Sunday, August 28, 2011

Malaysia Boleh

It all happens in a week. School holidays as a medium to give Merdeka together with Raya an extra spice for once-a-thousand-years celebration. Living here for 18 years, it's definitely enough time for me to pop out with this Top 5 in Malaysia list, appreciating what Malaysia had offered me in a form of joy and satisfaction, in a good way of course.

#5 Buatan Malaysia 
Let's have a look at Proton Edar. Proton Saga was the first car manufactured back in 1985. Now, we are still having sales on the brand new SAGA FLX. Proton had developed much throughout decades and now still do.

Sometimes I just want to shout out: "Proton Satria Neo is the nicest car in Malaysia!!!!" whenever I see one passing by. By judging the outline of the car body, it's always my my personal favourite.

Besides, radio stations, tv channels, newspaper, cinemas, supermarkets, we have our own brands.

#4 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan  
5 years before entering Form 6, I was in SMK Seksyen 1 Bandar Kinrara, same thing goes to every SMK school, nothing can be the best when you are in a Malay school, really. Every time the government launch a programme or activity, it involves us but not the private school. We get the holidays based on the calendar, or even a day off due to every races' festivals. Well, there's co-curriculum too including Malay games. The school system was awesome because we end school earlier every Friday.

Many more.. What else can you ask for? I love SMK.

#3  Capital City
Kuala Lumpur, The Petronas Corns tower, oh don't get me wrong, it's a praise. The tallest building in Malaysia, followed by KL tower. The city life of KL enthusiasts me, I could be a tourist every time I got there. It's very complicated and take my advice: "Don't ever go there just by yourself". The busy road,  busy citizens, the busy life. Skyscrapers everywhere you stand. Love it!

#2 Access  
We've got concerts from local to international in stadium. Bringing in World Tours into stadium like English football team. Almost every famous movies are in cinemas. Even some titles are releasing earlier than US. We have many local events. It never failed to give me that anticipating feel. A huge efforts of giving out green lights, I wonder why people still complaining?


#1 Islands in Malaysia- A place you called heaven

White sand, crystal clear ocean, beautiful beaches on islands around Malaysia. Staying in a tropical country would be the best when you planning for a vacation. We also have marine parks and national parks. The natural environment is the only place you look for when you are in Malaysia. It's the only place that could bring out my "sunny" personalities.

There is no reason why you will hate it.

You would want a peaceful place to stay for the rest of your life? Well, Malaysia it is.
I guess that's all. Happy Merdeka and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone. :D


WhiteIce said...

Malaysia Boleh! :D
uhm... are you being literal or sarcarstic? XD

Josh said...

Really Boleh LOL :P I love Malaysia.. hehe :)

Michele said...

lol.since when?

Josh said...

Since born :P