Friday, August 5, 2011

An American Hero

It's Captain America who slicing off the new super soldier experience with his signature shield and completed the circuit before the elites of Marvel, assemble.

"The First Avenger", perhaps the title makes you think twice on why took it so long, you might wanna think: Everyone save their best for last.

Set in 1940', during World War II, it seems no problem in putting all the plots together, or to have a question where does all these villain comes from, in this season when patriotic fever was burning fierce. Unlike the movie X-Men: First Class, which largely attached with war elements yet complicated agendas behind mutants. It proves that Cap is a movie to ignite the patriotism in every individual especially for the young men back in that era, hoping to be part of the military base, protecting their families. Well, Cap is certainly a typical superhero movie ever exist in Marvel.

Of course it isn't much about the super strength Steve Rogers gained after the procedure, also not the muscular body Chris Evans owns in order to fit into the suit, the main is what could a man done to sacrifice for its country- courage. Tossing a shield is much easier than tossing a coin, as what Sam Flynn achieved with the disc in Tron: Legacy. Blocking all the blue lasers by its vibration-absorbing Vibranium shield. It is one of Steve's favourite as we can see in every situation, he made use of everything to block the flying bullets from enemies: Picking up the trash can when beating up by a bully behind the street; Grabbing car scrap during a chase; or a triangular original shield he began to use in his publicity.

Red skull proves himself a good commander and made clear the line between good and evil. Thanks to Cosmic Cube (believe to have the same function with AllSpark in Transformers) that possibly convinces us that the advance technology existed since 7 decades ago. You can't deny that the big wheels and engines really stand out in the movie.

You can always match Red Skull with Darth Maul based on their skin tones. 

3D effect: 
By bringing in "You never saw that coming", one could guess the remarkable actions unleashed by Steve either on land, in the air or in the sea much more thrilling when it comes to an ordinary man- or Super Soldier I should call that doesn't possesses much superpowers. You have no time to react when the shield hits you. Some kick-ass moves between Captain and evil Hydras are absolutely breath-taking.

End of line:
To be honest, I am not a fan who is growing up the Marvel comics but I am still growing up to the comic-based movies- to learn every superheroes in the reverse way. This is a movie that we as a Malaysian should watch before celebrating our Independent Day on 31th August.

Yes, we have the warriors of Bukit Kepong, Leftenan AdnanRentap and everyone we learn in history. We always share the victory with nation so that we have a common patriotic spirit same as the soldiers.

After a two-hours movie ride, you will not feel like moving a muscle until the finish rolling of the credits. But the movie is leaving you with the forth-coming movie The Avengers teaser to bring a strong message to us: They are good to go. Just after the teaser, people are clapping for epicness. The overwhelming response is the proudest for film-makers and the claps is a way to appreciate a movie.

PS: I salute you, Captain America. 

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