Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bridge to 2012

I've been thinking, what if I keep continuing my life like this, I WILL BE DEAD.

Holidays slow down my movement. Makes me plan every thing just to consume my holidays in a good way.

I have to keep myself busy with studies. If an enjoyment comes when you almost immerse yourself in your study, that will extract you from heavy study and the escapade is the biggest enjoyment of all.

Next thing I know, a month is gone.

It would be nice if I start packing myself up before next year, ready for the senior year. YES!!!! I'M READY FOR THE NEW ARRIVAL OF LOWER SIX GROUP in May.

The things that we planned to do in this holidays, we have to DO IT NOW. No more regrets.

My resolution for 2012 "Doomsyear", is of course nothing but get as many A' as I can in STPM.

Still hoping for a better life.

2011 Conclusion:

Best moment: 1) Earn my own money/working (1st time)
                      2) Treat my family a dinner (1st time)
                      3) Got my driving license
                      4) New Form 6 life/friends
                      5) Feel the warm of being a family
                      6) Got my Debit Card prior for movies  
                      7) Visit my sister in Penang
                      8) 2nd place in Second Science class

Worst moment: 1) Driving lessons and test (nightmare)
                         2) My movies experience got deteriorated
                         3) Anticipating for beach vacation (didn't happened)
                         4) More Emotional

My blog post for 2011 ends here.


A.J.I.N said...

dont be too emotional syn jie! :)

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