Monday, May 16, 2011

The 3rd layer of 2011

The last and also thickest layer of this year.

Form 6, a start of tertiary education. Sacrifice a lot of entertainment. Finally I realised that Batu 8 is one of the rapid bus route. U70. My new transport. I can lepak everywhere after school or ponteng. It's definitely a nice thing. A new path has opened. Meet new enemies in new form. My fear. I'm gonna hold on to it, no matter what.

Something wrong and evil are playing with my mind, being negative and mourn for unacceptable stuffs. Sometimes you will think that nothing in this world suits you the most.

It's time to look for how 'big boys' usually act and try to move on in that way instead. Get used to facts. Overcome the beginning of the school life, wipe away the "hate to go school" feel. I will be using "It wasn't that bad after all" eventually. "Do whatever I like and don't care much" will be my weapon to win the fight.

It will be just like "same old days".

PS: I believe in the "pre-unite" of school mates.

My insomnia sickness seems treated by dreams. Those dreams make me don't wanna wake up and go school. Some dreams make me think that it's repeated scenes. The story lines of dreams can be very random. Dreams just keep creating infinitely. Dreamology could be the best to study.

Eliminable task: The tough journey of getting P license. If others can do it, why not me?


Efve Lovit said...

goodluckkkkk! :D
miss me much ? haha

Josh said...