Saturday, June 19, 2010


There will be not completed in this prison break ( school break ) season if without watching any movies.

To kill this last minutes, me and Xiang gor
once again went IOI at early morning but the early birds seem have to wait for the gate to open. Poor things. Prince of Persia plan is ruined. Damn. Everything is a rush. Less trailers.

The movie back-to-back for the end of this holiday.


A famous television series which started since I wasn't born has came to hit the big screens in cinemas.

Non-stop action-packed. Love it. The missions are way to dangerous and explosive. And way too fun to accomplish. Unexpected story line. WOOT! Jessica Biel rocks!!!

Actually is there a thousand reasons to join them? Cause I think the new recruit is coming in. :D

We have 5 minutes left to catch our next


Wait.. This time we're in the new hall of cinemas, a bigger screen for sure. :P

The Karate kid has break through what I've expected. This is what I called a movie!!! Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan!!! In China, here's the story of hard work. And there's more, it's a remake!!! 4 thumbs up!!! The fighting scenes are not disappointing. It's superb.

I don't wanna go back to school!!!! I want freedom!! It's never too late to say that since I'm saying it every time? Anyway, Happy Fathers' Day for those who are really done a great job in lifetime.

ps: btw, when will I celebrate mine :P ??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Summer" Sault

Summer has arrived. The best related event is Summer Vacation. A yes for me this time.

A "Go" button to Pulau Tioman for the second time without the companion of my main partner, my elder cousin :S

The return of August 2004 to Berjaya Resort. Still remember that time is Thomas Cup fever and of course "This Time for Africa" WAKAKA eh eh~ LOL

The thirst for my beach vacation is finally ended and even better cause it's on island.

Day 1: As last time, the process of 'Getting there" is hard and long way to go from here across Seremban to Mersing port in Johor.
Driver should consume more caffein before driving. A rush to boat and it's about to play Iron Man 2!!! WOOT!! Low Quality piracy dvd =.=

Re-meeting the sea, my heart was pounding. Hey Sunshine too. First day is warming up. Not until the very next day.

Day 2: The peak of the peak. Hitting the sea on morning. It's just scuba floating, not scuba diving. LOL!! The day when I get free maximum sun-tanning session.
WOOT!! Sunburn and Pain. But it's too fun.

Day 3: Dull day. Back Home. Long wait for boat. And that day marks the most number of stars I can watch up in the sky at night. So great.


Just the sneak peak of my vacation photos. More and complete album on my Facebook.

Extended day:

It's like an extension wire. Longer wire, more electric current.

I gained more enjoyment by watching TOY STORY 3 in 3D in Premiere!!!

Erm.. did I said "again"?

The Proof by winning a contest:


(drag to enlarge)

I Love Nuffnang!!! Thanks so much!!

Me, Ann, Blake, Faheem , Kritz and his dad were inviting or invited (LOL) the special screening happened in Midvalley!!!

OMG!! TOY STORY 3 is awesome!! And this is what call the real adventure among the of all times. 5 thumbs up!! LOVE IT!!!

Thanks everyone. This holidays was a succeed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Great start in June but I'm not updating any events in May. Paiseh..

Happy belated birthday to Hau Nung
Wei Jien Aunt May Yong!!!

The Triple back-to-back birthdays!!!!

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 in SOUTH AFRICA with Zakumi Mascot !!!!!

will be kicking off tomorrow!!!

*write your team name in the box*

I'll be supporting two teams this time: Argentina and Germany!!

Go Lionel Messi and Lukas Podolski respectively!!.. LOL...

Maybe supporting the nice jersey of Germany as well? :D

Go football fever!! Best of all, it's started during my island vacation and more great events will be happening in this holidays.. Not excluded movies. :P

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Welcome to the new chapter of Toy Story 3

Best of all, it's in Worth-watching Digital Thr33-D. A new way to meet new toys, it's definitely more than meeting the eyes.

Nuffnang Malaysia is inviting 50 nuffnangers with their guests to this big event: The Premiere Screening of Toy Story 3, my most anticipated animation of the year is gonna end my long wait!!!!

OMG! Check this link out! You really not gonna miss this contest.

But "Be careful what you wish for" As I wished, my buddies are in 3D, but they can't speak as usual!! (sobbed) T.T


I'm now more attracted to toys compare to my childhood. As I was wondering if this is a normal phenomenon for me, a bunch of new toys are coming to town to help me figure out the answer together!!!


A cute bear with pink furry skin. As his name was mentioned, it makes me wanna hug him before everyone else does. There's no doubt saying that his thick skin may stand the winter, but wondering can he really stand the craziness that is possessed by the original toy crew?


The name is cool enough to make me say it three times (in a robotic tone perhaps). It's a robot toy which seems holding a great mission across the universe, or is it sharing the same hometown with Buzz? A friend of Buzz or the rise of enemy like what Evil Emperor Zurg did to him before? Anyway, Sparks did brought us a message : Do not mess with him. :O


Her name is Dolly. A little innocent girl looks like she has nothing to worry about in her life. But how will she react when she really meet the gang? Will she cry or shout as loud as she can? Actually, she seems flat and that's why the reason I wished to watch how she rocks in 3D.

I wished I can catch them alive in 3D. And of course Woody, Buzz and the original crew for sure. Miss you all. The movie can't go on without you all.

Toy Story 1 and 2 had made a great reflection for our childhood. Every single kid would really wants to see their room filled with many toys every time they open the door. I hope the third movie is gonna complete my childhood moments in my dream. What else could it be, if it's not the Toys that rule our holiday?

I WANNA WATCH TOY STORY 3. I hope I can watch it before it release on 17th June in Malaysia. I cant' wait.