Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Stabilization Of Flight

It's almost 2 months since I was trying to adjust myself to form 6, unwillingly, this left me no choice, but now I got through the melting point.

Firstly, the subjects, in the order according to my favourite:

1st: Pengajian Am
To me, it is known as general knowledge of Malaysia's politics, it's the only real thing I can clearly feel which happens from time to time, changes that soon became histories. Humans should learn what the world really feels. The story-telling session from teachers are attracting. :)

2nd: Chemistry (If I took Biology, it would be at this place.)
Easy understand than what I expected so far. 90% of understanding. The molecules and atoms could enhance one's imagination and of course to solve the mystery behind all chemicals.

3rd: Mathematics T
Extended version of Add Maths, and numbers are back again. = = It is not the easiest subject among all anymore. Whatever it is, it all counts.

If according to the papers,  Pengajian Am Kertas 2 will be at between this gap.

4th: MUET
Well, I have to admit that I thought it is the subject that I can fill my percentage of confidence to the top but it turns out harder. Especially the harvesting of own ideas and my twisted-tongue speaking skills.

5th: Physics
My most respectful subject among all because of what it contains (the concept of some sort of structural mechanism, movement of an object and forces). The only thing drives me to this is in the future, I can create cars and guns which are impossible to me. In big contrast to Chemistry subject, 80% of not understanding. That is truly a tragic.

For those subjects that I don't take tuition, I just really hope I can handle them myself, if I can do it, that will be pretty impressing but the most important thing is not to ponteng frequently because we will miss a lot of lessons. The consequences of ponteng are quite irritating. Plus lack of sleep, it is challenging my mental's limitation.

Speaking about tuition, it will always comes to my "Tuition for Tuitions", meaning teaching to earn money and pay for my tuition fees. That is quite a cycle but do not break my alternative source of money for other usage. "Kids, please hold on to it no matter what."

My daily routine:

My mom sends me to and fro school after she became a Q-dees kindergarten teacher. Everyday's lunch is either economic rice or chicken rice. Ain't that nice? In fact, taking public transport from there is so convenience. Add on, I've got my P license already!!!! And I'm fear to drive!!!!! :P

Lastly, I would like to say that I have more new friends :D The ionic bonds between me and my friends become stronger. I just hope that someday we will become covalent bonds.


WhiteIce said...

XD how can you be scared to drive after getting P? Not logic at all!

btw, good luck in Form 6! :D

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Michele said...

haha..second one to commentt!!xD