Friday, November 4, 2011

The Breakthru

The result is here! Luckily it's a good news for me. I can say it's even more than just a good news. :O

Maths- 58
Chemistry- 55
PA- 49
Physics- 40

Glad that there is an overall improvement in my test. But that's not all.

The 1st shock: I got the highest marks for Maths in my class. It's a tragic cause the standard of my class is quite low but I'm really happy for it. 

The 2nd shock: I claimed the second spot in my class!!!!! OMG!  I didn't get Top 3 anymore since I was a tadika kid. :P

This is a type of  "after-motivation": The motivation you get after something is achieved better than you expected.

Somehow this is the real beginning of a Massive Massacre where our academic standards are being put to test. Everyone is barely noticing that they are facing it in a way that it starts with a very low danger level. This year is just a dessert, next year we will be serving the main course, well, it serves well with side-dishes (extra challenges).

The text books we usually use in class. 

I know we will be facing a threat when we get around Top spot in class in Science 2. We will be extracting to the Science 1, which believed is a better class. This causes an issue of discriminant, being the best is a privilege but I'm sure teachers are conducting a balance growth in class by categorizing our standards into 2 classes. Believe me, they always do. If they really want me to go to another side of the sunshine, I WILL REFUSE, just when "IF" happens. Reason is simple and I only need one, I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS IN MY CURRENT CLASS.


Michele said...

oh wow!!congrats weh!!!jiayou=D

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