Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Mighty Thor

From the studio that brought you "Iron Man". This brings a closer connection between both movies. They released almost on the same day but difference by a year but it can make a whole lot difference when we watch it in.... 3D!!!!

Chris Hemsworth stars as one of the Avengers, Thor. Basically we can barely notice him in JJ Abrams' Star Trek because he is Kirk's father a.k.a "The 12 mins Captain" His scenes was just a few :P

Soon enough I discovered that what he holds in his hands as a weapon is not formerly known as a hammer, it's Mjolnir to be exact, which is the term that can be recognized by anyone in Asgard. What makes the mjolnir so special to me is, it can swings back once it throws away just like a boomerang. Trust me, the knocking sound of metals in this movie is awesome especially when it hits enemies.

The travels from Asgard to Earth is fun, I can tell. The Destroyer is my favourite especially when it came across to Earth under Loki's command. "Destroy everything!!!". This line is similar to the line as Zeus (Liam Neeson) shouts out "Release The Kraken!!!" in Clash Of The Titans. Both makes me thrilled.

Take a close look at my friend, Destroyer with its laser eyes.

This movie tells more about the roles in kingdom, which is quite a unique story for a superhero liked by comic fans. Stan Lee appeared as a truck driver in this movie too (woohoo!!!). 

PS: There's a post credit scene my friend, I just realized I missed it. LOL!

Watch it if you like: Clash Of The Titans (2010), Iron Man (2008), Incredible Hulk (2008) and also Thor comic book series. 


Watched it with Ann, Kritz and Joshua at IOI Mall on Friday. Since there's no normal ticket for THOR, we have to watch it in 3D, which is the last time I gave my hope to Mr Three Dimension perhaps. That's also give much opportunities for movie companies to earn money. 3-D is nice but I can lost my interest in that someday.

A little extras:

Few months after Thor attracts my attention, Blake accidentally gave me the idea that the making of Mjolnir "The Hammer" is easy but seems to be a little bit different from the original.

Attach A Tripod To A Camera. That's all you need to do, quite simple right? You can see the result in my hand:


Yet, the feeling of holding it can slightly become handy because the handle is longer.

Ironically, I am wearing the same T-shirt in the picture when I watched this movie.

Didn't have idea how the original hammer looks like? It's time for you to go check it out in theater now.

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