Saturday, November 28, 2009


"I'm hanging in the corner with my 5 best friends" before working

Thienks Shreen's dad.
We went midvalley for..



The vampires' motions were stunning and JUMPER-ish!! More comedy MAYBE?? but with the musics from OST, it feels just great.

Rating: 7.5/10 ( hmm.. it would be a big 8 if in the 1st movie )

It's time for me to let go all the fun. Having a job by Blakey and thienks again. Need to sit bus everyday alone to IOI. Still, it's my 1st time working. A bit nervous + excited. Listening to many of my friends' friends' stories that earn a lot of money in just one month. For sure extremely jealous, it's just not my luck. :(

ps: goodluck dude

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sensitive for vacancies

1st, I have to admitted that my job hunting is still on!!!:(

At IOI to be exact this time

WATCHING 2012 as well

It's an awesome great movie

Experienced the end of the world

It's so horrifying and terrifying :O NO!!!!

Rating: 8.5/10

With Joshua and Vivi together we made a good hunters

REDBOX's vacancy's blinking for kitchen and technician?
( It's complicated )

Never get to know more about it

Just fill in the form with Wei Jien and pray hard..

Tried popcorn booth hmm..
Next, Phyllis's recommended GSC and failed too.. Others failed too..

Jobs where are you?
This is need to be a little aggressive next time, for desperation
Good luck for all my friends who got job T.T

Proudly thienks to my hunters too..
I know I actually hesitated much and keep waiting for me.. Sorry

Will Never gives up and hunt again before DEC.


Friday, November 20, 2009

The Last Jamuan


My sister's very nice and yummy b'day cake but eat it up quickly.. not me :9 I just ate 1 time..


LOL! We're not yet leaving the school Not after next year's SPM

Yesh! Celebration!!

Brought 3 BiG bottles of Coke, Sprite and Kickapoo to the year-end jamuan :D


Trikings with 3 different drink colours, brands and even great tastes

Love it!!

I don't wanna leave my friends:( It's the last day T.T

I enjoy it very much but after the happiness, all ends T.T

My year-end results:(

1> MATHS 84.0 (-13.0) Questions' standardly upgrading.. Tricky parts by Pn Tan :(

2> ADD-MATHS 79.0 (+5.0) Struggle much at sensitive questions is a hot mess!! :P

3> MORAL 78.0 (+16.0) Getting marks at essay's parts.. Finally.. perhaps setting us free :O

4> BI
76.0 (+7.0) ahem.. I like my essay's conclusion's last line

5> PJK 72.0 (+20.0) New teacher better luck? and still shooting unlimited :P

6> SIVIK 72.0 (+9.0) Writing craps smoothly due to less revisions

7> BIO 61.0 (+15.0) The Paper3's Methylene Blue is my salvation!!! XD

8> PHY 60.0 (+8.0) The lazy questions ever.. COME on la!!!

SEJ 59.0 (+18.0) Thanks for the tips much.. it's useful hoho..

BM 58.0 (+2.0) Thought is easy to score!! but always get low marks.. 1 MALAYSIA leh ??

BC 54.0 (-16.0) Sorry Sorry.. I get B for my PMR :P

12> CHEM 51.0 (+3.0) My chemical nightmareXD Wide field for me to study.. to learn too..

Highest mark to lowest

+ - based on midyear's

Overall: Improved

12th in class and almost 6% of increasing.. good news =.=

Friday, November 13, 2009


Skipped school today just for hunting jobs in Midvalley with Angie and Blakey.

As I was expected, failed.

At least giving up a good try, maybe.

Let's hunt again.

At here, I wanna WELCOME the new member.

He's secretive traveled around me and join us together. YAY!!


Happy birthday to my sister!!!!!


Friday, November 6, 2009

Sedimentation season

This hybernation last for 1 month. breakthru please..

hope my exams results improved although doesn't really feel like :(

but previously before that>>



KAMA, him and Blakey Fish

while visiting Seni Asia's museum


In G. I. JOE movie stills

while going back




Choose your favourite player and watch the latest match results while enjoying full time enjoyment.

Many football merchandises are up for grabs


袁咏琳 周杰倫

用手中的流沙畫一個你呀 曾說過的永遠我們一定不會擦 

我的青春開始在喧嘩 因為大聲說愛你而沙啞
用手中流沙輕描著你的臉頰 也答應說好的未來絕不會重畫 




Thanks for Hui Teng for informing me earlier in the 1st time

cause this song is NICE!!!


looking forward next BiG outing

with great movies, babe

or it's time for me to turn my worry to holidays working plan


Yet, it's a sedimentation of the year