Friday, November 18, 2011

Break Free

It's Friday Friday~ Best of all, it's time for holidays!!!!! We are at this time of the year again!!!!

No doubt, it is the most relaxing moment of my entire form 6 life, time for me to catch up what is left behind in my subjects, to finish the unfinished stuffs, and prepare for the next year's topics.

Perhaps I am immunised from the holidays, since so many "unauthorised" holidays have been given during the schooldays, having less excited for the long break now, yet still wishing for more holidays. :P

My entertainment sense just won't back down, telling me that sometimes we need to steal some time from busy, to relax ourselves instead. I wish to have an epic outing, besides gathering. My mind keeps creating good scenes by itself, even though it hasn't happen or won't happen. It's good for me, hypnotising is the best way to stay out of reality.

My Iron Popper is with me for more than 500 days, now I'm trying to search for another phone. I need to have certain strong reasons to buy a new one. No more dealing with regrets I hope.

So now just looking forward for my pending event, if any, and


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