Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Randomly random

"This is a true story about a young boy who experienced the peak of boredom and starting to doubt that if there's another evil side of him exists all the times. While he is struggling to see the true face of himself, he has created his own weapons for self-defence. He is proud of his own creation after all. At this particular time, the crime rate of his town has increased eventually. When people soon discovered the truth behind all these, this boy has upgraded from a Killer to a Monster." This is a sad story indeed. 

What a great opening!!! HOHO :P

It is not easy to lose a fight in our life, maybe a few thin branches will enough to back us up again. Yes, if you found something worth to fight for, it will burn the fuel of your life. It is somehow similar to: Burn all the fats and gain abs!!!!!! XD  Many people think that they know their health very well, they are all wrong. Even some doctors need to know more abour their health. Mine, I just can't feel myself anymore.

Well, switching gear, the recent news was the SPM result. I don't really care much about that before I know my result but isn't that a selfish thought?? I mean I don't feel sad for what I get but I felt totally ashamed and feel guilty of failing to make my parents proud in front of everyone. SORRY~~  My fault :( I PROMISED I WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


Even at that moment, I thought I will be one of the 17 top students in the hall to climb upstairs. What a bullshit!!!! It seems that STPM is my next exit, it's a all new start in another SMK. Malay school life rocks!!!! YEEHAAAAA ~~~~

A little adjustment to fit in a new place, I don't care about companion anymore, cause I don't always get one. Since that large amount of my friends had decided to go college/started long time ago, I could be the "special" one. HAHA. Goodluck everyone!!!!

It's glad to see progression in life, proceeding every level steps by steps but my fear's everywhere. This shit is following me unreasonably. However, just face everything with it because what will come, will come, it's the matter of soon or later.


Michele said...

HAHAHA.im going form 6 too.;D

Josh said...

YAY!!!! High 5!!!! HAHAHA XD

A.J.I.N said...

amalina pun nak masuk form 6. good luck josh! ;p

Josh said...

WOOT! haha :D