Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SPM: Terminated

Ever since the SPM is
officially over, it could change from..


to this: 2006-2010!!!

I'm gonna miss the "Cerai" thingy hahaha xD

Bye SMK S1, you gave me the perfect moments
with all my beloved friends throughout

these years. muacks~


Last seen in 2010

Ermm.. What should I say now? "A New Lease Of Life" after that?

Not to mention from 2008-2010, this year is the


A bit late this year and it is always lack of celebration LOL!!

December is the anniversary month every year. ThisIsSuperSurferic.

I have to plan fast for my next year (although my plan mostly fail). Here's a brief of it:

1) Find my 1st job
. Forget about the "JUS charity" :P Currently unemployed.

"I want to spend my own money" This line never gets old. XD

2) Own my driving license. I just want to get rid of the fear in driving ASAP.

Going anywhere seems more easy to achieve after that but before that..


3) My form 6ix. I'm unprepared for another new school life.

"You won't graduated without making few enemies." hahaha. Is form 6 hard? :O

What am I gonna do with the class money, peeps?

ps: Of course it's Christmas, everyone. Hohoho!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

TRON: Legacy

It has been at least a year I've waiting for this movie to release in Malaysia.

Maybe for the true fans out there since the first movie, they waited for 28 years for this sequel.

Every single tiny details or footage, pieces by pieces, days by days revealing to us.

The first thing that caught my huge interest is the #1 ever teaser trailer introducing about the Light Cycles last year.

Well, this movie is called Tron 2.0 or commonly known as

Poster of Walt Disney Pictures' Tron Legacy (2010)

Thanks to Nuffnang, it's premiere time again!! Perhaps it could be the best gift for me and Blake after finishing SPM. Instead of my strange sickness.

Went Sunway for this premiere nite. Stuck in there almost 8 hours including shopping and dinner. Caught Diviya!!! LOL!

The premiere screening required us to turn in our phones and cameras before go through security check and it is kinda strict and our 1st time. WHY SO SERIOUS??

This is definitely a MUST-WATCH movie!!!! The special effects are breath-taking GREAT!!! Too bad we are not watching in 3D :(

Everything inside is cooler than we've ever imagined. EXTRAORDINARY COOL~

Daft Punk has really made a perfect featuring in this movie. OST and also a special appearance.

"A 3D movie event of the year"

Experience yourself in 3D.

Watch it of you like: Tron (1982) , Speed Racer (2008) and also Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999).