Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SPM: Terminated

Ever since the SPM is
officially over, it could change from..


to this: 2006-2010!!!

I'm gonna miss the "Cerai" thingy hahaha xD

Bye SMK S1, you gave me the perfect moments
with all my beloved friends throughout

these years. muacks~


Last seen in 2010

Ermm.. What should I say now? "A New Lease Of Life" after that?

Not to mention from 2008-2010, this year is the


A bit late this year and it is always lack of celebration LOL!!

December is the anniversary month every year. ThisIsSuperSurferic.

I have to plan fast for my next year (although my plan mostly fail). Here's a brief of it:

1) Find my 1st job
. Forget about the "JUS charity" :P Currently unemployed.

"I want to spend my own money" This line never gets old. XD

2) Own my driving license. I just want to get rid of the fear in driving ASAP.

Going anywhere seems more easy to achieve after that but before that..


3) My form 6ix. I'm unprepared for another new school life.

"You won't graduated without making few enemies." hahaha. Is form 6 hard? :O

What am I gonna do with the class money, peeps?

ps: Of course it's Christmas, everyone. Hohoho!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

TRON: Legacy

It has been at least a year I've waiting for this movie to release in Malaysia.

Maybe for the true fans out there since the first movie, they waited for 28 years for this sequel.

Every single tiny details or footage, pieces by pieces, days by days revealing to us.

The first thing that caught my huge interest is the #1 ever teaser trailer introducing about the Light Cycles last year.

Well, this movie is called Tron 2.0 or commonly known as

Poster of Walt Disney Pictures' Tron Legacy (2010)

Thanks to Nuffnang, it's premiere time again!! Perhaps it could be the best gift for me and Blake after finishing SPM. Instead of my strange sickness.

Went Sunway for this premiere nite. Stuck in there almost 8 hours including shopping and dinner. Caught Diviya!!! LOL!

The premiere screening required us to turn in our phones and cameras before go through security check and it is kinda strict and our 1st time. WHY SO SERIOUS??

This is definitely a MUST-WATCH movie!!!! The special effects are breath-taking GREAT!!! Too bad we are not watching in 3D :(

Everything inside is cooler than we've ever imagined. EXTRAORDINARY COOL~

Daft Punk has really made a perfect featuring in this movie. OST and also a special appearance.

"A 3D movie event of the year"

Experience yourself in 3D.

Watch it of you like: Tron (1982) , Speed Racer (2008) and also Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

Breaking News is now hitting Malaysia peeps out there!!!

On 15th November of 2010, it believed that the keys to safe containing
Tron: Legacy show reels are found missing at time 1930 (7:30pm) according to the crime report!!! On other hand, few strands of golden hair was left at the crime scene and it is an inside job. Until now, no arrests have been made.

For every Malaysian ( especially those who possessed CSI skills ), it's time to gather up our 1 Malaysia power to catch the theft who is still on the loose and figure out where have they been hidden!!! We could save the day!!!

On top of that, there's a good news too. For those who can solve the case of secret behind the evil plan, TGV Cinemas and partners are giving out A Private Screening Hall for any movie + a Panasonic 50” 3DTV and many other attractive prizes!!!!!! Courtesy of Nuffnang Malaysia!!!!

For your information, the prizes can be worth up to RM20,000!!!!

You wouldn't miss this, would you Sherlock Holmes? Can you smell the prizes through the monitor screen?

Please visit TGV Cinemas's Facebook page
: for more clues. And of course Panasonic Malaysia's Facebook page: Make sure you "like" all the pages as well.

It's okay to be fear my friend, but we will not letting the theft to see us in terror just because of his/her single move. So be hurry!!! Time is ticking, there will be no time to waste!! The theft is a threat for us. If we can't get back the keys, the premiere screening of Tron: Legacy will still remains as a question and we will not let that happen!!!
! It's now or never!!!

My little advice for the future Sherlock Holmes:

"The golden hair seems to be a trick to confuse us that the theft is probably having golden hair. Meanwhile, the person won't be so blur to leave an evidence for us. This could be done by a skilled-theft since his move was lasted for 5 only minutes. ( I believed the person graduated in Ninja Academy before this ). Anyone worked in the building could be considered as a suspect.

A little synopsis extract from Nuffnang for those who wanna know more about this great movie:

“TRON: Legacy” is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Oscar®- and Golden Globe®-winner Jeff Bridges), a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade—a signal that could only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a digital world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe—a universe created by Kevin himself that has become far more advanced with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. Presented in Disney Digital 3D™ and scored by Grammy® Award-winning electronic music duo Daft Punk, “TRON: Legacy” hits U.S. theaters on Dec. 17, 2010, in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D

Tron: Legacy is my most anticipated movie of the year!!! With the featuring of Light Cycles and Daft Punk, it makes whole movie perfectly done.

I even dreamt about having my own Light cycle and it look exactly like this....

Neon lights.........!!!!!!!! BIG wheels..........!!!!!! FULL HP engine......!!! OMG!!!!

I've been waiting for this for a year. This premiere screening could be my celebration for finishing my SPM on exact one day before premiere.

ps: Step on the grid and prepare to be

Friday, October 15, 2010

SPM: Prologue

"On October 6, the planet blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds. The whole world saw The Future." - Flash Forward

One week after the black out, I still have blur ideas to know what I'm gonna do next.

I am EXTREMELY OBSESSED with 3D!!!! The trendy Full HD LED 3D tv and 3D eye-wear are making me go krazy~. "You spin my head right round right round~...."

It makes me wonder who is the founder of 3D at the same time.
To whoever created stereoscopic, you are the best!!!

In a special case, there's some people out there can't see 3D. I feel sorry for them. fyi, this is called stereo-blind generally.

This is how 3D glasses work:

Red Cyan 3D glasses. I called it Cyclops'.

how do 3d glasses work

The red and blue lenses filter the two projected images
allowing only one image to enter each eye.

The common glasses used in cinemas

how do 3d glasses work

The polarized glasses allow only one of the images into
each eye because each lens has a different polarization.

This is a real fascinating brilliant concept!!!! I LOVED IT!!!

The power of 3D. Experience it yourself.
Believe your eyes.

I miss my Blackman phone sometimes. I'm kinda love its imperfection right now. Imperfection as in specific stuffs too. But yet, I would make Walkman qualities as my priority when choosing my phone next time. Well, since its service last for 1071 days (almost 3 years)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


My official promote picture for SE W200i (2007)

Now, it's time for The Iron Popper to pass its loyal test. The first 100 days of touches. Day 100 came 12 days before this post was written. I'm really proud of it.


My official promote picture for LG GD510 Pop (2010)

Description: The palm of hand in the pic represents the Iron Man repulser.

Sorry, I broke my own promise to write another post again and I don't think it's a big deal. :S

ps: 39 days to go.

Friday, September 17, 2010

wake me up when september ends

The final blast starts this holidays. Not forget to mention that it's also Raya time for all Malays as well. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!!!!!!! MAAFKAN SAYE LOL

This September..

1) I owned my own bed and together with my bonus: my new room. It's a best word to call it Ice Surfer's. I love the PVC divan board.!!!! I can feel the smoothness of the material especially when it matches with my favourite colour
. :P With a Tom & Jerry cover on it. :S All I wish is not to afraid of my room cause this sounds strange enough for everyone if I mention it.

It's my 1st time to sleep alone honestly. I AM SCARE OF DARK!!!!! :( What I can see obviously is the 3 rows of glass windows on top. ( when all lights are off ). I shall be used to it someday. I hope so. I just felt grateful to my mom and my dad very much. Thanks.

2) On September 4th, she's back!! LOL My lovely sister is back from Penang!!! I felt touched somehow after the reunion. T.T I still can see the scene of a dining table. A table of 4. Although it's just only for 2 weeks, but that's the moments we all never miss :D Welcome back again few months later!!!

3) Trust me, we really need a back-up plan for everything. :( No premiere passes = no special tickets and no digital invitation but I still love you Nuffnang!! Plan B failed again and this time is my unspeakable misery. No more raya movie ride after all. I shouldn't try watching movie on the 1st released day without booking any tickets at all cause.. this is a suicide mission. Sorry Xiang xiang. :(

Vampires Suck
for the alternative. It is a funny yet stupid show indeed. I needed to forget this unsuccessful plan while regretting for what I've done at the same time.

All I am talking about, the movie I am desperately dying to watch is

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is obviously produced for 3D and I'm FUCKED UP now. FUCK "18" rated.

Never mind, I can wait. Dear Milla, we meet next time.

SPM is the reason why I need a blast. What matters is after the SPM. :) So let's not just saying, we together gambateh and best of luck.

TRIAL is coming. It's kinda important. Sejarah is way hard to achieve. Chinese is shit. :(

ps: Last post before SPM. Happy Mooncake Festival!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation


"My name is Alice and I remember everything"

One of my favorite quotes from the Resident Evil: Apocalypse but now it's time for the fourth installment of the series, while Milla Jovovich is back in Afterlife. Something is
for sure, she still remember how to fight against her ultimate enemy commonly known as Umbrella Corporation that brought her miserable life before.

This time, Nuffnang Malaysia is giving out passes to watch the premiere of Resident Evil: Afterlife and best of all, it's in eye-popping 3D!!!! Some premiums are up for grabs too!!! XD

It's an great opportunity that you couldn't miss. You can check this out by clicking this.

Oh ya, here's my little plan to discuss before the zombies are standing next to me:

If I am Alice, my plan is to bring down the Umbrella Corp. including breaking the whole security system, confronting trained guards face-to-face and against whoever stand behind the evil corporation. For the first move, I should work with the undead who still hanging around. I extract the T virus and put away my reputation to become one of them. Before I became zombie, I will create a cure for the virus.

I summons all the undead once I've break all the security systems. When the security system loosen up, it's time for an army of zombies to break into the nest of Umbrella's all at once. Since I've became one of them, the bad guys can't easily recognize me. Sometime we need sacrifice especially doing a serious job. My probability of being
shot when we rush in has became lessen by bringing in my clones into the nest to take away their attention on me. I set a timer for the cure to flow into my veins right in time. And at that time, I'm inside it.

I will be doing this in a fair game by giving out warning for them instead of playing it dirty.

Now, it's time for the mutation of my new created gene called V. I became strong and fearless. Guns, loaded! Swords, checked! 3D glasses, on! The glasses can be used to widen up my vision for me to stay alert and detect enemies easily.

Oh, I don't think he will be throwing 3D glasses away if I told him my plan.

Well, after all, it's time for the battle for blood with all the bad guys.

Once I've succeed, I'll be climbing to the highest place and spreading huge amount of water which contains the cure ( this cure can cure the undead once they contact with the water directly and make no harm to normal human at all ). Spreading it like the rain in the summer and it's not really the right time to be romantic i guess? Now, there's no more umbrella to stay under because it will be lying down on the ground stepping by everyone who passes by while we are in the future. For now, I hope there's no more undead living in this world, no more.

Erm, will my plan works or is it worth-trying even for once? :O

I hope those premiere passes will be the best Raya gift of all in this season if I could lay my hands on it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's time to make a clear plan before the massive brain-squeezing SPM and this is a rare outing to Pc fair at KLCC with new bunch of friends. Frankly speaking these are my awkward moments with them: Kok Siong, Hui Teng, Kok Hong, Timothy, Vingent and later on with Jia Hui and Kok Seng.

Highlight of the day, to me, to me, it's of course the early-bird movie ride at 11:30pm. Not forget to mention that the "getting there" was so easy and rapidly ( that's why it called rapidKL ) and I managed to collect our tickets 1 1/2 hours before the show starts ( which was really out of my expectation) . The plan goes smoothly as exactly what I can pictured, the scene was just fitted perfectly ( I have to mention this ) then there we go

A contemporary action packed movie by Angelina Jolie as a sexy dangerous Russian spy Evelyn Salt. For me, it's her ultimate moves that produced so far. We saw how she jump, fall off, and some trigger-pulling stunning stunts as she made her great escapes all the time. A tiny single move is enough to fascinate my visionary senses. The word 'espionage' to describe the whole plots. I like that word. :) Watch it if you like her very much ( cause it could makes you stunned about her appearances )

Speaking about salt, my mistake again: I FEEL LIKE WANNA PEE IN CINEMA AGAIN!!! Too much of drinking makes me less focusing on the last few minutes of conversation, perhaps scenes as well. DAMN SHIT!!! I'M HEREBY PROMISED I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!

Okay Okay to the next stop, Pc fair, skipped to the last part can I? I helped Hau Nung and Chai Yin to buy 8Gb Kingston punya pendrive. Mr Hao's 1st pendrive was delivered by me. LOL

ps: Sorry, I don't really like the new version of design.

Sushi King by Vingent. Thanks very much. With some adult materials inside it, it reminds me I am the only one among them who haven't grown up completely. LOL! Last but not least, I would like to thank to them Supermuch for treating me Supergood throughout whole day. :D I love you guys seriously and it make me wanna cry. Sorry about my anti-social thingy, it just popped up that day without warning. Maybe after all, I thought it was the fun day indeed. Yeah, one of my days that can be categorized into my unforgettable list.


This City Needs A Hero like Angie.


Yes, it is.

To be a spy: we need alias and this is me, a korean spy: Jin Haeng Keol ( cool ) haha!! Thanks for the name Shu Qiong. :P

But the question remains:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

In the middle of halfway

The list is out now. Thanks Eirban.

RM0.20 PLKN: Maaf 930105xxxxxx anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri8/2011 Terima Kasih.

You left me speechless, so speechless. Say goodbye to all those combat thingy and guns and cool uniform and Malay style river bathing. :(

Good luck to my friends, I really meant it, you guys have my bless. HAHA! Looking forward to the changes when we all re-meet that time.

a long time the match is over, it makes me wanna shout: Spain won FiFA World Cup 2010!!!!! and I know it's weird. This is the second winning after i noticed them in UEFA EURO Cup 2008. At here, I felt proud to even mention this: I extract the name from captain goalkeeper "Iceman" Iker Casillas ( his nickname) besides X-men's character. While Andres Iniesta has took over the fame by scoring 1 pt after extra time, good job boy!! but wasted my time waiting for a goal.

SPM war table is out! Too!! I've just have to admit that I can't take it seriously. Not until the last minutes. I can feel the holidays are just over the fire bridge, and some fun is about to start. Can't wait to plan our "Afterfun". WOOT!

From now on, I need to study HARD as my mom told me to. Well, I can lose my mood on everything and even if it's not true I might get less obsession on anything cause the shit is keep telling me the time bomb is ticking. :(

Anyway, my name is SALT.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


From the director who brought you movie of the year 2008 The Dark Knight ( if you like it so so much), Christopher Nolan has his new sub-product of sci-fi masterpiece that will shrink the whole world into a dream before the next highlight of Batman series. The dream is real.

My short-period anticipated movie this summer.
Science theories can be found everywhere inside it.

"Worth Your Money"!! 5-star reviews!! "It's Complicated"!! LOL Mind-blowing actions!!!! Movie of the year!! MUST WATCH!!!


ps: Happy Belated Birthday Fish!!!!! :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Untitled post

I had a dream. The dream is real after it's really happened in real life.

Yes, you've seen his full battle actions in the latest blockbuster of the Summer. Iron Man has a sidekick aka War Machine. If you really thought that, please think again.

I'm here proudly introducing the Official LG Phone for Iron Man 2.


and I named it The Iron Popper.

Special features: Full touch screen system, Large screen - 3 inch, 3.0 MP Camera, Live square.

"Small In Size & Big On Fun". Life's good with LG

It's a golden opportunity when winning the premiere tickets during the contest while the DJ popped out a word unexpectedly: Bonus Hour.

Thanks so so much.

That morning ponteng school and went Astro Bukit Jalil for the phone. Me and my dad went in as "VISITOR" while wearing a tag. I think the delivery man is the same guy that gimme tickets on the premiere as well.

And 'POP' tributes to The King of Pop. Michael Jackson. RIP.

Tributes to my W200i at the same time I think.

Well, here's the history of my Blackman ( It's black in colour and it's a Walkman phone ).

On 20th July of 2007, my 1st phone was bought. The reason is quite simple. I have an outing with my friends tomorrow. FYI, watching Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.

I chose my phone earlier but haven't confirm whether it's suit for me or not. It's okay. All these years I've treated my phone so good but not recently now. Poor thing. Sorry. An useful phone which now has been gave out to my mom. It's better than sell it out.

My phone has been appeared in recently The Karate Kid movie and that makes my boy shines to the whole world. As an ex-owner, I'm totally proud of it. :)

Confession to my phone: Well, I always blaming you for not having Blue tooth function when inconvenience of sharing files with my friends happens
all the times, but you are my best pal Always and Forever.


Case 2:
Thanks for Puan Tan Kim Leng and Puan Loh Sheau Nhiou who taught us these years. Unfortunately, good teachers have to go. We will always miss you. Hope can see you again. Good luck and all the best on everything.


Case 3:
The mid-year exam is a real miserable stuff. Although we got some "ideas", but to be honest I failed my Chinese test for the 1st time. My essay is totally out of topic. My polarization of my exam ( the best and the worst ) might be 91 Maths and 39 Chinese. Shame on me.


Case 4:
My sister is going to USM Penang and that might be a good thing for her or partly bad thing cause she's apart from our family. Hope she can study well there and try to work hard ( me too ). It's going to be soon when she comes back. Good luck too.

ps: Emotional post ends.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


There will be not completed in this prison break ( school break ) season if without watching any movies.

To kill this last minutes, me and Xiang gor
once again went IOI at early morning but the early birds seem have to wait for the gate to open. Poor things. Prince of Persia plan is ruined. Damn. Everything is a rush. Less trailers.

The movie back-to-back for the end of this holiday.


A famous television series which started since I wasn't born has came to hit the big screens in cinemas.

Non-stop action-packed. Love it. The missions are way to dangerous and explosive. And way too fun to accomplish. Unexpected story line. WOOT! Jessica Biel rocks!!!

Actually is there a thousand reasons to join them? Cause I think the new recruit is coming in. :D

We have 5 minutes left to catch our next


Wait.. This time we're in the new hall of cinemas, a bigger screen for sure. :P

The Karate kid has break through what I've expected. This is what I called a movie!!! Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan!!! In China, here's the story of hard work. And there's more, it's a remake!!! 4 thumbs up!!! The fighting scenes are not disappointing. It's superb.

I don't wanna go back to school!!!! I want freedom!! It's never too late to say that since I'm saying it every time? Anyway, Happy Fathers' Day for those who are really done a great job in lifetime.

ps: btw, when will I celebrate mine :P ??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Summer" Sault

Summer has arrived. The best related event is Summer Vacation. A yes for me this time.

A "Go" button to Pulau Tioman for the second time without the companion of my main partner, my elder cousin :S

The return of August 2004 to Berjaya Resort. Still remember that time is Thomas Cup fever and of course "This Time for Africa" WAKAKA eh eh~ LOL

The thirst for my beach vacation is finally ended and even better cause it's on island.

Day 1: As last time, the process of 'Getting there" is hard and long way to go from here across Seremban to Mersing port in Johor.
Driver should consume more caffein before driving. A rush to boat and it's about to play Iron Man 2!!! WOOT!! Low Quality piracy dvd =.=

Re-meeting the sea, my heart was pounding. Hey Sunshine too. First day is warming up. Not until the very next day.

Day 2: The peak of the peak. Hitting the sea on morning. It's just scuba floating, not scuba diving. LOL!! The day when I get free maximum sun-tanning session.
WOOT!! Sunburn and Pain. But it's too fun.

Day 3: Dull day. Back Home. Long wait for boat. And that day marks the most number of stars I can watch up in the sky at night. So great.


Just the sneak peak of my vacation photos. More and complete album on my Facebook.

Extended day:

It's like an extension wire. Longer wire, more electric current.

I gained more enjoyment by watching TOY STORY 3 in 3D in Premiere!!!

Erm.. did I said "again"?

The Proof by winning a contest:


(drag to enlarge)

I Love Nuffnang!!! Thanks so much!!

Me, Ann, Blake, Faheem , Kritz and his dad were inviting or invited (LOL) the special screening happened in Midvalley!!!

OMG!! TOY STORY 3 is awesome!! And this is what call the real adventure among the of all times. 5 thumbs up!! LOVE IT!!!

Thanks everyone. This holidays was a succeed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Great start in June but I'm not updating any events in May. Paiseh..

Happy belated birthday to Hau Nung
Wei Jien Aunt May Yong!!!

The Triple back-to-back birthdays!!!!

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 in SOUTH AFRICA with Zakumi Mascot !!!!!

will be kicking off tomorrow!!!

*write your team name in the box*

I'll be supporting two teams this time: Argentina and Germany!!

Go Lionel Messi and Lukas Podolski respectively!!.. LOL...

Maybe supporting the nice jersey of Germany as well? :D

Go football fever!! Best of all, it's started during my island vacation and more great events will be happening in this holidays.. Not excluded movies. :P

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Welcome to the new chapter of Toy Story 3

Best of all, it's in Worth-watching Digital Thr33-D. A new way to meet new toys, it's definitely more than meeting the eyes.

Nuffnang Malaysia is inviting 50 nuffnangers with their guests to this big event: The Premiere Screening of Toy Story 3, my most anticipated animation of the year is gonna end my long wait!!!!

OMG! Check this link out! You really not gonna miss this contest.

But "Be careful what you wish for" As I wished, my buddies are in 3D, but they can't speak as usual!! (sobbed) T.T


I'm now more attracted to toys compare to my childhood. As I was wondering if this is a normal phenomenon for me, a bunch of new toys are coming to town to help me figure out the answer together!!!


A cute bear with pink furry skin. As his name was mentioned, it makes me wanna hug him before everyone else does. There's no doubt saying that his thick skin may stand the winter, but wondering can he really stand the craziness that is possessed by the original toy crew?


The name is cool enough to make me say it three times (in a robotic tone perhaps). It's a robot toy which seems holding a great mission across the universe, or is it sharing the same hometown with Buzz? A friend of Buzz or the rise of enemy like what Evil Emperor Zurg did to him before? Anyway, Sparks did brought us a message : Do not mess with him. :O


Her name is Dolly. A little innocent girl looks like she has nothing to worry about in her life. But how will she react when she really meet the gang? Will she cry or shout as loud as she can? Actually, she seems flat and that's why the reason I wished to watch how she rocks in 3D.

I wished I can catch them alive in 3D. And of course Woody, Buzz and the original crew for sure. Miss you all. The movie can't go on without you all.

Toy Story 1 and 2 had made a great reflection for our childhood. Every single kid would really wants to see their room filled with many toys every time they open the door. I hope the third movie is gonna complete my childhood moments in my dream. What else could it be, if it's not the Toys that rule our holiday?

I WANNA WATCH TOY STORY 3. I hope I can watch it before it release on 17th June in Malaysia. I cant' wait.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


My most anticipated movie of the year!!!!


For our special way to remember it, I chose to watch it on premiere. I won passes on for the movie and I felt WOOT! I have lots more to tell.

Thirsting for over many months since the 1st teaser is out and keeping me resist on watching it for n times before I lost my hype.

WARNING: 10% of spoilers containing ahead.

Billionaire Iron Man Tony Stark is finally back!! As usual he rocks every time especially in the best scene of my choice. Wearing portable suit armor readily to blast in race track. OMG!!!!!!

With Mickey Rourke as the main villain Ivan Vanko ( nice name)
a.k.a Whiplash which is my biggest reason to watch how he rocks after in film Wrestler. Extremely love the electric whip on his hands. DAMN COOL!
As in comics, his hair is all tied up. Meaning that even his weapon structure on his body has been modified for even advanced look or suiting the scenes. I love it. Keep rocking as Rourke.

And also red-haired Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. Thought that she's a spare villain =D . Not even anymore when she proved she can clamp people and fight like a spider. Natasha Romanoff! COOL!

Last but not least. War Machine. The best side-kick for iron man and appeared earlier than Christopher Nolan's future Robin. The caption for war machine, it's the great thing on promoting the second movie, and it works, try believe me. LOL!

Overall the movie, it's superb and worth to watch for everyone. Must watch!!!



It has been a week for me to stalk on 8tv for the blockbuster movie's tickets. Premiere screening to be exact. And it doesn't make me wait or call-in like a freak ( as in nervous or desperate ) for the whole week.
Blakey Fish has introduced me to grab tickets on Luckily and thank to him so much, because..

Previously on 22 April 2010...

Time: 9:30-9:45pm

Way to win: "Send in your sms and be the 1st to grab 4 ticket passes to Iron Man 2 premiere screening at Cathay Cineplex on 28 April (Wed) 9:30pm.

Just when I felt despair on what I did, my phone is vibrating.

'Withheld' This is not a bad signal. Yeah, I knew I won. I heard my own voice after couples of minutes. It's so weird. Thanks for DJ Jin which I didn't know his name for in the 1st time. BEST OF ALL!!!!! BONUS HOUR MAN, I GOT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for you guys watching movie for a night show with me. Boys' night.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clash of the events

The Clash begins in 2D

Clash of the Titans

A little cure for my movie thirst. Escapade entertainment.

1st movie ride for this year.

The 3rd Sam Worthington movie watched in cinema after Terminator: Salvation (my first ticket collected) and Avatar. Seems like supporting him so much.

Remake of 1981. Kraken got the best monster award by me!! LOL! Medusa is the sexiest snake in world!
(with her hairstyle rocks) and so much for the myth! Great effects and action-packed scenes. Love it.

Actually, there's much uncomfortable when watching movie this time. I wanna pee!!!
No way I can enjoy it all. And I don't want to suffer it anymore. T.T.

Anyway, it has been a great day. Smooth bus ride. Game booths for Initial D racing and basketball shooting. 2nd bowling game of my life for gaining 64 weak points with only one strike ( the 2nd strike accumulated since the 1st time). Should get the evidence by photos. Having fun with the songs which cheer me up throughout the game. Special thanks to my only accompany, Kok Siong for our date. HAHAHA!

A little testified thing. For the welcome back of my camera.
Its button is still in the recovery.


Koperator. On the undercover mission. You won't wanna get in a real trouble.

Last Sunday, the greatest day of our school. Went
Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil for the 8th Kejohanan Olahraga SMK Seksyen 1 Bandar Kinrara.

My first experience in stadium as a photographer (not exactly the professional one).

Sunburnt/suntanned. I love the darker skin!

Friday, March 26, 2010

No Threatens. Not anymore

Save the Earth Hour


for Mr Smile! The guy who is persuading me not to be sad as I was a small kid. Thanks. The scene is warm when my mom bought it for me. XD

" Cause I'm just wanna be Happy "

On 27 March, Turn the light off for 60.

Talking about the 'Green Project' the whole globe is working simultaneously for every single year. Some of the beautiful places on Earth has been alarmed that they are almost disappearing day by day. It may gone one day due to our own destruction.

Battery Park is the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York City.

The name is SuperCOOL. Is like seeing all the battery-like buildings growing up from the ground. Astro Boy's Metro City inspiration is what I'm thinking now.

The Bridge Street near Battery Park. I Love New York!!

Next on, Maldives Island, an island paradise in Indian Ocean is battling against common world villain Global Warming. The rising sea levels threatening will cause the sinking of islands. This case is related to Dubai. Please no!!

Attention to all SKYnet members, you should learn this before you could fight against us. BIOLOGY. Replicating human tissues and re-constructing of human body structures. - Terminator rocks.

But let the human study theirs first. Perhaps we should start on your designs and creation first, Professor James Cameron.

I like skull (except for when I was small). Or cranium to be exact.

ps: Skull is not the sign of evil or unfortunate. Punisher is another cool evidence icon.

Maybe the aliens have cranium too, like us or even nicer.

Don't freak out, don't freak out.
This may be the best reason for Predators to battle with and to get reward in the form of skull.

ps: Do not stare at its baby tongue.

As I was thinking these days, I felt the best thing in school is get a chance to study every new stuffs with friends. Some topics are really interesting. But the main is school life. I mean what will we do if we doesn't go to school for entire life? And what makes school so meaningful? What did we gained? What will we think about school in the future? Copying homeworks. Scolding by teachers. Hating friends. Gossiping. Crapping. All those things will soon become great memories. Only the pieces were left. T.T

I don't want to miss a thing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I believe the darkest season will be blown away when we meet the peak of unluckiness: We become the luckiest.

- Anonymous JT.

Meaningful LOL!

This is an unusual holidays. Not just because of the bloody homeworks, it's what we feel. Still searching for the reason of being so good to people. Did they do the same thing to you? Kinda out of the range this year, for not keeping myself inside the line. I'm Sorry. It doesn't really has enough space to fit me in. I hope my negative feelings won't last long.

One main thing seems to be bothering me all the time: Fear. What the fuck are you scaring at?!!!!! People and my friends and myself. Everything.

Let's turn to the bright side ( I'm really really really hope the dark reaction ends asap ) :

The starting part of my Chinese Novel ( which now competition hope turned to dust for no reason )



It's a story about a family generation toy shop. I thought it when I hope I can work in a toy shop during last year end. But ended up not so successfully. Inspired by a true story. XD

I'm also hope that my camera ( which now has been sent to repair ) will work even better ( I want it to happen ) .

Anyway, at the moment I'm wondering how would I survive until now, has become the season of I Miss You.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Accidentally unlocked the secret powers of books on 2005 when I bought English story books frequently for reason that was influenced by my classmates really much that year. ( and it does help a lot )

The Chronicles of NARNIA: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

was the first kick-start book of my reading activity this year.

The 5th book of Narnia series. Doesn't really know why I kept it quarantine in the box for almost five years. Yet, this story is related to seas, islands, dragons, magical and "A Place where Anything Can happen". By reading, I could tell that I'm doing the scenes configuration at the same time before the next third movie coming soon. Every of my doubts will be clear when it does.

Frankenstein. The classic story book of horror and yet creepy. Soon and after I found Frankenstein is not the monster; The monster is the monster!! LOL! Victor Frankenstein is his creator. Cool but sad story.

Gulliver's Travels. Classic too. Familiar if we related to the small-country-man. Giants and dwarfs. Adventures. Politics issues. A sailing man's biggest story.

All those classics are simple to read ( suitable for me ) and I think that we could use it as our Literature study in school too. My speed reading for this week.

Still remember I wrote so many "short stories" to fulfill my past temporarily obsession ambition - Author. *Blinks* A story by Josh: featuring the 1st spin-off debut novel: The Scientific Room with many more.. ( Just remember one, the famous one, really more than 5 and these are out-of-quality-and-unpublished paperworks ). Fake enough to get a award for that story. WAKAKAKA. These stories were mostly previewed by Phyllis. Oh ya, it's a shame to put it out now but that is really the year I've been influenced by mainly movies. A great start is a halfway of succeed. WOOT!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Move Forward or stop by

Previously in the last season of February..

Realized that the situation of my walking plan to tuition venues every time could be similar to a game. When we finished a level, we save our game. It could brings another meaning: YOU ARE SAVE NOW.

Dangers is not the issue i'm thinking about for last time walking around my house area. Maybe it's the best thing for us to
RULE THE ROAD. I can work it as an exercise. Since that my sports really suck. Now that I've been humiliated before everyone's eyes on PJK periods. T.T. I'm giving up a try. That's what our ex-teacher's "only wish".

I hate bulliers. DAMN FCUK!!!!!! I'm swear I'm gonna get a REVENGE on you and for you to pay BACK!!!!!

Upgrading myself probably. Do not hunch back when standing. Our bone structures can be very ugly in the future. I can imagine it. This is what i should do since long time ago. I can fix it!!!

.. And one of my problems. I might have psychological problem existed in me. Repeating actions and all those "thinking too much" problems. Seriously i will find my way to cure it. Do it my way.
I want a normal life, for god's sake!!!!

Please... miracle please happens.

In the month of March..

Ujian Setara 1 leading first!! Short-term exam. Never felt like this before. LOL! Not to mention the results.


I'm wondering right from the beginning, the sex affair issuse involving
many chics. Is that real?

The 2nd waves that hit Terry, now remains the relationship between his ex-teammate Wayne Bridge and his girlfriend. How can he did that?? How about his wife Toni? Even that the time when they being on the same match together. The awkward moment shows that Bridge's hand doesn't really like him anymore.
Come one it's just a shaking hand action or respectful movement.

John got helped by Rooney Wayne. Isn't that enough for keeping him as a England team's captain?? Or the supporting fans'
Terry Team could help? So much for the Twilight Saga. LOL!

I'm gonna say that I'm kinda disappointed when listening to those issues. Voted the best player, best father of the year. For a bunches of supportive fans. That's why I'm still believe in you!!!! For CHELSEA YO!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back to base

The closing ceremony of CNY holidays.

I admitted that it has been a rush for me to go back home while I'm at hometown. It doesn't feel so good to me because not all my cousins are not Homed. Kinda Bu shuang liao.

This is seriously a repeated daily routine on this almost week T.T
sleeping at the same place. Even the sleeping time is late from usual. My dreams are the same type but i wished i could have sweet dreams. Waking up late. Watching tv. Listening to stereo.

My situation sounds:

"It's Hard To Say That I'd Rather Stay Awake When I'm Asleep ...
Because my dreams are bursting at the scenes."

Simplified: It might be a test for me. A test to pass and get my freedom.

PAY before OWN. SUFFER before ENJOY.

Despite of angpau money, I don't know what else I've done meaningfully during CNY. LOLx10.

Not to say that this year is boring to me. Just when every events are coming, we do enjoy. Like the photos that can influence me a lot. Friends in the photo. I'm always solo.

For this CNY:

Boring that ever. Plain than water. No firecrackers.
Less plan. Not really fun. I'm really literally forget about my school things. Maybe this is the time for us to forget who we are.

Movies are surely wanna watch for this season. Some might say The Chinese Movies will be leading first
and gets priority for the whole family. Agree sometimes. We should use our angpau money on movies. WAHAHAHA!

Best of all is my Spider-man trilogy has just finally completed. The Ultimate Battle Ever!!! It meant a lot to me for certain reasons.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

After and before

From The Beginning to the next round of movie downloads. Later on I shall not update again for the reasons below.

RACE 2: Redemption

First was 12 Rounds (2009). That was a disappointed moment. When downloaded just a movie trailer realizing after a second of viewing. Seriously dumb and thought that number start with a 9 is closer to the next unit. 95.24MB "is not equals to" 952.4MB!!!!!!! Make me wanna shout to my own face. Damn it. Soon and after, I'm kinda like the trailer. Visionary enjoyable. I'm dying to watch it arghhhhh.

The Hurt Locker (2008). Common cool title. Watching it by keep thinking that was an awards-winning production. Bomb killer. A real life and some sort of war's elements. They got guts to do this. We need a hero. Yes!

Speaking back of the redemption, is a speed redeeming project for
Speed Racer. So long. And now the best friend of it's new member Star Trek. Good luck.

I can't wait for you all my little downloads. Time won't wait too. Our Chinese New Year won't even do that.

My fast-healing ulcers are making appearance close to the CNY. Maybe it's a rush to clean up everything before celebrating CNY. Yeah, cleaning the house. Buying new shirts. Cleaning up hands to receive BiG angpaus. The routine of my CNY ( traditional ):

Eve: Reunion at home and visiting for the starting point of grabbing angpaus.

Day 1: Suited up new LOL! Going back to Semenyih and chatting, eating, crapping until tired.

Day 2: KFC for branch!!!!! WOOHOO!! before going back to Kuang ( hometown ) YAY! with cousins and lots of fun. Spending overnights and sleep late. It ain't the closing mission of "The Angpaus". Not yet.

The sedimentation of season is always quite moody and dull. Dusty.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kejohanan Merentas Desa/ Calligraphy Competition

New morning, a new hope for The Athletes Team of our school. The Elites in the SMK Seksyen 1 Road Run.


Less story for this time cause I'm not part of it. In the last few weeks, I'm not in to the unofficial training with my friends. Felt just leftover. That should be fun. Kinda regret when seeing all the sweet photos taken. T.T

Congratulation to them too.


The preparation.

This was the reason why we didn't participate ourselves in Road Run. Is us again.


Summit USJ Subang Jaya. Switched to another hope of Calligraphy Competition. Just feeling the starting of my CNY feel.

A van brought us in a short time/distance.

The tiger stripes on ground. ( Tiger year ) HAHA


During practicing the words, we saw Malay students using their great effort to write the words. It's 1 Malaysia, YO!


Recipe by Huiteng's aunt.




My handwriting. Paiseh. =.= hoho.

4 pairs.



I'mma be Tigergetic. hehe XD


The shadow marks the midday.

Before we left, hmmm the escalator seems a bit odd and convenience to be placing next to us. Kinda special for that. I like it.

Autumn in Summit.


There is a face changing show and performances by The Chopsticks. LOL! The repeated shows that can make us bored.

In Sushi King. Second time of my life.

This should not just caught my eyes. But Everyone's. LOL!

On the sushi spining trackmill. LOL!



My sexy meal. haha!!


I'm touched by the taste. For all of us, we chatted all the time over there and of course laughed 'till too high. Ps: We're only students there, behave. Taking pictures of everything. We didn't see food before.

Yee Sang. OMG!!! Great idea of all.


It just costs rm 38++++ and we 4 share together. FUN!!!!

Chaos. We actually did it. Made the whole dish into




LOL Smiley Face.
LOL Smiley Face.

The quote of the day.

Activated by Huiteng. Gained the activation energy from her. Maybe it's her new word to learn. LOL!

Yeah, kinda tired because of sleepiness. The trip is like a walking time killer.

Someone has just won the prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!