Monday, June 6, 2011

First Class Experience

I missed the premiere screening of X-men, it turns out good cause the movie ticket is not as nice as I picture. :D I'm still sad and felt wasted for my slogan:


This time is quite different cause I watched it alone in Mid valley. But it doesn't really seems alone for me. I sat with two guys who are surprisingly also watching alone and of course with the companion of Blake for the half part of my day. Bumped into an old friend Chun Kit who I walked home with after the movie. Thanks so much!!! XD

Well, this is definitely a blockbuster movie. 2-hr-based movies are always worth the money. I LOVE IT!!!

This is the only X-movie that doesn't features Hugh Jackson as Wolverine, except for the uncredited few seconds scene which is surely the funniest part of all.

I like the group of Hellfire Club, they just remind me of how fun they can be if being a villain when move in a team as much as the X team. Bad guys just have more powerful stares.

There's also a major attachment of history and science. The World War III, Soviet Union are what I can recall but I'm really having interest to know more about the facts. Plus awesome fictional histories of X-men and of course the biological evolution which Professor X spends most of his time researching on.

That lifting up of a submarine scene by Magneto is magnificent!!!!! The slo-mo spinning of the fan!! Amazingly COOL!!! This reminds me of the Zeppelin in Sucker Punch. Both act as a very old transport appear in early World War.

And the excitement of hundred of missiles being launched at the same time!!!! XD

Actually, what comes to my mind when concludes this is: This is a story about Erik, despite having a deep brotherhood with Charles and it makes sense when the rumour talks about X-Men Origins: Magneto after the release of Wolverine's. I can tell when the movie starts with young Erik and ends with Magneto.

Watch it if you like: X-Men films or comics and if you are a BIG fan of X-Men.

PS: "Mutants and proud"

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