Friday, August 27, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation


"My name is Alice and I remember everything"

One of my favorite quotes from the Resident Evil: Apocalypse but now it's time for the fourth installment of the series, while Milla Jovovich is back in Afterlife. Something is
for sure, she still remember how to fight against her ultimate enemy commonly known as Umbrella Corporation that brought her miserable life before.

This time, Nuffnang Malaysia is giving out passes to watch the premiere of Resident Evil: Afterlife and best of all, it's in eye-popping 3D!!!! Some premiums are up for grabs too!!! XD

It's an great opportunity that you couldn't miss. You can check this out by clicking this.

Oh ya, here's my little plan to discuss before the zombies are standing next to me:

If I am Alice, my plan is to bring down the Umbrella Corp. including breaking the whole security system, confronting trained guards face-to-face and against whoever stand behind the evil corporation. For the first move, I should work with the undead who still hanging around. I extract the T virus and put away my reputation to become one of them. Before I became zombie, I will create a cure for the virus.

I summons all the undead once I've break all the security systems. When the security system loosen up, it's time for an army of zombies to break into the nest of Umbrella's all at once. Since I've became one of them, the bad guys can't easily recognize me. Sometime we need sacrifice especially doing a serious job. My probability of being
shot when we rush in has became lessen by bringing in my clones into the nest to take away their attention on me. I set a timer for the cure to flow into my veins right in time. And at that time, I'm inside it.

I will be doing this in a fair game by giving out warning for them instead of playing it dirty.

Now, it's time for the mutation of my new created gene called V. I became strong and fearless. Guns, loaded! Swords, checked! 3D glasses, on! The glasses can be used to widen up my vision for me to stay alert and detect enemies easily.

Oh, I don't think he will be throwing 3D glasses away if I told him my plan.

Well, after all, it's time for the battle for blood with all the bad guys.

Once I've succeed, I'll be climbing to the highest place and spreading huge amount of water which contains the cure ( this cure can cure the undead once they contact with the water directly and make no harm to normal human at all ). Spreading it like the rain in the summer and it's not really the right time to be romantic i guess? Now, there's no more umbrella to stay under because it will be lying down on the ground stepping by everyone who passes by while we are in the future. For now, I hope there's no more undead living in this world, no more.

Erm, will my plan works or is it worth-trying even for once? :O

I hope those premiere passes will be the best Raya gift of all in this season if I could lay my hands on it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's time to make a clear plan before the massive brain-squeezing SPM and this is a rare outing to Pc fair at KLCC with new bunch of friends. Frankly speaking these are my awkward moments with them: Kok Siong, Hui Teng, Kok Hong, Timothy, Vingent and later on with Jia Hui and Kok Seng.

Highlight of the day, to me, to me, it's of course the early-bird movie ride at 11:30pm. Not forget to mention that the "getting there" was so easy and rapidly ( that's why it called rapidKL ) and I managed to collect our tickets 1 1/2 hours before the show starts ( which was really out of my expectation) . The plan goes smoothly as exactly what I can pictured, the scene was just fitted perfectly ( I have to mention this ) then there we go

A contemporary action packed movie by Angelina Jolie as a sexy dangerous Russian spy Evelyn Salt. For me, it's her ultimate moves that produced so far. We saw how she jump, fall off, and some trigger-pulling stunning stunts as she made her great escapes all the time. A tiny single move is enough to fascinate my visionary senses. The word 'espionage' to describe the whole plots. I like that word. :) Watch it if you like her very much ( cause it could makes you stunned about her appearances )

Speaking about salt, my mistake again: I FEEL LIKE WANNA PEE IN CINEMA AGAIN!!! Too much of drinking makes me less focusing on the last few minutes of conversation, perhaps scenes as well. DAMN SHIT!!! I'M HEREBY PROMISED I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!

Okay Okay to the next stop, Pc fair, skipped to the last part can I? I helped Hau Nung and Chai Yin to buy 8Gb Kingston punya pendrive. Mr Hao's 1st pendrive was delivered by me. LOL

ps: Sorry, I don't really like the new version of design.

Sushi King by Vingent. Thanks very much. With some adult materials inside it, it reminds me I am the only one among them who haven't grown up completely. LOL! Last but not least, I would like to thank to them Supermuch for treating me Supergood throughout whole day. :D I love you guys seriously and it make me wanna cry. Sorry about my anti-social thingy, it just popped up that day without warning. Maybe after all, I thought it was the fun day indeed. Yeah, one of my days that can be categorized into my unforgettable list.


This City Needs A Hero like Angie.


Yes, it is.

To be a spy: we need alias and this is me, a korean spy: Jin Haeng Keol ( cool ) haha!! Thanks for the name Shu Qiong. :P

But the question remains: