Friday, March 26, 2010

No Threatens. Not anymore

Save the Earth Hour


for Mr Smile! The guy who is persuading me not to be sad as I was a small kid. Thanks. The scene is warm when my mom bought it for me. XD

" Cause I'm just wanna be Happy "

On 27 March, Turn the light off for 60.

Talking about the 'Green Project' the whole globe is working simultaneously for every single year. Some of the beautiful places on Earth has been alarmed that they are almost disappearing day by day. It may gone one day due to our own destruction.

Battery Park is the southern tip of Manhattan Island in New York City.

The name is SuperCOOL. Is like seeing all the battery-like buildings growing up from the ground. Astro Boy's Metro City inspiration is what I'm thinking now.

The Bridge Street near Battery Park. I Love New York!!

Next on, Maldives Island, an island paradise in Indian Ocean is battling against common world villain Global Warming. The rising sea levels threatening will cause the sinking of islands. This case is related to Dubai. Please no!!

Attention to all SKYnet members, you should learn this before you could fight against us. BIOLOGY. Replicating human tissues and re-constructing of human body structures. - Terminator rocks.

But let the human study theirs first. Perhaps we should start on your designs and creation first, Professor James Cameron.

I like skull (except for when I was small). Or cranium to be exact.

ps: Skull is not the sign of evil or unfortunate. Punisher is another cool evidence icon.

Maybe the aliens have cranium too, like us or even nicer.

Don't freak out, don't freak out.
This may be the best reason for Predators to battle with and to get reward in the form of skull.

ps: Do not stare at its baby tongue.

As I was thinking these days, I felt the best thing in school is get a chance to study every new stuffs with friends. Some topics are really interesting. But the main is school life. I mean what will we do if we doesn't go to school for entire life? And what makes school so meaningful? What did we gained? What will we think about school in the future? Copying homeworks. Scolding by teachers. Hating friends. Gossiping. Crapping. All those things will soon become great memories. Only the pieces were left. T.T

I don't want to miss a thing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I believe the darkest season will be blown away when we meet the peak of unluckiness: We become the luckiest.

- Anonymous JT.

Meaningful LOL!

This is an unusual holidays. Not just because of the bloody homeworks, it's what we feel. Still searching for the reason of being so good to people. Did they do the same thing to you? Kinda out of the range this year, for not keeping myself inside the line. I'm Sorry. It doesn't really has enough space to fit me in. I hope my negative feelings won't last long.

One main thing seems to be bothering me all the time: Fear. What the fuck are you scaring at?!!!!! People and my friends and myself. Everything.

Let's turn to the bright side ( I'm really really really hope the dark reaction ends asap ) :

The starting part of my Chinese Novel ( which now competition hope turned to dust for no reason )



It's a story about a family generation toy shop. I thought it when I hope I can work in a toy shop during last year end. But ended up not so successfully. Inspired by a true story. XD

I'm also hope that my camera ( which now has been sent to repair ) will work even better ( I want it to happen ) .

Anyway, at the moment I'm wondering how would I survive until now, has become the season of I Miss You.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Accidentally unlocked the secret powers of books on 2005 when I bought English story books frequently for reason that was influenced by my classmates really much that year. ( and it does help a lot )

The Chronicles of NARNIA: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

was the first kick-start book of my reading activity this year.

The 5th book of Narnia series. Doesn't really know why I kept it quarantine in the box for almost five years. Yet, this story is related to seas, islands, dragons, magical and "A Place where Anything Can happen". By reading, I could tell that I'm doing the scenes configuration at the same time before the next third movie coming soon. Every of my doubts will be clear when it does.

Frankenstein. The classic story book of horror and yet creepy. Soon and after I found Frankenstein is not the monster; The monster is the monster!! LOL! Victor Frankenstein is his creator. Cool but sad story.

Gulliver's Travels. Classic too. Familiar if we related to the small-country-man. Giants and dwarfs. Adventures. Politics issues. A sailing man's biggest story.

All those classics are simple to read ( suitable for me ) and I think that we could use it as our Literature study in school too. My speed reading for this week.

Still remember I wrote so many "short stories" to fulfill my past temporarily obsession ambition - Author. *Blinks* A story by Josh: featuring the 1st spin-off debut novel: The Scientific Room with many more.. ( Just remember one, the famous one, really more than 5 and these are out-of-quality-and-unpublished paperworks ). Fake enough to get a award for that story. WAKAKAKA. These stories were mostly previewed by Phyllis. Oh ya, it's a shame to put it out now but that is really the year I've been influenced by mainly movies. A great start is a halfway of succeed. WOOT!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Move Forward or stop by

Previously in the last season of February..

Realized that the situation of my walking plan to tuition venues every time could be similar to a game. When we finished a level, we save our game. It could brings another meaning: YOU ARE SAVE NOW.

Dangers is not the issue i'm thinking about for last time walking around my house area. Maybe it's the best thing for us to
RULE THE ROAD. I can work it as an exercise. Since that my sports really suck. Now that I've been humiliated before everyone's eyes on PJK periods. T.T. I'm giving up a try. That's what our ex-teacher's "only wish".

I hate bulliers. DAMN FCUK!!!!!! I'm swear I'm gonna get a REVENGE on you and for you to pay BACK!!!!!

Upgrading myself probably. Do not hunch back when standing. Our bone structures can be very ugly in the future. I can imagine it. This is what i should do since long time ago. I can fix it!!!

.. And one of my problems. I might have psychological problem existed in me. Repeating actions and all those "thinking too much" problems. Seriously i will find my way to cure it. Do it my way.
I want a normal life, for god's sake!!!!

Please... miracle please happens.

In the month of March..

Ujian Setara 1 leading first!! Short-term exam. Never felt like this before. LOL! Not to mention the results.


I'm wondering right from the beginning, the sex affair issuse involving
many chics. Is that real?

The 2nd waves that hit Terry, now remains the relationship between his ex-teammate Wayne Bridge and his girlfriend. How can he did that?? How about his wife Toni? Even that the time when they being on the same match together. The awkward moment shows that Bridge's hand doesn't really like him anymore.
Come one it's just a shaking hand action or respectful movement.

John got helped by Rooney Wayne. Isn't that enough for keeping him as a England team's captain?? Or the supporting fans'
Terry Team could help? So much for the Twilight Saga. LOL!

I'm gonna say that I'm kinda disappointed when listening to those issues. Voted the best player, best father of the year. For a bunches of supportive fans. That's why I'm still believe in you!!!! For CHELSEA YO!