Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro Cup 2008 FINAL


today is the day..

last stand for the Euro Cup 2008 FINAL's battle is about to begins intensively..

~Germany vs. Spain~

guess which team will win..?? i also dont even know.. but since joshua support Spain.. me too.. hahaha^^

answer revealed by tomorrow..

my mood for now>>

to the end of day^^

Friday, June 27, 2008


my mood currently is>>

and the best thing to do in this afternoon is drink of cup of cappuccino>>

is this a cup of cappuccino?? i dont think so..

creamy drink?? cappuccino?? no way !!!

cup of cappuccino?? inside too??


no cappuccino at all?? and u should start 2 learn how to make a DRY CAPPUCCINO..

and enjoy the beautiful scene by the road..

or just eat.. some great food that can makes you always wanted 2 try more.. more.. and more !!

ya.. i knew it was insane about me.. but just for fun..
P/s: wow.. all those food is my FAVOURITE !!

dont know why i put those pictures on my blog but i know its nice n' cool^^

CRAZY AND THE BEST SHOT AT ALL ( without me inside )

attack!!!! one boy
P/S 2 : happy time at school^^

kenny rogers

kenny roger's roaster fork and knife ( unedited )

kenny roger's roaster delicious meal

nice orange juice







last week went to IOI mall's NEW opened Kenny Roger's Roaster restaurant for my dinner..

there wasnt the old scene already.. changed to a beautiful KRR bar.. if have chance.. need to visit there because it is very nice^^

P/S: the food at there seems like changed already :(

Friday, June 20, 2008

cool day ^ ^ ( edited )

LOL^^ every pictures posted are cool^^

Channing Tatum.. yea.. cool person.. sure because his name start with "C">>

hip hop stand

>>>Jump hop>>>

break down??

fight !!

one word >> cool

damn cool^^

he's like every single move also cool^^


and now was my loved cool pictures..



enjoy my supernice 12 pieces of donuts last week.. felt very happy..

edited many pictures.. i dont know whether it is nice or weird?? my donuts n' my new bottle>>

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sunway trip

going to watch a nice cool movie today..

well.. thanks to xiangmin's mother for bringing us here..

for sure.. we eat wendy's and it's nice and great>>

i dont think have any nice pictures today.. just some of them.. LOL^^

then watch my loved movie>> The Incredible Hulk.. LOVE IT^^

dont know why found this movie.. Peaceful Warrior.. sounds nice>>

a sport movie>>

i think this movie is nice.. is a 2006 production movie.. a gymnastic guy.. but dont know where to watch..??



lastly.. watch Iron Man dvd..

kinda funny n' cool nice movie..

and in the end of the Hulk movie.. the main actor of the Iron Man has appeared.. >> Robert Downey Jr as a soldier.. maybe.. dont know.. cool^^