Thursday, January 13, 2011

The 1st layer of 2011: Prequel

It's quite a fast decision, a slight change, probably made after a few flash of scenes in my mind, to get the brief idea of every moves. An idea of making money. LOL!

As a Malaysian, it's surely a pride. Congrats to Malaysia Tiger team for winning the title of

In the form of celebrating the victory, our prime minister has made 31th Dec as a public holiday last year.

This last day of 2010 is also my starting point of my job in F.O.S IOI Mall. Ain't that good?? 'Cause I even get my double triple-bonus on both year's 2day-boundary. Haha XD

By the way, it was a good head start for me: 好的开始是成功的一半
I couldn't find any best sentence to describe it :)
I doubt that soon after this. :(

In that store, every staffs treated me soo damn goodd!! Love them much. Muacks ~ But in their eyes, in their mind, i can tell they are saying: "This kid needs to learn A LOT"

My most worried thing is taking buses day and night, it's like taking chances haha

The exposure percentage to the people I knew so far is 25%.

The things i like:

1) The Pole Hooker, which used to hook higher clothes down. Because it is nice to hook things. FUN!!!

2) Punch Card. Every punch is like gaining much more marks
everyday as in school's exam. The only different thing is every single numbers can transfer into MONEY!!!!!!!!! The card is exactly like a report card. Holding it with pride.

It's quite a experiment. The quickest way to pass time is do not keep looking at the time, especially when we have it on our hand. LOL!! :P

Dealing with the variety of ugliest clothes in the world is bad. Touch them not. :( Sometimes they just hard to fold.

Thanks very much for the visitors, you all really boost up my energy every time you all pop out in front of my eyes without knowing.


A big thanks to the game changer: LEE YI SHEN!!!!! With the companion of him, he has became my SAVIOR!!!!!!!

Just like old times in school and it is SO COOL!!!! :P

My waist and leg was pained at first. Now, I believe it will gets better as long as we used to it.

So, instead of using money to treat myself, it forces me out with a list.

A list with a title of: "WHAT TO SPEND AFTER MAKING MONEY".

A little based on what I never try before. I'm now working it out more. It shall take away my guilty pleasure if using my own money instead of my parents'.

Till then, I just have to..


ps: ................... To be continued.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rated R

Today, it's time for me to turn 18.

"I am a real adult now"

Being mature is the only thing I must do.

Welcome to the NewYear2011.

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