Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Turning Point

Those were what happened in the last week of April:

Received my L license, a horrible one. My face is blur and thanks to the web cam. To be honest, I felt grateful because I'm not the one who got a terrible one. :D I can now only study my lessons' time table, unfortunately not yet started (I'm not really prepared yet), but it is surely overlapping with my form 6's school life during the 16hour-lessons. I can't wait to finish it till the end.

For now, I started my jogging life but I hope I can keep maintaining this exercise every week and gain stamina. I didn't know how I came out with this idea. This is not a lazy person like me usually do. The boredom is definitely the motivator. I suppose my only jogging partner, Hau Nung can convince me on doing this. I mean he can be my personal trainer anytime. :P At the very end of time, perhaps I can tell the benefits of jogging.

Anyway, the line "How To Gain Six Packs" always caught my attention. XD I want to gain my weight, I wouldn't want 50++ kg, at least 60++ kg can calm me down and not to be a underweight citizen based on BMI.

Well, there are many muscles in our body, I can sense that none of them can increase my body weight now, the bones can do a very impressive work on increasing my mass too or should I try sipping on Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) everyday? :D

Experienced sickness again. One time in a year seems like is a must for me. I hate sickness but it loved me. I know there's 3 stages that normally happen on me, I experienced it before:

SORE THROAT -----> FLU -------> COUGH 

This is a set. Since one sickness is lead to another. Go through all these, you'll be free.

My sister is back from Penang!!!! :D She is possibly staying here for almost 4 months before going back there. Her return is totally in time and it will be the noisiest moment ever. Taking exactly what my sister took in form 6. It's good enough because at least I can refer something to her.

Well, to be honest, the fun time is now over for me. It's not short but anyway, farewell to my empty life.

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