Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Randomly random

"This is a true story about a young boy who experienced the peak of boredom and starting to doubt that if there's another evil side of him exists all the times. While he is struggling to see the true face of himself, he has created his own weapons for self-defence. He is proud of his own creation after all. At this particular time, the crime rate of his town has increased eventually. When people soon discovered the truth behind all these, this boy has upgraded from a Killer to a Monster." This is a sad story indeed. 

What a great opening!!! HOHO :P

It is not easy to lose a fight in our life, maybe a few thin branches will enough to back us up again. Yes, if you found something worth to fight for, it will burn the fuel of your life. It is somehow similar to: Burn all the fats and gain abs!!!!!! XD  Many people think that they know their health very well, they are all wrong. Even some doctors need to know more abour their health. Mine, I just can't feel myself anymore.

Well, switching gear, the recent news was the SPM result. I don't really care much about that before I know my result but isn't that a selfish thought?? I mean I don't feel sad for what I get but I felt totally ashamed and feel guilty of failing to make my parents proud in front of everyone. SORRY~~  My fault :( I PROMISED I WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


Even at that moment, I thought I will be one of the 17 top students in the hall to climb upstairs. What a bullshit!!!! It seems that STPM is my next exit, it's a all new start in another SMK. Malay school life rocks!!!! YEEHAAAAA ~~~~

A little adjustment to fit in a new place, I don't care about companion anymore, cause I don't always get one. Since that large amount of my friends had decided to go college/started long time ago, I could be the "special" one. HAHA. Goodluck everyone!!!!

It's glad to see progression in life, proceeding every level steps by steps but my fear's everywhere. This shit is following me unreasonably. However, just face everything with it because what will come, will come, it's the matter of soon or later.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

SUCKER PUNCH (warning: spoilers ahead)

"Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind, You Will Be Unprepared."

From the visionary director of "WATCHMEN" and "300"

One of my most anticipated movies of the year. There are much more coming soon. :)

Regardless of what happened, I just have to thank Hitz.fm over and over again for the generosity in approving my slogan!!!!!! Usually my slogan sucks :"(

Let's begins..

I have to say that the imaginary escape is way too extreme and dangerous. Every dance move that Baby Doll (Emily Browning) makes, she will be pulling into different dimensions for an epic encounter to break free. The Sweet Escape. :P

#1: Demon Samurai Giants

..........which are so damn terrifying (you wouldn't believe what you just saw) and makes me start worrying will Baby gets hurt? Well, it seems the reality creates the answer that can be reflected in this world. Rocket got killed by the chef in reality and in the imaginary world, yeah. T.T

#2: World War I German zombie soldiers, using steam to recreate the dead soldiers a.k.a trenches. We are in war zone.

#3: Featuring the castle where flaming dragons hide and volcanic river as the base.

#3, Not to mention the robot warriors in a train as well, in an strange futuristic place which has...erm Saturn?? COOL!!!

The movie included a bunch of twisted story lines. Full of suspenses. I might need Snyder's thinking skills to figure out the meaning. Or perhaps Nolan's.

The special effects by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures are all guaranteed. The most important elements of the show: Slow-mo and the Visual Art Scenes such as: the zoom-in spinning button, the wind-blowing fluorescent lights' flame, the falling destruction of the Zeppelin. Intense explosion as well.

These elements are used to be presented in 3D which Malaysia didn't get to release it in that form but as a replacement, luckily we have it in Digital 2D, as long as it gets a "Dee" right? LOL! XP Anyway, it doesn't kill my commitment to this movie at all. We miss the chance to see 3-D bullets popping out in front of our eyes. :S

The hot chicks are totally outstanding in the fighting scenes. For all the wise boys out there, you should not miss this show. (winks)

The musics and songs are definitely fit the whole movie perfectly. In the beginning of the movie, the song Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) which included in the original score performed by Emily Browning herself is bringing us into the storyline and has made a good opening after all.

#2 Official Trailer is awesome!!!!!!!!

There's some commons on Zack's productions.

1) Some attachments to the war:

In the story of Watchmen, Dr Manhattan has helped United States to win the Vietnam War.

In 300, King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae.

In Sucker Punch, World War I appeared in the imaginary world!!!

2) He seems love to take us back to earlier years by a time machine:
              Sucker Punch: Back in 1950's
              Watchmen: Back in 1985.
              300: Back in 480 B.C

Watch it if you like: DOA: Dead Or Alive (2006),  The Matrix (1999) , and of course Zack Snyder's masterpieces.

"Zack Snyder, make your next move (movie)."

Sucker Punch, rated PG13 is strongly recommended for everyone.

PS: Experience the video game like never before.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go With The Flow

As usual, TRY to make myself busy to kill all the boringness. I have no idea how long I can stand this fake life.

Anyway, I'm glad that my friends all came back from their "heavy duty" PLKN safe and sound, but I think they enjoyed it much after all. Now, guess what, they came back just in time for..

Exact 4 months after the SPM starts, here comes the SHOCK. Basically, We Were Warned. :P

Perhaps it's the best way to gather students around in a school. It acts as a reducing agent for us to reunite. Long time never see the school and all my buddies. :"(

Anyway, felt disappointed for my result. =.= Not really sad but worst than I expected. HAHA.

Last week, I registered for the driving license. The undang thingy. Trust me, you don't want to what they've done to make me ended up taking this shit alone. Ptff!!!! :(  Keyword: Selfish.

By the way, I hope it all works well. Cross finger.

From this day to the day I start my form 6, between this time gap, I really hope something good could turn up surprisingly for me.

Well, it seems nothing's better than hard work.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Penang Trip

This school holidays, me and my family went Penang to see my sister performs in live. HAHA XD

Getting there by long-travel bus: PLUSLINER. Trust me, it's a long trip.


After across the bridge, we took a cab to our hotel B SUITE


We spent our night here.


Going around the island leading by my sister's boyfriend. THANKS VERY MUCH :D

We did not went to much famous tourist places but all the old buildings are magnificent and that's why PENANG known as UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 7, 2008 instead of "The Pearl Of Orient". I LOVED PENANG!!!

Anyway, we dont't get any RM3-Char Kuey Tiao in KL, right?

Dewan Sri Penang, where the place my sister perform Modern Dance. It's like a simple concert organized by Chinese Society in a university. RM8 per entry, it is really WORTH than watching a movie in cinema at a standard price. REALLY!!!!! Students are singing, dancing, acting and they have much more talents to be discovered.


The next day, we visited Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall before we went back home. It was a fun trip though.

My deepest condolences for the Japan Quake victims. They doesn't have to end this way. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


"There were nine of us. Three are dead.... I guess you know the next line I'm gonna say. :P

Hmm.. Aliens (basically humans from another planet) who have superpowers, it is not a new thing for us but YOU'VE GOT TO see the INTENSE alien-gunfight scenes at the end of the movie. It is amazingly awesome!!!!!!! Well, I can say it is pretty much Michael Bay's.

Watch it if you like: Twilight (2008), Jumper (2008), and of course the original novel titled I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.

Went Pavilion for this movie (which is strongly recommended) with Blake and Fiona. Experienced 6-station Amazing Race in one day like never before. Totally fun but my leg pain getting worst which can be defined as The next level of pain.

Exploring many new places by sitting public rails according to Blake's guides. Let me try this: "I Am A Tourist From China." LOL! :P Taking HD pictures everywhere like a tourist (ignoring people's eye-watching), playing fish-eye effect and panorama "paranormal" with my new camera. It just got warmed up. It's all about the texture colour that produced by All Of The Lights. :D

Anyway, I feel energized and fresh every time I went KL. I've spent some quality time "studying" city life while at the same time, waiting for my SPM result, as everyone of my friends do.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Revival Of My Life Thru My Blog (or vice versa)

March, is a new beginning for me.

Well to be honest, it doesn't seems really relaxing after ending my job. I bet it could take more time. But now, my condition is bad. I scare I'll get sick again.

1) Not enough sleep
2) My leg still pain
3) Whenever I look at those people who are working, I think that I'm useless.

My fear to take a bus, I hope it's decreasing. I still loving you, rapidKL.

That day I revisited the store, I just can't accept that I'm no longer a staff there. I'm a customer. That makes me.... sad. :"(

Better I skip this sad story.  

My mom told me to not to spend my money recklessly, can't simply buy anything I like such as some expensive stuffs that I wanted long time ago. Obviously, that means my wishlist don't turn out so good. Missed Jay Chou's concert 2times. :S

Just so you know, my stories couldn't get any better. 

But at least, I still spending my money for something else. (Winks)

Welcome to my digital family, babe. 

It's originated from Digital Mall, PJ. OLYMPUS 7020, RM550 (RM500 of my salary, RM50 from my dad), 12MP, 4Gb Memory Card. LOL! That's cool XD

Woah, I could never thinking about spending my money, and that is dangerous. A new job is recommended for my situation now. Believe me, doing banking things are fun.

Planning is fun enough when we doesn't know if it can become reality.

So take my little advice, don't do things according to plans like THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU do because sometimes we never know where Matt Damon is. When you do, he has kicked your ass.

ps: My future has been ADJUSTED.