Friday, October 21, 2011

The Next 28 Days

Exam is officially over. 

Now I'm left with the remaining schooldays when I could only claim myself as a Lower Six student until the long year-end school break starts. 

Everything is back to normal now. Back to my lazy life again. No matter what result I shall be dealing with, I still like Form 6. The term "easy" is rarely found in the subjects, so if I can improve even with 1.0%, I will be tasting the pride right now. 

I realised STPM needs only one weeks more to complete, it's like putting all our efforts in just one shot chance.

After experiencing almost 2 weeks of "inDULLgence", I need to have an outing plan for now. Retreat from something that worries me the most. 

Next Saturday will be the last time I teach English. Meaning I have no more source of extra money!!!!!! I guess I have enough money to burn for joy. Anyway, I hope my cousins can improve a lot. 

Deepavali Valthukal everyone!!!! One week school break!!!!!!! :P


WhiteIce said...

Wooo yeah!
Hope your results improve by 110%! :D
Time to play hard haha XD

Josh said...

HAHA Thanks thanks hope so... :P