Friday, June 8, 2012

The Second Half Of The Race

I personally believe it's time to sprint. Like what runners normally do when almost finishing a race.

Generally I believe one year is gone, left a half year for me to consume. Enough?

Well, let's not say whether it's enough, let's just say I have a strong fearful thoughts about my STPM, I should not take my time for granted. Enough or enough, it just depends.

I don't really need an Oracle to predict my outcome, instead of grading my result using Alphabets, but this time Numbers (CGPA) claimed the big role. That's more like it isn't it?

3.0 seems to be the minimum I should get enough to secure my future.

I've experienced a Sick Month. When you sick, you can't do anything, not to say it's including study. I mean, "Hey, wouldn't it telling me it's either you sick or you study?" Since I do not study much when I wasn't sick at all. It (un)fortunately became one of my motivations to study, perhaps. On that particular month, I see the world differently, as I am going to die soon.

For some reasons, I am worried about maybe I am a new victim of kidney failure. Then I see things like tomorrow's going to end/I am gonna die any time. The people, the faces, the living things, the non-living things......
I am more appreciating my life. That sounds funny, but the feeling is yet sad.

Back to the study. I wouldn't deny that I always dealing with you-never-saw-that-coming questions, I guess it also happened to my other friends but this makes me feel like I'm not studying anything, in fact I studied much of it. I can't go any further, not even above 60 marks.

I have a mindset to keep myself work harder: Study like there's exam everyday.  
This to keep my "injury" less severe, not enough to save my life.

I also believe there is a long way to go, or is it?

PS: Lost.