Monday, February 28, 2011

The 1st layer of 2011: Sequel

This is a sad story indeed. LOL!

Somehow, it's not everything bad. Customers is the manipulated variable. Some are friendly and some just (* #%*&#@^*(&@^@(*. LOL.

Daily routine sucks (irritating shifts). Fortunately, I still can have fun time with other staffs.

Well, anyway I just have to pull it to an end. I've STAND enough. Enough is enough. :) I'm gonna admit that it has been a struggle at the few days of the end. I just wanna get rid of it ASAP.

I witnessed what the supervisor capable of. BULLY!!!!!!! I saw my friends got bullied. FCK!!!! :P I mean come on, don't you know we've got Hak Pekerja??:
Menghormati, menghargai dan mengiktiraf perkhidmatan, jasa dan sumbangan golongan pekerja dalam pembangunan negara.

At the same time, my idea for my working period keep decreasing: 4-3-2 months. That's good 'cause my previous job only last for 1 day. HAHA XD

One good experience to socialise but it is really exhausted. It's like "My Soul To Take" :P Use a lot of footwork too. :S While my fear keep evolving by days.

I learned A LOT. Meet new friends of course!!!!!!! :D

And discover many nice songs on FOS channel (although it keeps repeating everyday).

Now, I realised how much I miss and love writing as in school everytime I record my daily earning.

I get not enough sleep, waking up in the cold morning (cold bath), pimples crawling out. The most fortunate thing is I never get sick although I am very weak. It's a miracle!!!

Anyway, I felt proud to have a job in this holidays.

I've graduated at F.O.S!!!! Spending 1/6 of my year on that and it is worth I think. 2 months (exact 49 days) of working is not much not less. 


Someday I'm gonna miss all the things we done in this season. So long, all my new friends. LOVE YOU ALL. It's hard to say goodbye. :"/  Thanks for all my friends for visiting every time. Thanks my parents so much and sorry for my troubles. Thanks Supersupervisors for supervising as well. HAHA XD

It's time to fix my life back on track.

ps: My 2011 begins now.