Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Platinum Friendship

It's five years.. and beyond. Being one of my friends since form 1, when the chains linked to my old friends broke, shattered onto this land of SMK SEKSYEN 1, BANDAR KINRARA.

I still remember I made his house as "Pusat Persinggahan" (food and shelter) almost in every occasion of school and because of that, I can clearly know every corner and structure of his house, even if I'm blind-folded, I still can walk without a bang. So be careful in the middle of the night~

There was Bella, always waiting there. Even though I have every reason to afraid of dogs.


Together, we always tease teachers, students and also twist the facts in studies upside down without guilt. Challenging school rules, it was damn fun. Communication skills of mine are mostly learned from him. Having numerous of outings. Songs, musics and movies are also one of the commons too.

Bad thing about you:

Do you have watch? LOL

Anyway, who else can give the boldest critics and comments yet educating us at the same time? Who else can dance energetically and making crazy jokes around every time and make us lose focus in sorrow. Who else can we ask from the tips to get the best by paying less?

He is the most influential person in school. He is injecting a whole lot dose of English drugs to me all the times. The 1st english song he introduced to me was Beep, by Pussycat Dolls back in 2006.

In 2011, his identity upgraded. He is now my uncle. As I recall back my memories, I realised that I never fail to call his full chinese name instead of what people should call him. Why arr? :P

Whenever it is, he is my best friend forever wherever I stand and I have no regrets to have him as my buddy, never forget. I'm still supporting you!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the fearless, the wisest, the entertainer, I present you...

Blake YAP JUN MING!!!!! Happy Birthday bitch!!!!! :P

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