Friday, June 8, 2012

The Second Half Of The Race

I personally believe it's time to sprint. Like what runners normally do when almost finishing a race.

Generally I believe one year is gone, left a half year for me to consume. Enough?

Well, let's not say whether it's enough, let's just say I have a strong fearful thoughts about my STPM, I should not take my time for granted. Enough or enough, it just depends.

I don't really need an Oracle to predict my outcome, instead of grading my result using Alphabets, but this time Numbers (CGPA) claimed the big role. That's more like it isn't it?

3.0 seems to be the minimum I should get enough to secure my future.

I've experienced a Sick Month. When you sick, you can't do anything, not to say it's including study. I mean, "Hey, wouldn't it telling me it's either you sick or you study?" Since I do not study much when I wasn't sick at all. It (un)fortunately became one of my motivations to study, perhaps. On that particular month, I see the world differently, as I am going to die soon.

For some reasons, I am worried about maybe I am a new victim of kidney failure. Then I see things like tomorrow's going to end/I am gonna die any time. The people, the faces, the living things, the non-living things......
I am more appreciating my life. That sounds funny, but the feeling is yet sad.

Back to the study. I wouldn't deny that I always dealing with you-never-saw-that-coming questions, I guess it also happened to my other friends but this makes me feel like I'm not studying anything, in fact I studied much of it. I can't go any further, not even above 60 marks.

I have a mindset to keep myself work harder: Study like there's exam everyday.  
This to keep my "injury" less severe, not enough to save my life.

I also believe there is a long way to go, or is it?

PS: Lost.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've promised myself to study really hard at the beginning of the year. When I rethink back, no.. I said that before at the beginning of my Form 6 life. But no.. I must now travel back to time and warn myself (like John Connor) to learn as many chapters as possible before I enter form 6.

It's now or never. So I must now initiate my own programme, The Date Programme.
D-A-T-E stands for


or if you want to feel normal about the meaning of "Date", it's a programme when you dating with all your subjects, daily.

but before that, allow me to tell you why this programme is necessary.

I didn't get any marks higher than 60% in Form 6. :"(

Take a look at my First term exam result:

PA: 56%
Maths: 46%
Chemistry: 42%
Physics: 39%

CGPA: 1.58

PS: The best thing about exam is expecting a good result, if you have one.

Being in the 1st position in class make me even more guiltier with this result.

So many Distractions and so many Upcoming Events to deal with, if you know what am I talking about. xD

Not to say Form 6 is not only hard (in terms of getting to the core of your studies), but I must say it again: it's about the number of Bytes you've got your memory stick installed in your mind.

Learning process has just started for me. I have to do revisions, and at the same time, balancing it up the time with the new chapters that are coming soon.

It's a loud warning. I can sense it.

Here's what I concern the most:

This year is the probably the last year of STPM, who knows maybe the government save the "best" for last.

One thing to calm myself down after I walked out of STPM (at that time, I am gonna miss my friends so badly), there will be no government examination harder than this, or it is?

Till then, work hard for the Mid-year exam.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Sorry for not feeding you with words since last update (two months ago), my bloggie.

Let's start this again.

It is not a good thing realising the countdown to The STPM has already started since the beginning of the year.
Not to mention that we are the last badge to take this one of the hardest exams in the world.

Past events in school:

Road Run SMK Batu Lapan 2012.
MUET March exams.
Upper-6ix First term exam.

Well, I performed like shit in this exam.

Never in my whole life my mind was almost completely blank when answering Chemistry and Physics Paper 1 by just looking at the questions as if I haven't learnt before. Frankly speaking, this is definitely my fault for using the last-minute technique. To visualise this: "You are cooking soup with the pressure cooker everyday after school during your exam week, the worst part is you are in it."

The battle of memory is up, to test how well you can remember all these shit.

Last month was struggling with exams, I think I will re-take MUET again. :"(

Those lessons warned me that being a student is a full time job.

So here comes the March holidays, we've got the sounds-so-wrong "Cuti Terancang" and I have my to-do list to complete.

Till then, enjoy!!!! xD

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Takeover (of Exit Shift)

Just after the event of Iron Man 2, I've been introduced to Full Touch Screen Tech, thanks to Iron Popper.

The touch screen display seems to be the only thing I chose to stay with this phone even longer, but not longer enough. Until when few technical problems set in, a force of nature telling me it's time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sony Ericsson Xperia NEO (MT15i)  !!!!!

My 3rd phone in my history.

What better than ever are... it has:

1) Android platform
2) Wi-Fi
3) HD recording
4) 3D Panorama Sweep
5) GPS
5) Larger screen

....which my previous phones did not provided.

Live With Walkman is one of my phone purchasing considerations because Walkman phone has to be the best for me. But yet, with the xLOUD experience, it's surely a good enhancement for my music adventure.

What I'm worry about is the "Metal Intensity" of the phone. Wondering how much I will be exposing to dangers of rust.

The officially name for my new phone is Mark V.

"The British Mark V tank was an upgraded version of the Mark IV tank, deployed in 1918 and used in action in the closing months of World War I."

What inspired me is the shape of the tank. Similar to what my phone is.

PS: All the phones I own are black, let's keep it that way, shall we? After all, it's great to be home, SONY ERICSSON.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


2012. Another new year. In order to reach my birthday, every year I have to get pass the school reopens, the culture shock after long break. Perhaps this is the final year to mention "school". Sad, isn't it?

At the starting of school, I have my Penolong Ketua Class position as an early birthday gift. Feels like I'm such a "Daigo", taking care of my class, of course it won't be perfect without the help of my "Daidaigo" Kelvin Loo. Dealing with much Buku Kawalan issues. 

Meanwhile, I also get a quite huge amount of friends wishing me on facebook, and also a surprise party held by Vivian. Thanks very very much xD And to my friends, it's really a warm and touching moment when I see you all. A big family. The common thing I can see in you all is tech-freaks.

I felt so adult-ish that day, just only listen to them discussing where to go after party, and also who are the available drivers. AWWWW~~~ <3 LOL It's so great to be King of The Day. xD

Not to mention, there is less awkwardness between me and my form 6 friends. I blended in well. HAHA :) Welcome the 2 new students to our class.

PS: One of my resolutions this year: To drive more. 

This year, there is a little bit different about my birthday. I LOVED IT :D