Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Darker Season

I wonder how I get this far: Couples of months without going school. I face myself, day and night. What can really influence me is definitely myself. It made me have those crime thoughts in my mind. Don't let me reach the gun because I will be washing my hands with blood everyday after all.

The hallucination began when I almost give up everything such as story book, maybe not much curiosity to reach the end to reveal the truth. Get a sneak peak on the books I'm about to study with in the future. Theories, formulas, facts, i can't keep up without a tutor, perhaps not alone.

One week pass so fast especially when we assume that Sunday is the first day of a week (well it is). I have no issues so far but who knows some serial killer inspired me to look down deeper into the dark alley if I still moving on with my life like this. Still not enough motive to make my evil plan happens. Still not worrying.

If you have hard time in your life that could possibly make you say: "Fuck my life!!!", it's time to convince ourselves that we are living another person's life, just like Source Code, in the last 8 minutes of life, haven't watched the movie yet :"( In return as a reward, we will live even better next time. I should stop complaining now.

PS: Start with something small in order to end BIG.


Michele said...

hey whatd'ya doing now?i mean wan work together??lol.i feel useless too.n bored.and lest go work can earn money n buy things!haha

Josh said...

Work? i dont think so haha and just wait for few days then we can go form 6 liao.. sabar sikit HOHO :P

Silverthorne said...

yooo. haha thanks la. why no chatbox wan? lol I thought my font got problem cuz everytime open it shows the old font (so ugly) then I refresh only new font xD

Josh said...

LOL i dont want chatbox anymore waste my space and plus less ppl visit my blog HAHAHA :D no arr.. ur font very natural and special I LOVE :D