Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's near the end of June, something needed to be ended as well.

Finally I completed my Driving Procedure:

4) 18 hrs of driving lessons
5) JPJ driving test  Passed Pending of "P" license

That day is the only day I didn't mati engine at all. Hehe :D

When reached the Uphill test, my tyres touched half of the box only!!! :O In the second try, even worse, same problem but I turned my tyres to right side a bit. Just when I thought I will fail, a twist of fate. The JPJ examiner just said "Okay", he seems didn't realised my problem. What a guilty relief after all! D:

Sesi 2, Number 26. Red Tag. Taking on Lucky Number 10 New Kancil car during On The Road test.

It takes almost 3 months to bring this to a full stop.

I can say this is the most frightening yet horrible experience for me. I can't sleep well because of this. Nightmares. Tiredness. Worrying. Now, I can get over it. Thanks to my parents especially my mom. To be honest, it's really worth a day ponteng school.

Thanks to my driving instructor Uncle also, thanks for scolding me. LOL. Anyway, I felt sympathized for the people who failed the test. I can deeply feel the disappointment. :"(

A big smile for the passing. :)

The first anniversary of my LG Popper is here!!!! Being an owner of the free phone, I have something to say. Probably the bad things. 

#1: My phone is always having the problem on the phone line. When I first call someone, the line just broke after connecting a few seconds later. (major problem)

#2: After the long period of using, it will become slow. Since I didn't turn off my phone everyday. (my biggest frustration when hoping things to act fast)

#3: No keypads. I miss keypad. Not to complain, but this is not my choice right?

Well, all these lead to my initiative to buy a new phone. Perhaps after my form 6 when I earn money again.

Till then, good luck!


Michele said...

hey congrats!!passed on first try?

Josh said...

HAHA thanks ya, first try, unexpected~ :P

WhiteIce said...

Omgosh! Wah, so lucky !! Congrats :D

Josh said...