Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet The Narrow Route of "Down"town

Dissect what's inside the kid's brain, reveal what has polluted this mind of ocean.

Here's the brief result in what we have researched:

1) Not active in sports
2) Talk softly/ Doesn't has loud voice
3) Not brave enough/ Being a coward
4) Hunch back
5) Being introverted
6) Get panic easily
7) No socializing skills
8) Not assertive/ Unable to decide quickly
9) Doesn't take things seriously
10) Give up easily
11) Bad communication/ Twisted-tongue
12) Is afraid of dark since small
13) Weak/ Not powerful/ Not strong enough
14) Not "man" enough
15) Petty mind
16) Get disappointed easily
17) Afraid to speak out own ideas
18) Think too much/ Always regret on own decision
19) Love to hide his own real feelings

And... owns a bone-touchable-skinny body!!!!!! (the arrangement is not according to the critical levels) 

This initial investigation revealed that these problems have their own strength and abilities (Not to say that their roles) to affect this kid in many things that happen in his life. What you saw just now is probably befriended with this poor kid long long time ago. Whether he like it or not, isn't it a fate that brought friends close together?

Optimus Prime: "Fate rarely call upon us at a moment of our choosing." Too bad this boy didn't has chance to choose.

In this case, a biological doctor has claimed his friends as Invisible Parasites sp. and bold estimates that these are not his friends, but used the term "enemies" to describe them. His enemies can evolve from time to time. As long as this kid exposed to all of them, the more he feels that it's part of him, and can never be separated physically or chemically (Perhaps not easy).

Doctor labelled this case as Highly Inflammable and Danger.

A psychiatrist proved that somewhere in this kid's brain, he thinks that all of these doesn't really matter to him. All he could think is to gain is always better than to lose. The problems are not what he can see by their camouflage appearances. Eventually, these will be the motive for him to do anything unexpected and at that time, he has no one to blame but himself. This makes him gone so far without realise. The psychiatrist also believe :"There is more to come, my friend. Prepare yourself for the worst"

Advices: He probably needs a new start of life. He needs to eliminate all of them immediately and Take Back His Life to normal again.

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