to catch up what is left behind in my subjects, to finish the unfinished stuffs, and prepare for the next year's topics.

Perhaps I am immunised from the holidays, since so many "unauthorised" holidays have been given during the schooldays, having less excited for the long break now, yet still wishing for more holidays. :P

My entertainment sense just won't back down, telling me that sometimes we need to steal some time from busy, to relax ourselves instead. I wish to have an epic outing, besides gathering. My mind keeps creating good scenes by itself, even though it hasn't happen or won't happen. It's good for me, hypnotising is the best way to stay out of reality.

My Iron Popper is with me for more than 500 days, now I'm trying to search for another phone. I need to have certain strong reasons to buy a new one. No more dealing with regrets I hope.

So now just looking forward for my pending event, if any, and


Friday, November 4, 2011

The Breakthru

The result is here! Luckily it's a good news for me. I can say it's even more than just a good news. :O

Maths- 58
Chemistry- 55
PA- 49
Physics- 40

Glad that there is an overall improvement in my test. But that's not all.

The 1st shock: I got the highest marks for Maths in my class. It's a tragic cause the standard of my class is quite low but I'm really happy for it. 

The 2nd shock: I claimed the second spot in my class!!!!! OMG!  I didn't get Top 3 anymore since I was a tadika kid. :P

This is a type of  "after-motivation": The motivation you get after something is achieved better than you expected.

Somehow this is the real beginning of a Massive Massacre where our academic standards are being put to test. Everyone is barely noticing that they are facing it in a way that it starts with a very low danger level. This year is just a dessert, next year we will be serving the main course, well, it serves well with side-dishes (extra challenges).

The text books we usually use in class. 

I know we will be facing a threat when we get around Top spot in class in Science 2. We will be extracting to the Science 1, which believed is a better class. This causes an issue of discriminant, being the best is a privilege but I'm sure teachers are conducting a balance growth in class by categorizing our standards into 2 classes. Believe me, they always do. If they really want me to go to another side of the sunshine, I WILL REFUSE, just when "IF" happens. Reason is simple and I only need one, I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS IN MY CURRENT CLASS.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Next 28 Days

Exam is officially over. 

Now I'm left with the remaining schooldays when I could only claim myself as a Lower Six student until the long year-end school break starts. 

Everything is back to normal now. Back to my lazy life again. No matter what result I shall be dealing with, I still like Form 6. The term "easy" is rarely found in the subjects, so if I can improve even with 1.0%, I will be tasting the pride right now. 

I realised STPM needs only one weeks more to complete, it's like putting all our efforts in just one shot chance.

After experiencing almost 2 weeks of "inDULLgence", I need to have an outing plan for now. Retreat from something that worries me the most. 

Next Saturday will be the last time I teach English. Meaning I have no more source of extra money!!!!!! I guess I have enough money to burn for joy. Anyway, I hope my cousins can improve a lot. 

Deepavali Valthukal everyone!!!! One week school break!!!!!!! :P

Friday, September 30, 2011

Towards The Glory

Update again!

I got a position as AJK Pembangunan. My duty is to open all the Form 6 classrooms in the morning, lock 'em up and make sure all the classrooms are locked before leaving home, once in a week. It's surely a good thing because I won't be worry much about my Co-corriculum marks after all. I just hope they reset the marks that we brought from Form 5 as you know, my marks aren't good enough or I can just say we do need a new beginning for everyone, isn't it? (smirks) 

But I know there's one thing I should be grateful: The syllabus of the subjects we are taking now are not entirely reset. Somehow, it makes me more to a picky person: To pick what I just wanna learn. Study is not optional, really. Since teachers are trying hard to cover it up all the chapters before we go for holidays, we know that time will not stop at where you want.

I shall be throwing myself to one more tuition again if I didn't pass my Physics in the final exam. It will be very proud if you can prove that you can do pretty well even without going to any tuition. But that's not what I can do.

Question remains: "How to study Physics?"

I met the most influential teacher in my school. She is a MUET teacher. She seems succesfully makes me think that my english needs a reconstruction. She is a humerous person, she knows how to put in criticism when teaching and sometimes being bitchy of course. Well, that's what I think of her... so far.

In order to get a motivation on studies, I think it's good being rewarded by SOMETHING I WANT. There are many distractions in the process of getting myself into this serious shit. I rather put myself into "Physical Limit Challenge" than taking myself to where my mind's limit reaches.

The Newton's 3rd Law states that To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction which can mean only one word, REVENGE. I know it's too early to talk about revenge, revenge needs a long-life plan.

But it's not too late to start my study now.

Exam time table is out now, let's face our new enemies. There will be no updates, not until my exam's over.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Outcome

A not so intensive exploration on studies has been done before taking myself into a secure area to survive in Form 6. It's a mind challenge thing. I was wondering, why couldn't I study well.

Here's the 1st term exam result: (Take 50 for a passing mark, in percentages)

MUET; 177 /300 (Band 3 /6)

PA; 52 
MATHS; 42 

Purata: 44.75   
CGPA: 1.33 /4.00
Kedudukan: 12 /19

*Failure   *MUET is excluded in the overall performance.

Obviously, I didn't survived. I really don't want it to sound very sad since this is the 1st time but what I hope is some improvements in the year-end exam. Perhaps the low marks provide more room for improvement. :P I'm gonna devote the rest of my school life in this year (few months) to my studies starting from Physics. Never gonna hang myself on the edge.. again.

I shall declare a a war within myself.

My next goal: Purata 60.00++

The OMR paper sold in school

SMK Batu Lapan just has so many similarities as compared to my primary school SJK(C) Yak Chee:

School structures:
The almost exactly position of each building and there are two main exits.

Surrounded by a small jungle with a companion of eco-friendly mosquitoes.

Common people:
A large group of Yak Chee's ex-students (majority chinese) who I mostly knew.

Both morning session and afternoon session.

What is more shocking in my findings is some of my Form 6 friends are much likely to some of my secondary school's friends according to their attitudes and the similar feelings they gave me. Well, but I don't take it as a replacement.

Somehow in the school, it's best when someone can call your name properly.

When I see the lower forms' students, I keep thinking that I used to be one of them who studying the same subjects before turning 180 degrees harder.

It's still too soon to make any conclusion. More hard work is required.

Happy Hari Malaysia!!!! School holiday :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

5nal Destination

Death has it coming down to 5. A new death list has arrived as this last installment of suspense series gets snap off, taking back the title of "The Final Destination".

With the collaboration of Warner Bros, FD5 has slightly turned away what it did best (constructing ways of death) in previous installments and introduces a new version of FD which included a humor sense that seems to create a combination to calm you down while having a wild guess for what will happen next between every death.

FD5 also fills in the real life of a bunch of survivors, putting them to test as the dramatic reflex action of struggling not to let themselves die begins. With the help of false death cause and premonition, it's surely making audience screaming.. out loud.

Besides provided a limited "room to growth" for the ways of death, this series has finally came to a full circle, as we can see at the end of the movie, the appearance of Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) in FD1 (2000) has brought in the concept of prequel.

End Of Line:
I must say I am quite a fan of FD throughout the decade, seeing people die in such horrible and ridiculous ways weren't fun when you know you wouldn't escape from the paranoid sense after few days you watched it. This might be the first time I hesitate to go in cinema but just keep this whole series as an encouragement for us to appreciate our lives, just like what Saw movies was trying to tell.

How can Death be so creative?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prison-like holidays

Never gonna waste my holidays.  

Take dream as a treatment. Sleep to recover. But somehow I really don't like to sleep early. Stay up late at night just in case someone tag your back in the next morning and say: "Hey, you miss the fun yesterday night".

My driving lesson isn't ended yet. The time I got my license, "It's just the beginning". Much more to learn. All I can do is practising, learn to confront with fear. I was braver last time, that's one of the reasons I refuse to grow. And all the joy feeling I couldn't find now, how can that be possible? I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GO BACK.

This is a hibernation week. No vacation but the Sepang Gold Coast disappointed me- The glamour thing is inside the resort I think, exclusively for guest, not a visitor.

But Raya isn't complete without going to Bazaar Ramadan every year. For Nasi Tomato!!! :)

Going back hometown for 3 days. As usual, staying still beside a 24/7-open JVC radio with a remote control in hand to change channel from time to time. Of course, I will try not to touch books but somehow inches stack of books in my room did motivated me a bit.

I never felt this before in any holidays, it's so calm and seems like a sign of something big is going to happen. I tasted a little boredom, sad, wonderfully romantic and some weird combination of events. Time to go to another season.

PS: When school reopens, I will be facing the results (I knew I did it really bad), and Co-curriculum starts. PBSM (compulsory) and Permainan Dalaman (not much choices), tell me how fun can it be? =.=

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Malaysia Boleh

It all happens in a week. School holidays as a medium to give Merdeka together with Raya an extra spice for once-a-thousand-years celebration. Living here for 18 years, it's definitely enough time for me to pop out with this Top 5 in Malaysia list, appreciating what Malaysia had offered me in a form of joy and satisfaction, in a good way of course.

#5 Buatan Malaysia 
Let's have a look at Proton Edar. Proton Saga was the first car manufactured back in 1985. Now, we are still having sales on the brand new SAGA FLX. Proton had developed much throughout decades and now still do.

Sometimes I just want to shout out: "Proton Satria Neo is the nicest car in Malaysia!!!!" whenever I see one passing by. By judging the outline of the car body, it's always my my personal favourite.

Besides, radio stations, tv channels, newspaper, cinemas, supermarkets, we have our own brands.

#4 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan  
5 years before entering Form 6, I was in SMK Seksyen 1 Bandar Kinrara, same thing goes to every SMK school, nothing can be the best when you are in a Malay school, really. Every time the government launch a programme or activity, it involves us but not the private school. We get the holidays based on the calendar, or even a day off due to every races' festivals. Well, there's co-curriculum too including Malay games. The school system was awesome because we end school earlier every Friday.

Many more.. What else can you ask for? I love SMK.

#3  Capital City
Kuala Lumpur, The Petronas Corns tower, oh don't get me wrong, it's a praise. The tallest building in Malaysia, followed by KL tower. The city life of KL enthusiasts me, I could be a tourist every time I got there. It's very complicated and take my advice: "Don't ever go there just by yourself". The busy road,  busy citizens, the busy life. Skyscrapers everywhere you stand. Love it!

#2 Access  
We've got concerts from local to international in stadium. Bringing in World Tours into stadium like English football team. Almost every famous movies are in cinemas. Even some titles are releasing earlier than US. We have many local events. It never failed to give me that anticipating feel. A huge efforts of giving out green lights, I wonder why people still complaining?


#1 Islands in Malaysia- A place you called heaven

White sand, crystal clear ocean, beautiful beaches on islands around Malaysia. Staying in a tropical country would be the best when you planning for a vacation. We also have marine parks and national parks. The natural environment is the only place you look for when you are in Malaysia. It's the only place that could bring out my "sunny" personalities.

There is no reason why you will hate it.

You would want a peaceful place to stay for the rest of your life? Well, Malaysia it is.
I guess that's all. Happy Merdeka and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone. :D

Friday, August 5, 2011

An American Hero

It's Captain America who slicing off the new super soldier experience with his signature shield and completed the circuit before the elites of Marvel, assemble.

"The First Avenger", perhaps the title makes you think twice on why took it so long, you might wanna think: Everyone save their best for last.

Set in 1940', during World War II, it seems no problem in putting all the plots together, or to have a question where does all these villain comes from, in this season when patriotic fever was burning fierce. Unlike the movie X-Men: First Class, which largely attached with war elements yet complicated agendas behind mutants. It proves that Cap is a movie to ignite the patriotism in every individual especially for the young men back in that era, hoping to be part of the military base, protecting their families. Well, Cap is certainly a typical superhero movie ever exist in Marvel.

Of course it isn't much about the super strength Steve Rogers gained after the procedure, also not the muscular body Chris Evans owns in order to fit into the suit, the main is what could a man done to sacrifice for its country- courage. Tossing a shield is much easier than tossing a coin, as what Sam Flynn achieved with the disc in Tron: Legacy. Blocking all the blue lasers by its vibration-absorbing Vibranium shield. It is one of Steve's favourite as we can see in every situation, he made use of everything to block the flying bullets from enemies: Picking up the trash can when beating up by a bully behind the street; Grabbing car scrap during a chase; or a triangular original shield he began to use in his publicity.

Red skull proves himself a good commander and made clear the line between good and evil. Thanks to Cosmic Cube (believe to have the same function with AllSpark in Transformers) that possibly convinces us that the advance technology existed since 7 decades ago. You can't deny that the big wheels and engines really stand out in the movie.

You can always match Red Skull with Darth Maul based on their skin tones. 

3D effect: 
By bringing in "You never saw that coming", one could guess the remarkable actions unleashed by Steve either on land, in the air or in the sea much more thrilling when it comes to an ordinary man- or Super Soldier I should call that doesn't possesses much superpowers. You have no time to react when the shield hits you. Some kick-ass moves between Captain and evil Hydras are absolutely breath-taking.

End of line:
To be honest, I am not a fan who is growing up the Marvel comics but I am still growing up to the comic-based movies- to learn every superheroes in the reverse way. This is a movie that we as a Malaysian should watch before celebrating our Independent Day on 31th August.

Yes, we have the warriors of Bukit Kepong, Leftenan AdnanRentap and everyone we learn in history. We always share the victory with nation so that we have a common patriotic spirit same as the soldiers.

After a two-hours movie ride, you will not feel like moving a muscle until the finish rolling of the credits. But the movie is leaving you with the forth-coming movie The Avengers teaser to bring a strong message to us: They are good to go. Just after the teaser, people are clapping for epicness. The overwhelming response is the proudest for film-makers and the claps is a way to appreciate a movie.

PS: I salute you, Captain America. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

A 3D Sensation

Before we get to choose 3D format instead of choosing what movie to watch before stepping in to the theater, there was a time when the ripple of silver screen still looking peaceful, 3D invasion has brought us plenty of wars.

When we keep talking about 2D, 2D term is widely used to differentiate and make clear the stand between 3D and 2D. That means actually Digital 2D brings out another definition:

Digital 2D gives you the clearest possible image quality on-screen, with absolutely no visible "tearing" or "artifacts". 

For me, I redefined it as H-D. 

Actually, Normal is the word you want to find for the original format of movie. 

Frankly speaking, I strongly believe 3D will not replace 2D. If it does, you will see "Only in 3D" instead of "Only in theater" or "Also available in 2D" instead of "Also available in 3D". That will be a tragic. A big one. You know we always have a choice. 

Let's go deeper into the dimension. If your eyes are smart enough, then you won't be expecting 3D anymore because your eyes won't fool by 3D. For your information, it happens to people but I won't say that it's a bad thing. What happens to me is, been in a long 3D movie ride, the 3D effect seems not be so obvious anymore. I got immunised to 3D. So sometimes I might just want to focus hard on it, perhaps to the particular object that I wish it is in 3D. Too much of the superpower, huh? 

3D effect enhances one's vision experience, together with my new theory HD BEFORE 3D, you will feel that 3D is not entirely bad (harm our eyes and expensive pricing)

Of course I have some evidences to prove it right. This theory comes when I am watching 3D movies with my specs and 3D glasses on at the same time. 

First, there was 3 sets of movie format can be found:

1) Normal type only
2) Normal type + Digital 2D
3) Normal type + Digital 3D

We can see that if there's no co-existence of 2D and 3D. 

The film has to be modified to a clearer version before it goes 3D. 3D can be performed well after it is in a clearer version so you won't see a 3D-based movie with Digital 2D around. This proved that Digital 2D is included in 3D. 

Somehow, most standards of 3D-based movies had gone down low due to the over-accentuation to the adaption of visual effect but not the plot. It's like "You won't get the same experience in 3D and 2D", emphasizing the best of 3D. 

PS: My advice is choose to watch in this order: 2D> Normal. Still, 3D is still optional.

Honestly, I prefer 3D for blockbusters. Let's just get the taste of it, don't get so obsess with 3D.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Stabilization Of Flight

It's almost 2 months since I was trying to adjust myself to form 6, unwillingly, this left me no choice, but now I got through the melting point.

Firstly, the subjects, in the order according to my favourite:

1st: Pengajian Am
To me, it is known as general knowledge of Malaysia's politics, it's the only real thing I can clearly feel which happens from time to time, changes that soon became histories. Humans should learn what the world really feels. The story-telling session from teachers are attracting. :)

2nd: Chemistry (If I took Biology, it would be at this place.)
Easy understand than what I expected so far. 90% of understanding. The molecules and atoms could enhance one's imagination and of course to solve the mystery behind all chemicals.

3rd: Mathematics T
Extended version of Add Maths, and numbers are back again. = = It is not the easiest subject among all anymore. Whatever it is, it all counts.

If according to the papers,  Pengajian Am Kertas 2 will be at between this gap.

4th: MUET
Well, I have to admit that I thought it is the subject that I can fill my percentage of confidence to the top but it turns out harder. Especially the harvesting of own ideas and my twisted-tongue speaking skills.

5th: Physics
My most respectful subject among all because of what it contains (the concept of some sort of structural mechanism, movement of an object and forces). The only thing drives me to this is in the future, I can create cars and guns which are impossible to me. In big contrast to Chemistry subject, 80% of not understanding. That is truly a tragic.

For those subjects that I don't take tuition, I just really hope I can handle them myself, if I can do it, that will be pretty impressing but the most important thing is not to ponteng frequently because we will miss a lot of lessons. The consequences of ponteng are quite irritating. Plus lack of sleep, it is challenging my mental's limitation.

Speaking about tuition, it will always comes to my "Tuition for Tuitions", meaning teaching to earn money and pay for my tuition fees. That is quite a cycle but do not break my alternative source of money for other usage. "Kids, please hold on to it no matter what."

My daily routine:

My mom sends me to and fro school after she became a Q-dees kindergarten teacher. Everyday's lunch is either economic rice or chicken rice. Ain't that nice? In fact, taking public transport from there is so convenience. Add on, I've got my P license already!!!! And I'm fear to drive!!!!! :P

Lastly, I would like to say that I have more new friends :D The ionic bonds between me and my friends become stronger. I just hope that someday we will become covalent bonds.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dark Side Of The Moon

This 3D event taught me to be patient, while beholding the power behind the fast-selling secret begins since the release date, that makes premiere stands out for an obvious reason.

One day, I found myself bonded to this "Within 2 Weeks" idea, for blockbuster movies, try not to exceed the watching period.

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON has every reasons to become a must-watch but to me, it's less anticipation. 

This is the final Cyber war on Earth for Micheal Bay, but sequels are coming soon. By keeping it his trilogy, he has bring all elements together to match with the term Ultimate. Unfortunately, a brilliant fan has pointed out the "recycle" idea from one of the director's productions The Island back in 2005. 

This director-behind-all-scenes has failed once again. Perhaps the magnificent transforming ideas of robots were mostly contributed by him with the corporation of CGI and animation designers, that worth my respects on him. 

This 2-hour based film was quite wasted for the "space" it has. Filling in the humour that triggers my hatred instead, the relations between people are blocked by this shit. It starts in the first movie and got exaggerated by its growing ego, Revenge Of The Fallen is definitely the worst episode of all. 

Alien invasion in the big city, sounds similar to the "recycle" idea but this can be amazing when it added in a fresh deception involving the workship between humans and Decepticons. It might sounds ridiculous somehow in the sense of logic. Captivating and executing citizens in open area are indeed horrible. What left is the sad stories that can touch deep inside your heart only if it is catalysed by Linkin Park's Iridescent. 

3D effects:
Sparks, flames, dusts, lights, shattering of glasses, even subtitles are what I can get from 3D obviously. Those are minors, but listen to me, "No 3D movies are perfect without slow-mos".  The activating of Sentinel Prime's complicated pupil in the opening was awesome!!!! The destruction of sky scrapper by Driller was breath-taking as well!!!!!! The sliding down of concrete glass by a group of survivors was also holding a large suspense.

As I said, the relationships had fade, leaving an empty shell behind. The history of "Moon walking" can helps to enhance the epicness but it won't hold too long.

So why not give it a try/chance for robots by watching it during the tide of Summer Blockbusters of the year? Experience the greatest moment of all. What can I say is "Only the 1st movie retains its own standard." 

I will vote a "No" for Michael Bay for next sequels. Speak after me, "No Please."

Let's not to be harsh on this movie but we must always remember when locate in any restaurant, Eat like a food critic, because we will never know when our opinions will be taken to make the key decision. 

- Josh Tan

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Platinum Friendship

It's five years.. and beyond. Being one of my friends since form 1, when the chains linked to my old friends broke, shattered onto this land of SMK SEKSYEN 1, BANDAR KINRARA.

I still remember I made his house as "Pusat Persinggahan" (food and shelter) almost in every occasion of school and because of that, I can clearly know every corner and structure of his house, even if I'm blind-folded, I still can walk without a bang. So be careful in the middle of the night~

There was Bella, always waiting there. Even though I have every reason to afraid of dogs.


Together, we always tease teachers, students and also twist the facts in studies upside down without guilt. Challenging school rules, it was damn fun. Communication skills of mine are mostly learned from him. Having numerous of outings. Songs, musics and movies are also one of the commons too.

Bad thing about you:

Do you have watch? LOL

Anyway, who else can give the boldest critics and comments yet educating us at the same time? Who else can dance energetically and making crazy jokes around every time and make us lose focus in sorrow. Who else can we ask from the tips to get the best by paying less?

He is the most influential person in school. He is injecting a whole lot dose of English drugs to me all the times. The 1st english song he introduced to me was Beep, by Pussycat Dolls back in 2006.

In 2011, his identity upgraded. He is now my uncle. As I recall back my memories, I realised that I never fail to call his full chinese name instead of what people should call him. Why arr? :P

Whenever it is, he is my best friend forever wherever I stand and I have no regrets to have him as my buddy, never forget. I'm still supporting you!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the fearless, the wisest, the entertainer, I present you...

Blake YAP JUN MING!!!!! Happy Birthday bitch!!!!! :P

Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's near the end of June, something needed to be ended as well.

Finally I completed my Driving Procedure:

4) 18 hrs of driving lessons
5) JPJ driving test  Passed Pending of "P" license

That day is the only day I didn't mati engine at all. Hehe :D

When reached the Uphill test, my tyres touched half of the box only!!! :O In the second try, even worse, same problem but I turned my tyres to right side a bit. Just when I thought I will fail, a twist of fate. The JPJ examiner just said "Okay", he seems didn't realised my problem. What a guilty relief after all! D:

Sesi 2, Number 26. Red Tag. Taking on Lucky Number 10 New Kancil car during On The Road test.

It takes almost 3 months to bring this to a full stop.

I can say this is the most frightening yet horrible experience for me. I can't sleep well because of this. Nightmares. Tiredness. Worrying. Now, I can get over it. Thanks to my parents especially my mom. To be honest, it's really worth a day ponteng school.

Thanks to my driving instructor Uncle also, thanks for scolding me. LOL. Anyway, I felt sympathized for the people who failed the test. I can deeply feel the disappointment. :"(

A big smile for the passing. :)

The first anniversary of my LG Popper is here!!!! Being an owner of the free phone, I have something to say. Probably the bad things. 

#1: My phone is always having the problem on the phone line. When I first call someone, the line just broke after connecting a few seconds later. (major problem)

#2: After the long period of using, it will become slow. Since I didn't turn off my phone everyday. (my biggest frustration when hoping things to act fast)

#3: No keypads. I miss keypad. Not to complain, but this is not my choice right?

Well, all these lead to my initiative to buy a new phone. Perhaps after my form 6 when I earn money again.

Till then, good luck!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Things I Wish It Could Happen Before I Die

1)  A birthday celebration 
It has been a lot of dreaming and hoping and jealousy of not being one of my friends that can post all my sweet and delightful photos with candles and creamy cake which surround by my buddies. You have no idea how much I will appreciate it if it's really happening.. to me.

2) Having my own motorcycle 
I know I can't drive really well, and I also know that I'm more into motorcycle comparing to a car if thinking of owning one. I mean I really I LOVE the whole structure of cars too. Wouldn't it be cooler and handy when owning a motorcycle? But one thing is for sure- It is dangerous on road.

3) An ultimate vacation with my friends 
Spending a night at somewhere. Many fun things can crazily happen. Trust me, it's FUN.

4) Travel around in big cities around the world
New York. London. Paris. Being in those western romantic big cities that you could never even believe when you wake up in the morning. 

5) Live my life
....... which I earn tons of money and giving out all the fabulous life to my family especially my parents. Eating delicious meals everyday. No hard work is needed anymore for my parents. They can enjoy it KAO KAO like fairy tale when grows older. Have a big sweet family portrait. Protect my whole family as well.

6) Save a life
People or animals. In an extreme situation without harming myself. Taking risk. Being hero of the day once in my lifetime.

7) Own creations being published
Build my island. Create my own beach shop, toy shop and also movie theaters. My own line, own concept of everything. Trademarks. Grab the title of "The 1st" such as: The 1st movie library in the world. This is a bit insane but why not?

8) Six packs 
Having a fit body and wear it out every clothes perfectly. No more bones can be seen. I just want a normal body weight.

9) Become an amphibian 
Learn to swim. Regretting of not being a beach boy since I was born. A swimming skill is a must for me.

10) Last but not least, SEX.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Emo Post

This holiday, it's the best period to dive myself deep into my own world. Likely back to the previous empty life when I was "unemployed" temporarily. Now it just filled with many schedules. I felt tired. Even I'm just thinking. Recently, I'm really appreciate spending some quality time with my family on every weekends. I hope I could stay on that moment forever.

There are many reasons I'm depressing all the times. I feel that some undefined forces are keep hitting me and want to break me apart from inside-out but guess what, I'm still breathing. The best thing in our life is knowing that we are alive. Those are the accumulation debt of doing nothing in few months ago. Now, it wants me paying back all at once. It makes me wanna turn against the whole world (in an extreme way) when I've lost myself. I thought I can go through all these as easy as it seems. I was wrong. Never look down to a tiny thing.

I need to talk to someone very often as the stage of my life keep changing. My life is not yet stable. That's why I keep thinking of rebellion, like leukocytes attacking foreign substances every time they sense their present. Like the situation I'm in: New school. New people. I will be working alone in rebellion. In the end of time, I might not recognize myself.

I hope to get more attention from teachers when comes to study. Sometimes I prefer working. No.. Both suck.

Actually before I can drive, I don't think so serious when it comes to driving, but now I just keep having that fear in crashing cars and murdering people accidentally. DAMN HELL. I've got one more 4-hr driving lesson and then test. It is TOTALLY FREAKING ME OUT!!!!!

I have my eyes on every people every time and wondering did they been through what I'm now dealing with? And how they did it? I can't stop comparing my situation to everyone's to increase my confidence. That is wrong but that seems the only way I can gain back myself.

When I'm growing older, I'm more childish. Such as the way I'm dealing with the problems. It's either I'm being the most childish or the maturest now. Nothing in between. That's what I felt. I hope it could be the best feeling to be a mature man so far.

I believe when we do things often, we get immunised. To me, I immunised to fear. I'm stuck here. When our life won't get any better, we just have to accept it and always remember "If someone reach the peak of unluckiness, they became the luckiest soon enough" I found this line very useful in comforting people like me every time.

PS: Awaiting changes that can made my life stable for now. As soon as possible.

Monday, June 6, 2011

First Class Experience

I missed the premiere screening of X-men, it turns out good cause the movie ticket is not as nice as I picture. :D I'm still sad and felt wasted for my slogan:


This time is quite different cause I watched it alone in Mid valley. But it doesn't really seems alone for me. I sat with two guys who are surprisingly also watching alone and of course with the companion of Blake for the half part of my day. Bumped into an old friend Chun Kit who I walked home with after the movie. Thanks so much!!! XD

Well, this is definitely a blockbuster movie. 2-hr-based movies are always worth the money. I LOVE IT!!!

This is the only X-movie that doesn't features Hugh Jackson as Wolverine, except for the uncredited few seconds scene which is surely the funniest part of all.

I like the group of Hellfire Club, they just remind me of how fun they can be if being a villain when move in a team as much as the X team. Bad guys just have more powerful stares.

There's also a major attachment of history and science. The World War III, Soviet Union are what I can recall but I'm really having interest to know more about the facts. Plus awesome fictional histories of X-men and of course the biological evolution which Professor X spends most of his time researching on.

That lifting up of a submarine scene by Magneto is magnificent!!!!! The slo-mo spinning of the fan!! Amazingly COOL!!! This reminds me of the Zeppelin in Sucker Punch. Both act as a very old transport appear in early World War.

And the excitement of hundred of missiles being launched at the same time!!!! XD

Actually, what comes to my mind when concludes this is: This is a story about Erik, despite having a deep brotherhood with Charles and it makes sense when the rumour talks about X-Men Origins: Magneto after the release of Wolverine's. I can tell when the movie starts with young Erik and ends with Magneto.

Watch it if you like: X-Men films or comics and if you are a BIG fan of X-Men.

PS: "Mutants and proud"

Monday, May 16, 2011

The 3rd layer of 2011

The last and also thickest layer of this year.

Form 6, a start of tertiary education. Sacrifice a lot of entertainment. Finally I realised that Batu 8 is one of the rapid bus route. U70. My new transport. I can lepak everywhere after school or ponteng. It's definitely a nice thing. A new path has opened. Meet new enemies in new form. My fear. I'm gonna hold on to it, no matter what.

Something wrong and evil are playing with my mind, being negative and mourn for unacceptable stuffs. Sometimes you will think that nothing in this world suits you the most.

It's time to look for how 'big boys' usually act and try to move on in that way instead. Get used to facts. Overcome the beginning of the school life, wipe away the "hate to go school" feel. I will be using "It wasn't that bad after all" eventually. "Do whatever I like and don't care much" will be my weapon to win the fight.

It will be just like "same old days".

PS: I believe in the "pre-unite" of school mates.

My insomnia sickness seems treated by dreams. Those dreams make me don't wanna wake up and go school. Some dreams make me think that it's repeated scenes. The story lines of dreams can be very random. Dreams just keep creating infinitely. Dreamology could be the best to study.

Eliminable task: The tough journey of getting P license. If others can do it, why not me?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Identity Upgraded

Back-to-back events in recent week:

8th May 

On Mother's Day, me and my family went to Nando's for dinner. This time, my treat. :D Well, first time. To spend a little more of my salary. XD We ordered 1/4 chicken and sidelines, but unfortunately, I don't feel nice. The sour taste almost made me puked. Seriously I don't have this horrible feeling before. That was scary. :( It's like having Sour Themed Meal. Anyway, this celebration is special for me.

Upgraded to: "Belanjawan"

9th May

Woah, I have no idea how fast my form 6 life started without my expectation. Probably after registered and straight away became a student of SMK Batu Lapan. Orientation Week at first. I'm afraid of this school feeling. Not yet prepared in new environment. Of course, I will be used to it someday. Many familiar faces. :O Anyway, for boys, the school uniform features White Shirt, White Long Pants and Black Shoes. HOW COOL CAN THAT BE!!!! I mean no more green pants. Good change. Love it.

Co-curriculum is a must in order to enter local U.

Going to decrease my online period soon. Attending tuitions. Still can't believe what's happening now.

Upgraded to: Lower Six student.

13th May 

First driving lesson started today. Actually I'm not really feel comfortable about the paddle. It's different from the game at arcade (usually I will crash a lot of things). A little push of the paddle is enough to make the car moves. The road and cars scare me to hell. What if I hit people and cars accidentally?

I am so jealous of the good drivers out there. Too bad I'm not one of them. This was my nightmare. :"(

The biggest fear is when the car shaking and engine's off suddenly due to my one mistake. Feels like the car is gonna explode. Seriously, sad. :(

Upgraded to: Learner in driving. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet The Narrow Route of "Down"town

Dissect what's inside the kid's brain, reveal what has polluted this mind of ocean.

Here's the brief result in what we have researched:

1) Not active in sports
2) Talk softly/ Doesn't has loud voice
3) Not brave enough/ Being a coward
4) Hunch back
5) Being introverted
6) Get panic easily
7) No socializing skills
8) Not assertive/ Unable to decide quickly
9) Doesn't take things seriously
10) Give up easily
11) Bad communication/ Twisted-tongue
12) Is afraid of dark since small
13) Weak/ Not powerful/ Not strong enough
14) Not "man" enough
15) Petty mind
16) Get disappointed easily
17) Afraid to speak out own ideas
18) Think too much/ Always regret on own decision
19) Love to hide his own real feelings

And... owns a bone-touchable-skinny body!!!!!! (the arrangement is not according to the critical levels) 

This initial investigation revealed that these problems have their own strength and abilities (Not to say that their roles) to affect this kid in many things that happen in his life. What you saw just now is probably befriended with this poor kid long long time ago. Whether he like it or not, isn't it a fate that brought friends close together?

Optimus Prime: "Fate rarely call upon us at a moment of our choosing." Too bad this boy didn't has chance to choose.

In this case, a biological doctor has claimed his friends as Invisible Parasites sp. and bold estimates that these are not his friends, but used the term "enemies" to describe them. His enemies can evolve from time to time. As long as this kid exposed to all of them, the more he feels that it's part of him, and can never be separated physically or chemically (Perhaps not easy).

Doctor labelled this case as Highly Inflammable and Danger.

A psychiatrist proved that somewhere in this kid's brain, he thinks that all of these doesn't really matter to him. All he could think is to gain is always better than to lose. The problems are not what he can see by their camouflage appearances. Eventually, these will be the motive for him to do anything unexpected and at that time, he has no one to blame but himself. This makes him gone so far without realise. The psychiatrist also believe :"There is more to come, my friend. Prepare yourself for the worst"

Advices: He probably needs a new start of life. He needs to eliminate all of them immediately and Take Back His Life to normal again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our World, Their War

The most anticipated movie event of the year is finally here to end my wait!!!!!! (roars) :D


Courtesy of Nuffnang Malaysia, a pair of preview passes are up for grabs for the 45 best written blog entries based on two options:

Option A: Tell us how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character you would like to transform into to protect the world.

Option B: Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world.

For the hard core Transformers fans out there, you will not miss this contest by clicking this direct LINK.

Well, without further ado, this is my idea:

I chose option B because it's not fair especially when Autobots always win the cyber war in the end. Trust me, it's time to change side. Join my rebellion!!! Let the Earth goes dark!!! In fact, Decepticons are the main element to make the movie stand out. Autobots shall learn their lessons soon.

In order to destroy the whole world, we must attack Autobots in the 'heart", and it won't be as easy as it seems.

First, it's my pleasure to transform into Shockwave, the new rise leader of evil instead of Megatron. I will summon Soundwave in outer space to interrupt the satellite by hacking into the system since Bumblebee can only communicates through use of selected radio playback and television signals due to an injury. By doing this, Bumblebee will lost its communication and perhaps create chaos to the people on Earth. (muahahaha).

I will also summon Starscream to capture some NEST members and threaten them to shoot all the Autobots.

Now, it's face to face encounter with Optimus Prime. As in the previous episode, he installed Jetfire's armour and equipments to stay alive. With the help of Megatron, he attack from back to distract Optimus' attention away from me. Megatron will help to uninstall his equipments by shooting missiles from his arm cannon. I will transform into a big gun and launch a blast of fire towards his chest.

Lastly, i will grab his giant sword in his hands and stab him in his head. Perhaps I could "kill with a borrowed knife" this time.

After all, humans on Earth must obey Decepticons. Now, Decepticons will do whatever it takes to destroy the world, to finish the unfinished business without Autobots. (winks)

Oh by the way, on top of that, by owning The Ultimate Movie Card launched by EON Bank Group, there will be a huge chance for Decepticons to win the war magically. Show this card to any Decepticons to make sure you are on our side. Don't forget to like this Facebook page as well.

For those who are not a Nuffnanger, don't be sad, you can also join other GSC-EON Bank Credit Card contests by logging on to, more exclusive prizes such as Panasonic Viera Plasma TVs are up for grabs too!!!! Being one of the card holders, you can also check out many benefits in that official web too.

"I will keep an eye on you all, Autobots"

Here's the synopsis to know more about this movie:

"The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and learn its secrets, which could turn the tide in the Transformers’ final battle."

Shia Labeouf reprises its role as Sam Witwicky along with Rosie Hutington-Whiteley as Sam's new love interest Carly. It's definitely a bad news for Megan Fox's fans who can't see her in the last installment.

This is the 3rd collaboration with well-known and of course my favourite American rock band Linkin Park after "What I've Done" and "New Divide". Now "Iridescent" will be featuring in this blockbuster to produce a new chemistry like never before and make the original score become one of the fast-selling albums on track.

The final epic battle is gonna raise up our adrenaline level in 3-D. Hope I can be part of the screening event before it hits the silver screen on 30 June in Malaysia. If it really happens, it could definitely be the best start of Summer and make a good closure in June.

PS: "Transformers, let's roll out."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Turning Point

Those were what happened in the last week of April:

Received my L license, a horrible one. My face is blur and thanks to the web cam. To be honest, I felt grateful because I'm not the one who got a terrible one. :D I can now only study my lessons' time table, unfortunately not yet started (I'm not really prepared yet), but it is surely overlapping with my form 6's school life during the 16hour-lessons. I can't wait to finish it till the end.

For now, I started my jogging life but I hope I can keep maintaining this exercise every week and gain stamina. I didn't know how I came out with this idea. This is not a lazy person like me usually do. The boredom is definitely the motivator. I suppose my only jogging partner, Hau Nung can convince me on doing this. I mean he can be my personal trainer anytime. :P At the very end of time, perhaps I can tell the benefits of jogging.

Anyway, the line "How To Gain Six Packs" always caught my attention. XD I want to gain my weight, I wouldn't want 50++ kg, at least 60++ kg can calm me down and not to be a underweight citizen based on BMI.

Well, there are many muscles in our body, I can sense that none of them can increase my body weight now, the bones can do a very impressive work on increasing my mass too or should I try sipping on Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) everyday? :D

Experienced sickness again. One time in a year seems like is a must for me. I hate sickness but it loved me. I know there's 3 stages that normally happen on me, I experienced it before:

SORE THROAT -----> FLU -------> COUGH 

This is a set. Since one sickness is lead to another. Go through all these, you'll be free.

My sister is back from Penang!!!! :D She is possibly staying here for almost 4 months before going back there. Her return is totally in time and it will be the noisiest moment ever. Taking exactly what my sister took in form 6. It's good enough because at least I can refer something to her.

Well, to be honest, the fun time is now over for me. It's not short but anyway, farewell to my empty life.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Mighty Thor

From the studio that brought you "Iron Man". This brings a closer connection between both movies. They released almost on the same day but difference by a year but it can make a whole lot difference when we watch it in.... 3D!!!!

Chris Hemsworth stars as one of the Avengers, Thor. Basically we can barely notice him in JJ Abrams' Star Trek because he is Kirk's father a.k.a "The 12 mins Captain" His scenes was just a few :P

Soon enough I discovered that what he holds in his hands as a weapon is not formerly known as a hammer, it's Mjolnir to be exact, which is the term that can be recognized by anyone in Asgard. What makes the mjolnir so special to me is, it can swings back once it throws away just like a boomerang. Trust me, the knocking sound of metals in this movie is awesome especially when it hits enemies.

The travels from Asgard to Earth is fun, I can tell. The Destroyer is my favourite especially when it came across to Earth under Loki's command. "Destroy everything!!!". This line is similar to the line as Zeus (Liam Neeson) shouts out "Release The Kraken!!!" in Clash Of The Titans. Both makes me thrilled.

Take a close look at my friend, Destroyer with its laser eyes.

This movie tells more about the roles in kingdom, which is quite a unique story for a superhero liked by comic fans. Stan Lee appeared as a truck driver in this movie too (woohoo!!!). 

PS: There's a post credit scene my friend, I just realized I missed it. LOL!

Watch it if you like: Clash Of The Titans (2010), Iron Man (2008), Incredible Hulk (2008) and also Thor comic book series. 


Watched it with Ann, Kritz and Joshua at IOI Mall on Friday. Since there's no normal ticket for THOR, we have to watch it in 3D, which is the last time I gave my hope to Mr Three Dimension perhaps. That's also give much opportunities for movie companies to earn money. 3-D is nice but I can lost my interest in that someday.

A little extras:

Few months after Thor attracts my attention, Blake accidentally gave me the idea that the making of Mjolnir "The Hammer" is easy but seems to be a little bit different from the original.

Attach A Tripod To A Camera. That's all you need to do, quite simple right? You can see the result in my hand:


Yet, the feeling of holding it can slightly become handy because the handle is longer.

Ironically, I am wearing the same T-shirt in the picture when I watched this movie.

Didn't have idea how the original hammer looks like? It's time for you to go check it out in theater now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Darker Season

I wonder how I get this far: Couples of months without going school. I face myself, day and night. What can really influence me is definitely myself. It made me have those crime thoughts in my mind. Don't let me reach the gun because I will be washing my hands with blood everyday after all.

The hallucination began when I almost give up everything such as story book, maybe not much curiosity to reach the end to reveal the truth. Get a sneak peak on the books I'm about to study with in the future. Theories, formulas, facts, i can't keep up without a tutor, perhaps not alone.

One week pass so fast especially when we assume that Sunday is the first day of a week (well it is). I have no issues so far but who knows some serial killer inspired me to look down deeper into the dark alley if I still moving on with my life like this. Still not enough motive to make my evil plan happens. Still not worrying.

If you have hard time in your life that could possibly make you say: "Fuck my life!!!", it's time to convince ourselves that we are living another person's life, just like Source Code, in the last 8 minutes of life, haven't watched the movie yet :"( In return as a reward, we will live even better next time. I should stop complaining now.

PS: Start with something small in order to end BIG.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Every person knows how it feels to go through a day. 24 hours is quite short to me. A day can pass faster than I thought although I have nothing to do. I hate to stay at home like a useless guy. :(

Still waiting for 3 weeks for the freshly made "L" license before I can work my practice with the driving instructor. I bet the instructor is fierce and will scold me like Eminem did in his raps every time I made a mistake. :S

Insomnia. Almost everyday I think. I get moody all the times. Basically, there's nothing for me to think much since I'm not yet started my school which many of my friends are doing now. I feel like ponteng school for a half year.

Those are the subjects I might take after the half year in my soon-to-be school SMK Batu 8:

MATHEMATICS T (Pure Mathematics)
MUET (Malaysian University English Test) 

Switching to study mood, I will try to start the few pages of those books, well just in case I can't catch up. Actually, there's some revisions on the topics in what we learned in form 4 & 5. I still need tuition classes so badly because it turned out to be harder. :(  Objective questions make me feel so delightful!!! :D Graphics too!!! And exercise books~ Homeworks LOL

So, seems that it all needed so much hard work, I must have fun now before it's too late.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 2nd layer of 2011

There's still not much to say, but I have to keep updating, it's the only thing that will keep myself "updated" from time to time.

Feels like almost out of my salary, alternative way is to earn some extra pennie$. As in Resident Evil: Afterlife, Alice uses her Dual 12-Gauge Sawed-Off Shotgun (according to my new favourite web IMFDB.ORG), I call it "Penny Gun" since her hobby is collecting coins to fit into the gun as bullets and start shooting zombies. Conclusion, pennie$ can be used as self-defence. :D

My first tuition class started.. hmm.. pretty well :P Neither communicate with children nor teaching is my advantage and dealing with Standard 2, 3, 4, & 5 students in the same class :O That required a technique to handle them at the same time :S I just hope they can improve or at least learn something from me. (winks)

Well, thanks for hiring me Aunt, but I hope you don't change your mind when seeing this:
I get C for my 1119 in SPM. Haha.

Add on, gaining driving license is a long long process to me:

#1: 5 hours of Kursus Teori
#2: Undang Test Pass and "L" license is up for grabs
#3: 6 hours of Kursus Teori dan Amali
#4: Driving Practice n-hours Pending
#5: Driving Test. "P" license is up for grabs

Hope can settle it all before entering my form 6. I AM THRILLED ABOUT MY FORM 6IX!!!!

PS: "Thank you so much for not trying too hard to tear my life apart from me. As in return, you have no idea how much chances you've gave me to plot against you."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Randomly random

"This is a true story about a young boy who experienced the peak of boredom and starting to doubt that if there's another evil side of him exists all the times. While he is struggling to see the true face of himself, he has created his own weapons for self-defence. He is proud of his own creation after all. At this particular time, the crime rate of his town has increased eventually. When people soon discovered the truth behind all these, this boy has upgraded from a Killer to a Monster." This is a sad story indeed. 

What a great opening!!! HOHO :P

It is not easy to lose a fight in our life, maybe a few thin branches will enough to back us up again. Yes, if you found something worth to fight for, it will burn the fuel of your life. It is somehow similar to: Burn all the fats and gain abs!!!!!! XD  Many people think that they know their health very well, they are all wrong. Even some doctors need to know more abour their health. Mine, I just can't feel myself anymore.

Well, switching gear, the recent news was the SPM result. I don't really care much about that before I know my result but isn't that a selfish thought?? I mean I don't feel sad for what I get but I felt totally ashamed and feel guilty of failing to make my parents proud in front of everyone. SORRY~~  My fault :( I PROMISED I WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


Even at that moment, I thought I will be one of the 17 top students in the hall to climb upstairs. What a bullshit!!!! It seems that STPM is my next exit, it's a all new start in another SMK. Malay school life rocks!!!! YEEHAAAAA ~~~~

A little adjustment to fit in a new place, I don't care about companion anymore, cause I don't always get one. Since that large amount of my friends had decided to go college/started long time ago, I could be the "special" one. HAHA. Goodluck everyone!!!!

It's glad to see progression in life, proceeding every level steps by steps but my fear's everywhere. This shit is following me unreasonably. However, just face everything with it because what will come, will come, it's the matter of soon or later.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

SUCKER PUNCH (warning: spoilers ahead)

"Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind, You Will Be Unprepared."

From the visionary director of "WATCHMEN" and "300"

One of my most anticipated movies of the year. There are much more coming soon. :)

Regardless of what happened, I just have to thank over and over again for the generosity in approving my slogan!!!!!! Usually my slogan sucks :"(

Let's begins..

I have to say that the imaginary escape is way too extreme and dangerous. Every dance move that Baby Doll (Emily Browning) makes, she will be pulling into different dimensions for an epic encounter to break free. The Sweet Escape. :P

#1: Demon Samurai Giants

..........which are so damn terrifying (you wouldn't believe what you just saw) and makes me start worrying will Baby gets hurt? Well, it seems the reality creates the answer that can be reflected in this world. Rocket got killed by the chef in reality and in the imaginary world, yeah. T.T

#2: World War I German zombie soldiers, using steam to recreate the dead soldiers a.k.a trenches. We are in war zone.

#3: Featuring the castle where flaming dragons hide and volcanic river as the base.

#3, Not to mention the robot warriors in a train as well, in an strange futuristic place which has...erm Saturn?? COOL!!!

The movie included a bunch of twisted story lines. Full of suspenses. I might need Snyder's thinking skills to figure out the meaning. Or perhaps Nolan's.

The special effects by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are all guaranteed. The most important elements of the show: Slow-mo and the Visual Art Scenes such as: the zoom-in spinning button, the wind-blowing fluorescent lights' flame, the falling destruction of the Zeppelin. Intense explosion as well.

These elements are used to be presented in 3D which Malaysia didn't get to release it in that form but as a replacement, luckily we have it in Digital 2D, as long as it gets a "Dee" right? LOL! XP Anyway, it doesn't kill my commitment to this movie at all. We miss the chance to see 3-D bullets popping out in front of our eyes. :S

The hot chicks are totally outstanding in the fighting scenes. For all the wise boys out there, you should not miss this show. (winks)

The musics and songs are definitely fit the whole movie perfectly. In the beginning of the movie, the song Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) which included in the original score performed by Emily Browning herself is bringing us into the storyline and has made a good opening after all.

#2 Official Trailer is awesome!!!!!!!!

There's some commons on Zack's productions.

1) Some attachments to the war:

In the story of Watchmen, Dr Manhattan has helped United States to win the Vietnam War.

In 300, King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae.

In Sucker Punch, World War I appeared in the imaginary world!!!

2) He seems love to take us back to earlier years by a time machine:
              Sucker Punch: Back in 1950's
              Watchmen: Back in 1985.
              300: Back in 480 B.C

Watch it if you like: DOA: Dead Or Alive (2006),  The Matrix (1999) , and of course Zack Snyder's masterpieces.

"Zack Snyder, make your next move (movie)."

Sucker Punch, rated PG13 is strongly recommended for everyone.

PS: Experience the video game like never before.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go With The Flow

As usual, TRY to make myself busy to kill all the boringness. I have no idea how long I can stand this fake life.

Anyway, I'm glad that my friends all came back from their "heavy duty" PLKN safe and sound, but I think they enjoyed it much after all. Now, guess what, they came back just in time for..

Exact 4 months after the SPM starts, here comes the SHOCK. Basically, We Were Warned. :P

Perhaps it's the best way to gather students around in a school. It acts as a reducing agent for us to reunite. Long time never see the school and all my buddies. :"(

Anyway, felt disappointed for my result. =.= Not really sad but worst than I expected. HAHA.

Last week, I registered for the driving license. The undang thingy. Trust me, you don't want to what they've done to make me ended up taking this shit alone. Ptff!!!! :(  Keyword: Selfish.

By the way, I hope it all works well. Cross finger.

From this day to the day I start my form 6, between this time gap, I really hope something good could turn up surprisingly for me.

Well, it seems nothing's better than hard work.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Penang Trip

This school holidays, me and my family went Penang to see my sister performs in live. HAHA XD

Getting there by long-travel bus: PLUSLINER. Trust me, it's a long trip.


After across the bridge, we took a cab to our hotel B SUITE


We spent our night here.


Going around the island leading by my sister's boyfriend. THANKS VERY MUCH :D

We did not went to much famous tourist places but all the old buildings are magnificent and that's why PENANG known as UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 7, 2008 instead of "The Pearl Of Orient". I LOVED PENANG!!!

Anyway, we dont't get any RM3-Char Kuey Tiao in KL, right?

Dewan Sri Penang, where the place my sister perform Modern Dance. It's like a simple concert organized by Chinese Society in a university. RM8 per entry, it is really WORTH than watching a movie in cinema at a standard price. REALLY!!!!! Students are singing, dancing, acting and they have much more talents to be discovered.


The next day, we visited Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall before we went back home. It was a fun trip though.

My deepest condolences for the Japan Quake victims. They doesn't have to end this way. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


"There were nine of us. Three are dead.... I guess you know the next line I'm gonna say. :P

Hmm.. Aliens (basically humans from another planet) who have superpowers, it is not a new thing for us but YOU'VE GOT TO see the INTENSE alien-gunfight scenes at the end of the movie. It is amazingly awesome!!!!!!! Well, I can say it is pretty much Michael Bay's.

Watch it if you like: Twilight (2008), Jumper (2008), and of course the original novel titled I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.

Went Pavilion for this movie (which is strongly recommended) with Blake and Fiona. Experienced 6-station Amazing Race in one day like never before. Totally fun but my leg pain getting worst which can be defined as The next level of pain.

Exploring many new places by sitting public rails according to Blake's guides. Let me try this: "I Am A Tourist From China." LOL! :P Taking HD pictures everywhere like a tourist (ignoring people's eye-watching), playing fish-eye effect and panorama "paranormal" with my new camera. It just got warmed up. It's all about the texture colour that produced by All Of The Lights. :D

Anyway, I feel energized and fresh every time I went KL. I've spent some quality time "studying" city life while at the same time, waiting for my SPM result, as everyone of my friends do.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Revival Of My Life Thru My Blog (or vice versa)

March, is a new beginning for me.

Well to be honest, it doesn't seems really relaxing after ending my job. I bet it could take more time. But now, my condition is bad. I scare I'll get sick again.

1) Not enough sleep
2) My leg still pain
3) Whenever I look at those people who are working, I think that I'm useless.

My fear to take a bus, I hope it's decreasing. I still loving you, rapidKL.

That day I revisited the store, I just can't accept that I'm no longer a staff there. I'm a customer. That makes me.... sad. :"(

Better I skip this sad story.  

My mom told me to not to spend my money recklessly, can't simply buy anything I like such as some expensive stuffs that I wanted long time ago. Obviously, that means my wishlist don't turn out so good. Missed Jay Chou's concert 2times. :S

Just so you know, my stories couldn't get any better. 

But at least, I still spending my money for something else. (Winks)

Welcome to my digital family, babe. 

It's originated from Digital Mall, PJ. OLYMPUS 7020, RM550 (RM500 of my salary, RM50 from my dad), 12MP, 4Gb Memory Card. LOL! That's cool XD

Woah, I could never thinking about spending my money, and that is dangerous. A new job is recommended for my situation now. Believe me, doing banking things are fun.

Planning is fun enough when we doesn't know if it can become reality.

So take my little advice, don't do things according to plans like THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU do because sometimes we never know where Matt Damon is. When you do, he has kicked your ass.

ps: My future has been ADJUSTED. 

Monday, February 28, 2011

The 1st layer of 2011: Sequel

This is a sad story indeed. LOL!

Somehow, it's not everything bad. Customers is the manipulated variable. Some are friendly and some just (* #%*&#@^*(&@^@(*. LOL.

Daily routine sucks (irritating shifts). Fortunately, I still can have fun time with other staffs.

Well, anyway I just have to pull it to an end. I've STAND enough. Enough is enough. :) I'm gonna admit that it has been a struggle at the few days of the end. I just wanna get rid of it ASAP.

I witnessed what the supervisor capable of. BULLY!!!!!!! I saw my friends got bullied. FCK!!!! :P I mean come on, don't you know we've got Hak Pekerja??:
Menghormati, menghargai dan mengiktiraf perkhidmatan, jasa dan sumbangan golongan pekerja dalam pembangunan negara.

At the same time, my idea for my working period keep decreasing: 4-3-2 months. That's good 'cause my previous job only last for 1 day. HAHA XD

One good experience to socialise but it is really exhausted. It's like "My Soul To Take" :P Use a lot of footwork too. :S While my fear keep evolving by days.

I learned A LOT. Meet new friends of course!!!!!!! :D

And discover many nice songs on FOS channel (although it keeps repeating everyday).

Now, I realised how much I miss and love writing as in school everytime I record my daily earning.

I get not enough sleep, waking up in the cold morning (cold bath), pimples crawling out. The most fortunate thing is I never get sick although I am very weak. It's a miracle!!!

Anyway, I felt proud to have a job in this holidays.

I've graduated at F.O.S!!!! Spending 1/6 of my year on that and it is worth I think. 2 months (exact 49 days) of working is not much not less. 


Someday I'm gonna miss all the things we done in this season. So long, all my new friends. LOVE YOU ALL. It's hard to say goodbye. :"/  Thanks for all my friends for visiting every time. Thanks my parents so much and sorry for my troubles. Thanks Supersupervisors for supervising as well. HAHA XD

It's time to fix my life back on track.

ps: My 2011 begins now.