Monday, December 21, 2009


For a trip that seems not much on planning, me with my cousin and my sister went 1U for the
only movie which leading us into the world of AVATAR


Reminds me always on King Kong and Jurassic Park creature movies. actually more than that. All the huge size creatures in jungles are stunning. Even the tiny floras. Yes! the Na'vi too!!
Cool damn army choppers and also Combat Amp suit!!

Sam Worthington! Michelle Rodriguez
! Sigourney Weaver! Joel David Moore!

Too bad we're not watching in 3D cause the color texture of every scenes are great.

Running time was long enough for the story to move on smoothly that will be linked to.. to.... the.. ..moment... T.T T.T!! LOL! but their language sounds keep making me laugh :S

Rating: 8.9 also with my 4 thumbs up. A worth-watching Bravo movie man!!

Thienks Chee Wei. Awkward for sure every time and felt moody but don't know why. Guilty Pleasure.

Looking forward to the movie of this year.

Trying to resist my thirst on trailers. Or even watching for many times.

ps: 1st anniversary celebration of Surferic's and Merry Christmas everyone.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

holidays won't suck without fun

Job hunting has closed or to say that perhaps this is not the good time to earn my own money.

Some friends are working so hard to get their money but i'm not.

Shit man!
Felt ashame.

Blast Off ASTRO BOY!!!

astro boy movie poster Pictures, Images and Photos


one word: COOL!

Rating: 8.2/10

Running one-day clearance stocks of my wardrobe 19 shirts (most of all T-shirts). Poor little things. It's like a cleaning process :) Goodbye to all my shirts T.T Welcoming the New??

To be honest, it has been long time never go back to my primary school. SJK(c) YAK CHEE. It changed a lot on the landscape. Our big hall has been crashed to build a bigger hall. LOL! and to construct a brand new indoor basketball and badminton court. With air-conditioner system provided. WOOT! but leaving behind the whole small piece of area for football field. T.T
The only place unchanged is the canteen!!

- According to my dad. Unsure/non-confirmed information.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One day at Horrorland ( copyrighted by Goosebumps')

"Seconds, hours, but just one day

You know what you want (money), but how long can you stand?

Nothing's gonna last forever.

When you feel you've lost your way."

I called it a horror experience with a little FUCKED up as an important ingredients inside it.

Before that, it was still
NOT a good start for me


Anyway. Thienks extremely to BLAKEY and JIAYU for teaching me all things and helped me a lot throughout the whole day Accompanion 1st

We have a good time chatting together ( it's the only precious moment during working time ). We probably never feel the heat of sunlight throughout a day. Even on break, we are being paranoid!!!

DAMN: I love the atmosphere inside the locker and didn't know I looked great in polo shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XP XD

Doing one-day-charity for them like shit

Sorry sorry to BLAKE!!! I'm the trouble-maker for my parents and my friends


This is our 1st time and I thought I can prove to my family that I'm not useless.. Doing nothing during holidays..:<

who knows we will be ended up like that

I wanna shout: