Friday, September 30, 2011

Towards The Glory

Update again!

I got a position as AJK Pembangunan. My duty is to open all the Form 6 classrooms in the morning, lock 'em up and make sure all the classrooms are locked before leaving home, once in a week. It's surely a good thing because I won't be worry much about my Co-corriculum marks after all. I just hope they reset the marks that we brought from Form 5 as you know, my marks aren't good enough or I can just say we do need a new beginning for everyone, isn't it? (smirks) 

But I know there's one thing I should be grateful: The syllabus of the subjects we are taking now are not entirely reset. Somehow, it makes me more to a picky person: To pick what I just wanna learn. Study is not optional, really. Since teachers are trying hard to cover it up all the chapters before we go for holidays, we know that time will not stop at where you want.

I shall be throwing myself to one more tuition again if I didn't pass my Physics in the final exam. It will be very proud if you can prove that you can do pretty well even without going to any tuition. But that's not what I can do.

Question remains: "How to study Physics?"

I met the most influential teacher in my school. She is a MUET teacher. She seems succesfully makes me think that my english needs a reconstruction. She is a humerous person, she knows how to put in criticism when teaching and sometimes being bitchy of course. Well, that's what I think of her... so far.

In order to get a motivation on studies, I think it's good being rewarded by SOMETHING I WANT. There are many distractions in the process of getting myself into this serious shit. I rather put myself into "Physical Limit Challenge" than taking myself to where my mind's limit reaches.

The Newton's 3rd Law states that To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction which can mean only one word, REVENGE. I know it's too early to talk about revenge, revenge needs a long-life plan.

But it's not too late to start my study now.

Exam time table is out now, let's face our new enemies. There will be no updates, not until my exam's over.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Outcome

A not so intensive exploration on studies has been done before taking myself into a secure area to survive in Form 6. It's a mind challenge thing. I was wondering, why couldn't I study well.

Here's the 1st term exam result: (Take 50 for a passing mark, in percentages)

MUET; 177 /300 (Band 3 /6)

PA; 52 
MATHS; 42 

Purata: 44.75   
CGPA: 1.33 /4.00
Kedudukan: 12 /19

*Failure   *MUET is excluded in the overall performance.

Obviously, I didn't survived. I really don't want it to sound very sad since this is the 1st time but what I hope is some improvements in the year-end exam. Perhaps the low marks provide more room for improvement. :P I'm gonna devote the rest of my school life in this year (few months) to my studies starting from Physics. Never gonna hang myself on the edge.. again.

I shall declare a a war within myself.

My next goal: Purata 60.00++

The OMR paper sold in school

SMK Batu Lapan just has so many similarities as compared to my primary school SJK(C) Yak Chee:

School structures:
The almost exactly position of each building and there are two main exits.

Surrounded by a small jungle with a companion of eco-friendly mosquitoes.

Common people:
A large group of Yak Chee's ex-students (majority chinese) who I mostly knew.

Both morning session and afternoon session.

What is more shocking in my findings is some of my Form 6 friends are much likely to some of my secondary school's friends according to their attitudes and the similar feelings they gave me. Well, but I don't take it as a replacement.

Somehow in the school, it's best when someone can call your name properly.

When I see the lower forms' students, I keep thinking that I used to be one of them who studying the same subjects before turning 180 degrees harder.

It's still too soon to make any conclusion. More hard work is required.

Happy Hari Malaysia!!!! School holiday :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

5nal Destination

Death has it coming down to 5. A new death list has arrived as this last installment of suspense series gets snap off, taking back the title of "The Final Destination".

With the collaboration of Warner Bros, FD5 has slightly turned away what it did best (constructing ways of death) in previous installments and introduces a new version of FD which included a humor sense that seems to create a combination to calm you down while having a wild guess for what will happen next between every death.

FD5 also fills in the real life of a bunch of survivors, putting them to test as the dramatic reflex action of struggling not to let themselves die begins. With the help of false death cause and premonition, it's surely making audience screaming.. out loud.

Besides provided a limited "room to growth" for the ways of death, this series has finally came to a full circle, as we can see at the end of the movie, the appearance of Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) in FD1 (2000) has brought in the concept of prequel.

End Of Line:
I must say I am quite a fan of FD throughout the decade, seeing people die in such horrible and ridiculous ways weren't fun when you know you wouldn't escape from the paranoid sense after few days you watched it. This might be the first time I hesitate to go in cinema but just keep this whole series as an encouragement for us to appreciate our lives, just like what Saw movies was trying to tell.

How can Death be so creative?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prison-like holidays

Never gonna waste my holidays.  

Take dream as a treatment. Sleep to recover. But somehow I really don't like to sleep early. Stay up late at night just in case someone tag your back in the next morning and say: "Hey, you miss the fun yesterday night".

My driving lesson isn't ended yet. The time I got my license, "It's just the beginning". Much more to learn. All I can do is practising, learn to confront with fear. I was braver last time, that's one of the reasons I refuse to grow. And all the joy feeling I couldn't find now, how can that be possible? I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GO BACK.

This is a hibernation week. No vacation but the Sepang Gold Coast disappointed me- The glamour thing is inside the resort I think, exclusively for guest, not a visitor.

But Raya isn't complete without going to Bazaar Ramadan every year. For Nasi Tomato!!! :)

Going back hometown for 3 days. As usual, staying still beside a 24/7-open JVC radio with a remote control in hand to change channel from time to time. Of course, I will try not to touch books but somehow inches stack of books in my room did motivated me a bit.

I never felt this before in any holidays, it's so calm and seems like a sign of something big is going to happen. I tasted a little boredom, sad, wonderfully romantic and some weird combination of events. Time to go to another season.

PS: When school reopens, I will be facing the results (I knew I did it really bad), and Co-curriculum starts. PBSM (compulsory) and Permainan Dalaman (not much choices), tell me how fun can it be? =.=