Friday, July 15, 2011

Dark Side Of The Moon

This 3D event taught me to be patient, while beholding the power behind the fast-selling secret begins since the release date, that makes premiere stands out for an obvious reason.

One day, I found myself bonded to this "Within 2 Weeks" idea, for blockbuster movies, try not to exceed the watching period.

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON has every reasons to become a must-watch but to me, it's less anticipation. 

This is the final Cyber war on Earth for Micheal Bay, but sequels are coming soon. By keeping it his trilogy, he has bring all elements together to match with the term Ultimate. Unfortunately, a brilliant fan has pointed out the "recycle" idea from one of the director's productions The Island back in 2005. 

This director-behind-all-scenes has failed once again. Perhaps the magnificent transforming ideas of robots were mostly contributed by him with the corporation of CGI and animation designers, that worth my respects on him. 

This 2-hour based film was quite wasted for the "space" it has. Filling in the humour that triggers my hatred instead, the relations between people are blocked by this shit. It starts in the first movie and got exaggerated by its growing ego, Revenge Of The Fallen is definitely the worst episode of all. 

Alien invasion in the big city, sounds similar to the "recycle" idea but this can be amazing when it added in a fresh deception involving the workship between humans and Decepticons. It might sounds ridiculous somehow in the sense of logic. Captivating and executing citizens in open area are indeed horrible. What left is the sad stories that can touch deep inside your heart only if it is catalysed by Linkin Park's Iridescent. 

3D effects:
Sparks, flames, dusts, lights, shattering of glasses, even subtitles are what I can get from 3D obviously. Those are minors, but listen to me, "No 3D movies are perfect without slow-mos".  The activating of Sentinel Prime's complicated pupil in the opening was awesome!!!! The destruction of sky scrapper by Driller was breath-taking as well!!!!!! The sliding down of concrete glass by a group of survivors was also holding a large suspense.

As I said, the relationships had fade, leaving an empty shell behind. The history of "Moon walking" can helps to enhance the epicness but it won't hold too long.

So why not give it a try/chance for robots by watching it during the tide of Summer Blockbusters of the year? Experience the greatest moment of all. What can I say is "Only the 1st movie retains its own standard." 

I will vote a "No" for Michael Bay for next sequels. Speak after me, "No Please."

Let's not to be harsh on this movie but we must always remember when locate in any restaurant, Eat like a food critic, because we will never know when our opinions will be taken to make the key decision. 

- Josh Tan

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