Friday, July 29, 2011

A 3D Sensation

Before we get to choose 3D format instead of choosing what movie to watch before stepping in to the theater, there was a time when the ripple of silver screen still looking peaceful, 3D invasion has brought us plenty of wars.

When we keep talking about 2D, 2D term is widely used to differentiate and make clear the stand between 3D and 2D. That means actually Digital 2D brings out another definition:

Digital 2D gives you the clearest possible image quality on-screen, with absolutely no visible "tearing" or "artifacts". 

For me, I redefined it as H-D. 

Actually, Normal is the word you want to find for the original format of movie. 

Frankly speaking, I strongly believe 3D will not replace 2D. If it does, you will see "Only in 3D" instead of "Only in theater" or "Also available in 2D" instead of "Also available in 3D". That will be a tragic. A big one. You know we always have a choice. 

Let's go deeper into the dimension. If your eyes are smart enough, then you won't be expecting 3D anymore because your eyes won't fool by 3D. For your information, it happens to people but I won't say that it's a bad thing. What happens to me is, been in a long 3D movie ride, the 3D effect seems not be so obvious anymore. I got immunised to 3D. So sometimes I might just want to focus hard on it, perhaps to the particular object that I wish it is in 3D. Too much of the superpower, huh? 

3D effect enhances one's vision experience, together with my new theory HD BEFORE 3D, you will feel that 3D is not entirely bad (harm our eyes and expensive pricing)

Of course I have some evidences to prove it right. This theory comes when I am watching 3D movies with my specs and 3D glasses on at the same time. 

First, there was 3 sets of movie format can be found:

1) Normal type only
2) Normal type + Digital 2D
3) Normal type + Digital 3D

We can see that if there's no co-existence of 2D and 3D. 

The film has to be modified to a clearer version before it goes 3D. 3D can be performed well after it is in a clearer version so you won't see a 3D-based movie with Digital 2D around. This proved that Digital 2D is included in 3D. 

Somehow, most standards of 3D-based movies had gone down low due to the over-accentuation to the adaption of visual effect but not the plot. It's like "You won't get the same experience in 3D and 2D", emphasizing the best of 3D. 

PS: My advice is choose to watch in this order: 2D> Normal. Still, 3D is still optional.

Honestly, I prefer 3D for blockbusters. Let's just get the taste of it, don't get so obsess with 3D.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Stabilization Of Flight

It's almost 2 months since I was trying to adjust myself to form 6, unwillingly, this left me no choice, but now I got through the melting point.

Firstly, the subjects, in the order according to my favourite:

1st: Pengajian Am
To me, it is known as general knowledge of Malaysia's politics, it's the only real thing I can clearly feel which happens from time to time, changes that soon became histories. Humans should learn what the world really feels. The story-telling session from teachers are attracting. :)

2nd: Chemistry (If I took Biology, it would be at this place.)
Easy understand than what I expected so far. 90% of understanding. The molecules and atoms could enhance one's imagination and of course to solve the mystery behind all chemicals.

3rd: Mathematics T
Extended version of Add Maths, and numbers are back again. = = It is not the easiest subject among all anymore. Whatever it is, it all counts.

If according to the papers,  Pengajian Am Kertas 2 will be at between this gap.

4th: MUET
Well, I have to admit that I thought it is the subject that I can fill my percentage of confidence to the top but it turns out harder. Especially the harvesting of own ideas and my twisted-tongue speaking skills.

5th: Physics
My most respectful subject among all because of what it contains (the concept of some sort of structural mechanism, movement of an object and forces). The only thing drives me to this is in the future, I can create cars and guns which are impossible to me. In big contrast to Chemistry subject, 80% of not understanding. That is truly a tragic.

For those subjects that I don't take tuition, I just really hope I can handle them myself, if I can do it, that will be pretty impressing but the most important thing is not to ponteng frequently because we will miss a lot of lessons. The consequences of ponteng are quite irritating. Plus lack of sleep, it is challenging my mental's limitation.

Speaking about tuition, it will always comes to my "Tuition for Tuitions", meaning teaching to earn money and pay for my tuition fees. That is quite a cycle but do not break my alternative source of money for other usage. "Kids, please hold on to it no matter what."

My daily routine:

My mom sends me to and fro school after she became a Q-dees kindergarten teacher. Everyday's lunch is either economic rice or chicken rice. Ain't that nice? In fact, taking public transport from there is so convenience. Add on, I've got my P license already!!!! And I'm fear to drive!!!!! :P

Lastly, I would like to say that I have more new friends :D The ionic bonds between me and my friends become stronger. I just hope that someday we will become covalent bonds.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dark Side Of The Moon

This 3D event taught me to be patient, while beholding the power behind the fast-selling secret begins since the release date, that makes premiere stands out for an obvious reason.

One day, I found myself bonded to this "Within 2 Weeks" idea, for blockbuster movies, try not to exceed the watching period.

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON has every reasons to become a must-watch but to me, it's less anticipation. 

This is the final Cyber war on Earth for Micheal Bay, but sequels are coming soon. By keeping it his trilogy, he has bring all elements together to match with the term Ultimate. Unfortunately, a brilliant fan has pointed out the "recycle" idea from one of the director's productions The Island back in 2005. 

This director-behind-all-scenes has failed once again. Perhaps the magnificent transforming ideas of robots were mostly contributed by him with the corporation of CGI and animation designers, that worth my respects on him. 

This 2-hour based film was quite wasted for the "space" it has. Filling in the humour that triggers my hatred instead, the relations between people are blocked by this shit. It starts in the first movie and got exaggerated by its growing ego, Revenge Of The Fallen is definitely the worst episode of all. 

Alien invasion in the big city, sounds similar to the "recycle" idea but this can be amazing when it added in a fresh deception involving the workship between humans and Decepticons. It might sounds ridiculous somehow in the sense of logic. Captivating and executing citizens in open area are indeed horrible. What left is the sad stories that can touch deep inside your heart only if it is catalysed by Linkin Park's Iridescent. 

3D effects:
Sparks, flames, dusts, lights, shattering of glasses, even subtitles are what I can get from 3D obviously. Those are minors, but listen to me, "No 3D movies are perfect without slow-mos".  The activating of Sentinel Prime's complicated pupil in the opening was awesome!!!! The destruction of sky scrapper by Driller was breath-taking as well!!!!!! The sliding down of concrete glass by a group of survivors was also holding a large suspense.

As I said, the relationships had fade, leaving an empty shell behind. The history of "Moon walking" can helps to enhance the epicness but it won't hold too long.

So why not give it a try/chance for robots by watching it during the tide of Summer Blockbusters of the year? Experience the greatest moment of all. What can I say is "Only the 1st movie retains its own standard." 

I will vote a "No" for Michael Bay for next sequels. Speak after me, "No Please."

Let's not to be harsh on this movie but we must always remember when locate in any restaurant, Eat like a food critic, because we will never know when our opinions will be taken to make the key decision. 

- Josh Tan

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Platinum Friendship

It's five years.. and beyond. Being one of my friends since form 1, when the chains linked to my old friends broke, shattered onto this land of SMK SEKSYEN 1, BANDAR KINRARA.

I still remember I made his house as "Pusat Persinggahan" (food and shelter) almost in every occasion of school and because of that, I can clearly know every corner and structure of his house, even if I'm blind-folded, I still can walk without a bang. So be careful in the middle of the night~

There was Bella, always waiting there. Even though I have every reason to afraid of dogs.


Together, we always tease teachers, students and also twist the facts in studies upside down without guilt. Challenging school rules, it was damn fun. Communication skills of mine are mostly learned from him. Having numerous of outings. Songs, musics and movies are also one of the commons too.

Bad thing about you:

Do you have watch? LOL

Anyway, who else can give the boldest critics and comments yet educating us at the same time? Who else can dance energetically and making crazy jokes around every time and make us lose focus in sorrow. Who else can we ask from the tips to get the best by paying less?

He is the most influential person in school. He is injecting a whole lot dose of English drugs to me all the times. The 1st english song he introduced to me was Beep, by Pussycat Dolls back in 2006.

In 2011, his identity upgraded. He is now my uncle. As I recall back my memories, I realised that I never fail to call his full chinese name instead of what people should call him. Why arr? :P

Whenever it is, he is my best friend forever wherever I stand and I have no regrets to have him as my buddy, never forget. I'm still supporting you!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the fearless, the wisest, the entertainer, I present you...

Blake YAP JUN MING!!!!! Happy Birthday bitch!!!!! :P