Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've promised myself to study really hard at the beginning of the year. When I rethink back, no.. I said that before at the beginning of my Form 6 life. But no.. I must now travel back to time and warn myself (like John Connor) to learn as many chapters as possible before I enter form 6.

It's now or never. So I must now initiate my own programme, The Date Programme.
D-A-T-E stands for


or if you want to feel normal about the meaning of "Date", it's a programme when you dating with all your subjects, daily.

but before that, allow me to tell you why this programme is necessary.

I didn't get any marks higher than 60% in Form 6. :"(

Take a look at my First term exam result:

PA: 56%
Maths: 46%
Chemistry: 42%
Physics: 39%

CGPA: 1.58

PS: The best thing about exam is expecting a good result, if you have one.

Being in the 1st position in class make me even more guiltier with this result.

So many Distractions and so many Upcoming Events to deal with, if you know what am I talking about. xD

Not to say Form 6 is not only hard (in terms of getting to the core of your studies), but I must say it again: it's about the number of Bytes you've got your memory stick installed in your mind.

Learning process has just started for me. I have to do revisions, and at the same time, balancing it up the time with the new chapters that are coming soon.

It's a loud warning. I can sense it.

Here's what I concern the most:

This year is the probably the last year of STPM, who knows maybe the government save the "best" for last.

One thing to calm myself down after I walked out of STPM (at that time, I am gonna miss my friends so badly), there will be no government examination harder than this, or it is?

Till then, work hard for the Mid-year exam.