Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Things I Wish It Could Happen Before I Die

1)  A birthday celebration 
It has been a lot of dreaming and hoping and jealousy of not being one of my friends that can post all my sweet and delightful photos with candles and creamy cake which surround by my buddies. You have no idea how much I will appreciate it if it's really happening.. to me.

2) Having my own motorcycle 
I know I can't drive really well, and I also know that I'm more into motorcycle comparing to a car if thinking of owning one. I mean I really I LOVE the whole structure of cars too. Wouldn't it be cooler and handy when owning a motorcycle? But one thing is for sure- It is dangerous on road.

3) An ultimate vacation with my friends 
Spending a night at somewhere. Many fun things can crazily happen. Trust me, it's FUN.

4) Travel around in big cities around the world
New York. London. Paris. Being in those western romantic big cities that you could never even believe when you wake up in the morning. 

5) Live my life
....... which I earn tons of money and giving out all the fabulous life to my family especially my parents. Eating delicious meals everyday. No hard work is needed anymore for my parents. They can enjoy it KAO KAO like fairy tale when grows older. Have a big sweet family portrait. Protect my whole family as well.

6) Save a life
People or animals. In an extreme situation without harming myself. Taking risk. Being hero of the day once in my lifetime.

7) Own creations being published
Build my island. Create my own beach shop, toy shop and also movie theaters. My own line, own concept of everything. Trademarks. Grab the title of "The 1st" such as: The 1st movie library in the world. This is a bit insane but why not?

8) Six packs 
Having a fit body and wear it out every clothes perfectly. No more bones can be seen. I just want a normal body weight.

9) Become an amphibian 
Learn to swim. Regretting of not being a beach boy since I was born. A swimming skill is a must for me.

10) Last but not least, SEX.


Michele said...

Omygosh josh!!!!miss u!!!hahahahaha...u shud have said last year coud hav planned it 4 u;D

Josh said...

HAHAHAHA you mean the birthday celebration? LOL miss you too HAHAHAHA :D

Ann JerLynn said...

hahah!! I LOVE YOUR no.10!!!!

Josh said...