Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prison-like holidays

Never gonna waste my holidays.  

Take dream as a treatment. Sleep to recover. But somehow I really don't like to sleep early. Stay up late at night just in case someone tag your back in the next morning and say: "Hey, you miss the fun yesterday night".

My driving lesson isn't ended yet. The time I got my license, "It's just the beginning". Much more to learn. All I can do is practising, learn to confront with fear. I was braver last time, that's one of the reasons I refuse to grow. And all the joy feeling I couldn't find now, how can that be possible? I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GO BACK.

This is a hibernation week. No vacation but the Sepang Gold Coast disappointed me- The glamour thing is inside the resort I think, exclusively for guest, not a visitor.

But Raya isn't complete without going to Bazaar Ramadan every year. For Nasi Tomato!!! :)

Going back hometown for 3 days. As usual, staying still beside a 24/7-open JVC radio with a remote control in hand to change channel from time to time. Of course, I will try not to touch books but somehow inches stack of books in my room did motivated me a bit.

I never felt this before in any holidays, it's so calm and seems like a sign of something big is going to happen. I tasted a little boredom, sad, wonderfully romantic and some weird combination of events. Time to go to another season.

PS: When school reopens, I will be facing the results (I knew I did it really bad), and Co-curriculum starts. PBSM (compulsory) and Permainan Dalaman (not much choices), tell me how fun can it be? =.=


Phyllis said...

heyy.. LOL. long time no see ahhhhh! yeah but it's very scary. go try climbing it one day haha! school reopening this monday? :P

Josh said...

HAHA i'm kinda like climbing although havent try before hehe :P ya.. school.. again.. :"(