Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hybridal Holidays

I always believe that updating my blog frequently is a good thing for me. And i still do.

It's holiday now and it reminds me how fast a week can pass when attending classes in school.

I realised I've neglected my study so much because all these years I tried to prove I can live well without studying. But it doesn't work that way. Obviously. So I really have to stop it right now. At least I have something to work hard for it. For my good result.

Here are some tips for my science subjects studying (mainly for Physics),

1) FORMULA- Derive and alter it based on the conditions (what we need to find)
2) UNIT-  Convert it to SI units or according to what are the final answers suppose to be in
3) CONCEPT- Remember the definitions and apply it if necessary
4) DIAGRAM- Understanding why and how 

Always keep those tips in your mind (I hope you have large memory storage) and you will master it all. Not proven by someone yet.

Study is a full time job for students. Maybe the large amount of ounce my blood flowing out every time I brush my teeth or even eating something hard can remind me of how much time I have wasted.

The sensitivity of my gums can also represent the sensitivity of my heart towards the surroundings. It annoys me A LOT.

I need a knock on my head and start studying now, before it's too late.

I hope I can do it without much supervising from my parents.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Break Free

It's Friday Friday~ Best of all, it's time for holidays!!!!! We are at this time of the year again!!!!

No doubt, it is the most relaxing moment of my entire form 6 life, time for me to catch up what is left behind in my subjects, to finish the unfinished stuffs, and prepare for the next year's topics.

Perhaps I am immunised from the holidays, since so many "unauthorised" holidays have been given during the schooldays, having less excited for the long break now, yet still wishing for more holidays. :P

My entertainment sense just won't back down, telling me that sometimes we need to steal some time from busy, to relax ourselves instead. I wish to have an epic outing, besides gathering. My mind keeps creating good scenes by itself, even though it hasn't happen or won't happen. It's good for me, hypnotising is the best way to stay out of reality.

My Iron Popper is with me for more than 500 days, now I'm trying to search for another phone. I need to have certain strong reasons to buy a new one. No more dealing with regrets I hope.

So now just looking forward for my pending event, if any, and


Friday, November 4, 2011

The Breakthru

The result is here! Luckily it's a good news for me. I can say it's even more than just a good news. :O

Maths- 58
Chemistry- 55
PA- 49
Physics- 40

Glad that there is an overall improvement in my test. But that's not all.

The 1st shock: I got the highest marks for Maths in my class. It's a tragic cause the standard of my class is quite low but I'm really happy for it. 

The 2nd shock: I claimed the second spot in my class!!!!! OMG!  I didn't get Top 3 anymore since I was a tadika kid. :P

This is a type of  "after-motivation": The motivation you get after something is achieved better than you expected.

Somehow this is the real beginning of a Massive Massacre where our academic standards are being put to test. Everyone is barely noticing that they are facing it in a way that it starts with a very low danger level. This year is just a dessert, next year we will be serving the main course, well, it serves well with side-dishes (extra challenges).

The text books we usually use in class. 

I know we will be facing a threat when we get around Top spot in class in Science 2. We will be extracting to the Science 1, which believed is a better class. This causes an issue of discriminant, being the best is a privilege but I'm sure teachers are conducting a balance growth in class by categorizing our standards into 2 classes. Believe me, they always do. If they really want me to go to another side of the sunshine, I WILL REFUSE, just when "IF" happens. Reason is simple and I only need one, I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS IN MY CURRENT CLASS.