Sunday, July 25, 2010

In the middle of halfway

The list is out now. Thanks Eirban.

RM0.20 PLKN: Maaf 930105xxxxxx anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri8/2011 Terima Kasih.

You left me speechless, so speechless. Say goodbye to all those combat thingy and guns and cool uniform and Malay style river bathing. :(

Good luck to my friends, I really meant it, you guys have my bless. HAHA! Looking forward to the changes when we all re-meet that time.

a long time the match is over, it makes me wanna shout: Spain won FiFA World Cup 2010!!!!! and I know it's weird. This is the second winning after i noticed them in UEFA EURO Cup 2008. At here, I felt proud to even mention this: I extract the name from captain goalkeeper "Iceman" Iker Casillas ( his nickname) besides X-men's character. While Andres Iniesta has took over the fame by scoring 1 pt after extra time, good job boy!! but wasted my time waiting for a goal.

SPM war table is out! Too!! I've just have to admit that I can't take it seriously. Not until the last minutes. I can feel the holidays are just over the fire bridge, and some fun is about to start. Can't wait to plan our "Afterfun". WOOT!

From now on, I need to study HARD as my mom told me to. Well, I can lose my mood on everything and even if it's not true I might get less obsession on anything cause the shit is keep telling me the time bomb is ticking. :(

Anyway, my name is SALT.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


From the director who brought you movie of the year 2008 The Dark Knight ( if you like it so so much), Christopher Nolan has his new sub-product of sci-fi masterpiece that will shrink the whole world into a dream before the next highlight of Batman series. The dream is real.

My short-period anticipated movie this summer.
Science theories can be found everywhere inside it.

"Worth Your Money"!! 5-star reviews!! "It's Complicated"!! LOL Mind-blowing actions!!!! Movie of the year!! MUST WATCH!!!


ps: Happy Belated Birthday Fish!!!!! :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Untitled post

I had a dream. The dream is real after it's really happened in real life.

Yes, you've seen his full battle actions in the latest blockbuster of the Summer. Iron Man has a sidekick aka War Machine. If you really thought that, please think again.

I'm here proudly introducing the Official LG Phone for Iron Man 2.


and I named it The Iron Popper.

Special features: Full touch screen system, Large screen - 3 inch, 3.0 MP Camera, Live square.

"Small In Size & Big On Fun". Life's good with LG

It's a golden opportunity when winning the premiere tickets during the contest while the DJ popped out a word unexpectedly: Bonus Hour.

Thanks so so much.

That morning ponteng school and went Astro Bukit Jalil for the phone. Me and my dad went in as "VISITOR" while wearing a tag. I think the delivery man is the same guy that gimme tickets on the premiere as well.

And 'POP' tributes to The King of Pop. Michael Jackson. RIP.

Tributes to my W200i at the same time I think.

Well, here's the history of my Blackman ( It's black in colour and it's a Walkman phone ).

On 20th July of 2007, my 1st phone was bought. The reason is quite simple. I have an outing with my friends tomorrow. FYI, watching Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

I chose my phone earlier but haven't confirm whether it's suit for me or not. It's okay. All these years I've treated my phone so good but not recently now. Poor thing. Sorry. An useful phone which now has been gave out to my mom. It's better than sell it out.

My phone has been appeared in recently The Karate Kid movie and that makes my boy shines to the whole world. As an ex-owner, I'm totally proud of it. :)

Confession to my phone: Well, I always blaming you for not having Blue tooth function when inconvenience of sharing files with my friends happens
all the times, but you are my best pal Always and Forever.


Case 2:
Thanks for Puan Tan Kim Leng and Puan Loh Sheau Nhiou who taught us these years. Unfortunately, good teachers have to go. We will always miss you. Hope can see you again. Good luck and all the best on everything.


Case 3:
The mid-year exam is a real miserable stuff. Although we got some "ideas", but to be honest I failed my Chinese test for the 1st time. My essay is totally out of topic. My polarization of my exam ( the best and the worst ) might be 91 Maths and 39 Chinese. Shame on me.


Case 4:
My sister is going to USM Penang and that might be a good thing for her or partly bad thing cause she's apart from our family. Hope she can study well there and try to work hard ( me too ). It's going to be soon when she comes back. Good luck too.

ps: Emotional post ends.