Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Every person knows how it feels to go through a day. 24 hours is quite short to me. A day can pass faster than I thought although I have nothing to do. I hate to stay at home like a useless guy. :(

Still waiting for 3 weeks for the freshly made "L" license before I can work my practice with the driving instructor. I bet the instructor is fierce and will scold me like Eminem did in his raps every time I made a mistake. :S

Insomnia. Almost everyday I think. I get moody all the times. Basically, there's nothing for me to think much since I'm not yet started my school which many of my friends are doing now. I feel like ponteng school for a half year.

Those are the subjects I might take after the half year in my soon-to-be school SMK Batu 8:

MATHEMATICS T (Pure Mathematics)
MUET (Malaysian University English Test) 

Switching to study mood, I will try to start the few pages of those books, well just in case I can't catch up. Actually, there's some revisions on the topics in what we learned in form 4 & 5. I still need tuition classes so badly because it turned out to be harder. :(  Objective questions make me feel so delightful!!! :D Graphics too!!! And exercise books~ Homeworks LOL

So, seems that it all needed so much hard work, I must have fun now before it's too late.


A.J.I.N said...

good luck syn jie!

Josh said...