Friday, September 9, 2011

5nal Destination

Death has it coming down to 5. A new death list has arrived as this last installment of suspense series gets snap off, taking back the title of "The Final Destination".

With the collaboration of Warner Bros, FD5 has slightly turned away what it did best (constructing ways of death) in previous installments and introduces a new version of FD which included a humor sense that seems to create a combination to calm you down while having a wild guess for what will happen next between every death.

FD5 also fills in the real life of a bunch of survivors, putting them to test as the dramatic reflex action of struggling not to let themselves die begins. With the help of false death cause and premonition, it's surely making audience screaming.. out loud.

Besides provided a limited "room to growth" for the ways of death, this series has finally came to a full circle, as we can see at the end of the movie, the appearance of Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) in FD1 (2000) has brought in the concept of prequel.

End Of Line:
I must say I am quite a fan of FD throughout the decade, seeing people die in such horrible and ridiculous ways weren't fun when you know you wouldn't escape from the paranoid sense after few days you watched it. This might be the first time I hesitate to go in cinema but just keep this whole series as an encouragement for us to appreciate our lives, just like what Saw movies was trying to tell.

How can Death be so creative?

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