Monday, May 16, 2011

The 3rd layer of 2011

The last and also thickest layer of this year.

Form 6, a start of tertiary education. Sacrifice a lot of entertainment. Finally I realised that Batu 8 is one of the rapid bus route. U70. My new transport. I can lepak everywhere after school or ponteng. It's definitely a nice thing. A new path has opened. Meet new enemies in new form. My fear. I'm gonna hold on to it, no matter what.

Something wrong and evil are playing with my mind, being negative and mourn for unacceptable stuffs. Sometimes you will think that nothing in this world suits you the most.

It's time to look for how 'big boys' usually act and try to move on in that way instead. Get used to facts. Overcome the beginning of the school life, wipe away the "hate to go school" feel. I will be using "It wasn't that bad after all" eventually. "Do whatever I like and don't care much" will be my weapon to win the fight.

It will be just like "same old days".

PS: I believe in the "pre-unite" of school mates.

My insomnia sickness seems treated by dreams. Those dreams make me don't wanna wake up and go school. Some dreams make me think that it's repeated scenes. The story lines of dreams can be very random. Dreams just keep creating infinitely. Dreamology could be the best to study.

Eliminable task: The tough journey of getting P license. If others can do it, why not me?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Identity Upgraded

Back-to-back events in recent week:

8th May 

On Mother's Day, me and my family went to Nando's for dinner. This time, my treat. :D Well, first time. To spend a little more of my salary. XD We ordered 1/4 chicken and sidelines, but unfortunately, I don't feel nice. The sour taste almost made me puked. Seriously I don't have this horrible feeling before. That was scary. :( It's like having Sour Themed Meal. Anyway, this celebration is special for me.

Upgraded to: "Belanjawan"

9th May

Woah, I have no idea how fast my form 6 life started without my expectation. Probably after registered and straight away became a student of SMK Batu Lapan. Orientation Week at first. I'm afraid of this school feeling. Not yet prepared in new environment. Of course, I will be used to it someday. Many familiar faces. :O Anyway, for boys, the school uniform features White Shirt, White Long Pants and Black Shoes. HOW COOL CAN THAT BE!!!! I mean no more green pants. Good change. Love it.

Co-curriculum is a must in order to enter local U.

Going to decrease my online period soon. Attending tuitions. Still can't believe what's happening now.

Upgraded to: Lower Six student.

13th May 

First driving lesson started today. Actually I'm not really feel comfortable about the paddle. It's different from the game at arcade (usually I will crash a lot of things). A little push of the paddle is enough to make the car moves. The road and cars scare me to hell. What if I hit people and cars accidentally?

I am so jealous of the good drivers out there. Too bad I'm not one of them. This was my nightmare. :"(

The biggest fear is when the car shaking and engine's off suddenly due to my one mistake. Feels like the car is gonna explode. Seriously, sad. :(

Upgraded to: Learner in driving. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet The Narrow Route of "Down"town

Dissect what's inside the kid's brain, reveal what has polluted this mind of ocean.

Here's the brief result in what we have researched:

1) Not active in sports
2) Talk softly/ Doesn't has loud voice
3) Not brave enough/ Being a coward
4) Hunch back
5) Being introverted
6) Get panic easily
7) No socializing skills
8) Not assertive/ Unable to decide quickly
9) Doesn't take things seriously
10) Give up easily
11) Bad communication/ Twisted-tongue
12) Is afraid of dark since small
13) Weak/ Not powerful/ Not strong enough
14) Not "man" enough
15) Petty mind
16) Get disappointed easily
17) Afraid to speak out own ideas
18) Think too much/ Always regret on own decision
19) Love to hide his own real feelings

And... owns a bone-touchable-skinny body!!!!!! (the arrangement is not according to the critical levels) 

This initial investigation revealed that these problems have their own strength and abilities (Not to say that their roles) to affect this kid in many things that happen in his life. What you saw just now is probably befriended with this poor kid long long time ago. Whether he like it or not, isn't it a fate that brought friends close together?

Optimus Prime: "Fate rarely call upon us at a moment of our choosing." Too bad this boy didn't has chance to choose.

In this case, a biological doctor has claimed his friends as Invisible Parasites sp. and bold estimates that these are not his friends, but used the term "enemies" to describe them. His enemies can evolve from time to time. As long as this kid exposed to all of them, the more he feels that it's part of him, and can never be separated physically or chemically (Perhaps not easy).

Doctor labelled this case as Highly Inflammable and Danger.

A psychiatrist proved that somewhere in this kid's brain, he thinks that all of these doesn't really matter to him. All he could think is to gain is always better than to lose. The problems are not what he can see by their camouflage appearances. Eventually, these will be the motive for him to do anything unexpected and at that time, he has no one to blame but himself. This makes him gone so far without realise. The psychiatrist also believe :"There is more to come, my friend. Prepare yourself for the worst"

Advices: He probably needs a new start of life. He needs to eliminate all of them immediately and Take Back His Life to normal again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our World, Their War

The most anticipated movie event of the year is finally here to end my wait!!!!!! (roars) :D


Courtesy of Nuffnang Malaysia, a pair of preview passes are up for grabs for the 45 best written blog entries based on two options:

Option A: Tell us how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character you would like to transform into to protect the world.

Option B: Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world.

For the hard core Transformers fans out there, you will not miss this contest by clicking this direct LINK.

Well, without further ado, this is my idea:

I chose option B because it's not fair especially when Autobots always win the cyber war in the end. Trust me, it's time to change side. Join my rebellion!!! Let the Earth goes dark!!! In fact, Decepticons are the main element to make the movie stand out. Autobots shall learn their lessons soon.

In order to destroy the whole world, we must attack Autobots in the 'heart", and it won't be as easy as it seems.

First, it's my pleasure to transform into Shockwave, the new rise leader of evil instead of Megatron. I will summon Soundwave in outer space to interrupt the satellite by hacking into the system since Bumblebee can only communicates through use of selected radio playback and television signals due to an injury. By doing this, Bumblebee will lost its communication and perhaps create chaos to the people on Earth. (muahahaha).

I will also summon Starscream to capture some NEST members and threaten them to shoot all the Autobots.

Now, it's face to face encounter with Optimus Prime. As in the previous episode, he installed Jetfire's armour and equipments to stay alive. With the help of Megatron, he attack from back to distract Optimus' attention away from me. Megatron will help to uninstall his equipments by shooting missiles from his arm cannon. I will transform into a big gun and launch a blast of fire towards his chest.

Lastly, i will grab his giant sword in his hands and stab him in his head. Perhaps I could "kill with a borrowed knife" this time.

After all, humans on Earth must obey Decepticons. Now, Decepticons will do whatever it takes to destroy the world, to finish the unfinished business without Autobots. (winks)

Oh by the way, on top of that, by owning The Ultimate Movie Card launched by EON Bank Group, there will be a huge chance for Decepticons to win the war magically. Show this card to any Decepticons to make sure you are on our side. Don't forget to like this Facebook page as well.

For those who are not a Nuffnanger, don't be sad, you can also join other GSC-EON Bank Credit Card contests by logging on to, more exclusive prizes such as Panasonic Viera Plasma TVs are up for grabs too!!!! Being one of the card holders, you can also check out many benefits in that official web too.

"I will keep an eye on you all, Autobots"

Here's the synopsis to know more about this movie:

"The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and learn its secrets, which could turn the tide in the Transformers’ final battle."

Shia Labeouf reprises its role as Sam Witwicky along with Rosie Hutington-Whiteley as Sam's new love interest Carly. It's definitely a bad news for Megan Fox's fans who can't see her in the last installment.

This is the 3rd collaboration with well-known and of course my favourite American rock band Linkin Park after "What I've Done" and "New Divide". Now "Iridescent" will be featuring in this blockbuster to produce a new chemistry like never before and make the original score become one of the fast-selling albums on track.

The final epic battle is gonna raise up our adrenaline level in 3-D. Hope I can be part of the screening event before it hits the silver screen on 30 June in Malaysia. If it really happens, it could definitely be the best start of Summer and make a good closure in June.

PS: "Transformers, let's roll out."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Turning Point

Those were what happened in the last week of April:

Received my L license, a horrible one. My face is blur and thanks to the web cam. To be honest, I felt grateful because I'm not the one who got a terrible one. :D I can now only study my lessons' time table, unfortunately not yet started (I'm not really prepared yet), but it is surely overlapping with my form 6's school life during the 16hour-lessons. I can't wait to finish it till the end.

For now, I started my jogging life but I hope I can keep maintaining this exercise every week and gain stamina. I didn't know how I came out with this idea. This is not a lazy person like me usually do. The boredom is definitely the motivator. I suppose my only jogging partner, Hau Nung can convince me on doing this. I mean he can be my personal trainer anytime. :P At the very end of time, perhaps I can tell the benefits of jogging.

Anyway, the line "How To Gain Six Packs" always caught my attention. XD I want to gain my weight, I wouldn't want 50++ kg, at least 60++ kg can calm me down and not to be a underweight citizen based on BMI.

Well, there are many muscles in our body, I can sense that none of them can increase my body weight now, the bones can do a very impressive work on increasing my mass too or should I try sipping on Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) everyday? :D

Experienced sickness again. One time in a year seems like is a must for me. I hate sickness but it loved me. I know there's 3 stages that normally happen on me, I experienced it before:

SORE THROAT -----> FLU -------> COUGH 

This is a set. Since one sickness is lead to another. Go through all these, you'll be free.

My sister is back from Penang!!!! :D She is possibly staying here for almost 4 months before going back there. Her return is totally in time and it will be the noisiest moment ever. Taking exactly what my sister took in form 6. It's good enough because at least I can refer something to her.

Well, to be honest, the fun time is now over for me. It's not short but anyway, farewell to my empty life.