Monday, March 7, 2011

The Revival Of My Life Thru My Blog (or vice versa)

March, is a new beginning for me.

Well to be honest, it doesn't seems really relaxing after ending my job. I bet it could take more time. But now, my condition is bad. I scare I'll get sick again.

1) Not enough sleep
2) My leg still pain
3) Whenever I look at those people who are working, I think that I'm useless.

My fear to take a bus, I hope it's decreasing. I still loving you, rapidKL.

That day I revisited the store, I just can't accept that I'm no longer a staff there. I'm a customer. That makes me.... sad. :"(

Better I skip this sad story.  

My mom told me to not to spend my money recklessly, can't simply buy anything I like such as some expensive stuffs that I wanted long time ago. Obviously, that means my wishlist don't turn out so good. Missed Jay Chou's concert 2times. :S

Just so you know, my stories couldn't get any better. 

But at least, I still spending my money for something else. (Winks)

Welcome to my digital family, babe. 

It's originated from Digital Mall, PJ. OLYMPUS 7020, RM550 (RM500 of my salary, RM50 from my dad), 12MP, 4Gb Memory Card. LOL! That's cool XD

Woah, I could never thinking about spending my money, and that is dangerous. A new job is recommended for my situation now. Believe me, doing banking things are fun.

Planning is fun enough when we doesn't know if it can become reality.

So take my little advice, don't do things according to plans like THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU do because sometimes we never know where Matt Damon is. When you do, he has kicked your ass.

ps: My future has been ADJUSTED. 

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