Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Outcome

A not so intensive exploration on studies has been done before taking myself into a secure area to survive in Form 6. It's a mind challenge thing. I was wondering, why couldn't I study well.

Here's the 1st term exam result: (Take 50 for a passing mark, in percentages)

MUET; 177 /300 (Band 3 /6)

PA; 52 
MATHS; 42 

Purata: 44.75   
CGPA: 1.33 /4.00
Kedudukan: 12 /19

*Failure   *MUET is excluded in the overall performance.

Obviously, I didn't survived. I really don't want it to sound very sad since this is the 1st time but what I hope is some improvements in the year-end exam. Perhaps the low marks provide more room for improvement. :P I'm gonna devote the rest of my school life in this year (few months) to my studies starting from Physics. Never gonna hang myself on the edge.. again.

I shall declare a a war within myself.

My next goal: Purata 60.00++

The OMR paper sold in school

SMK Batu Lapan just has so many similarities as compared to my primary school SJK(C) Yak Chee:

School structures:
The almost exactly position of each building and there are two main exits.

Surrounded by a small jungle with a companion of eco-friendly mosquitoes.

Common people:
A large group of Yak Chee's ex-students (majority chinese) who I mostly knew.

Both morning session and afternoon session.

What is more shocking in my findings is some of my Form 6 friends are much likely to some of my secondary school's friends according to their attitudes and the similar feelings they gave me. Well, but I don't take it as a replacement.

Somehow in the school, it's best when someone can call your name properly.

When I see the lower forms' students, I keep thinking that I used to be one of them who studying the same subjects before turning 180 degrees harder.

It's still too soon to make any conclusion. More hard work is required.

Happy Hari Malaysia!!!! School holiday :)


WhiteIce said...

Awh Syn Jie *sorry if your name wrong spelling D: It's been awhile since I had reason to spell your name D: D:

Ganbatte!! :D
You can do it!! Purata 60.00 is not far away, aim higher :D

All the best! :D

Josh said...

Haha Thanks so much Breena really hehe :P :D

whiteice said...

welcome :D