Friday, July 18, 2008


last week.. went back to hometown and found my cousin changed his handphone with his friend..

know what?? it's a CYBERSHOT sony ericsson handphone !!!!!!!!

and of course took many pictures lar..

my lovely^^ hometown



and no wrong my hometown have internet service

my sister's math masterpiece^^ LOL^^

coke in JOHNY's RESTAURANT ( wondered why the name so simple?? )

my cousin's LEGGIE and u can barely see my LEGG^^

bought WILD CHANNEL's badge.. 69 and 96 COOL^^

the plastic bag..

P/S: [ those pictures was taken by SONY ERICSSON CYBERSHOT WHICH CONTAINS 3.2 mega pixel ]

Saturday, July 12, 2008

dirt of my whole life

if mention about dirt.. everyone will be like thinking of DIRT that when we play football at the field.. many dirts consisted of thousand or million bacterias inside a little dirt..

is that too scary?? no.. if we are used to it.. what am i talking about??

cool friendship ^^ it's like a best friendship.. u know?? like people have the best friendship ever.. they will either called each other YO WHAT'S UP BROTHER !!! or HEY SISTER~

it's cool you know.. i never ever have a best friend like this.. i dont even have many friends in my whole life T.T

now.. talking about my health..

i dont even know how to play a sport like badminton or basketball and football.. ( althought i loves football pictures ) it's kind of SHAME..

and untill i found myself have a problem.. heart problem.. sickness.. heart weakness..

every times i breath.. is the sign of sickness.. i feel pain on my chest.. i breath in PAIN i dont know why?? someone just tell me if i have heart problem.. but it's seldom happen.. maybe one month less than 6 times.. i dont take it seriously.. refuse to take a medical checkout..

i wont smile like John Terry if i confirmed have a heart problem..

even i have only 1 month to live in this world.. i sure will tell everyone i loves them.. and do whatever i want to do.. the thing i haven't do before.. place that i haven't go before..

still.. i'll feel sad.. cry out loud..

if my life is like a tv show TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNER CHRONICLES.. saving the world..
it will be very cool instead..

o.. actually i'm promoting this tv show.. i'm lovin' it very much^^

must watch tv show:P

( P/S : if you have last few days in the world, will you be acting sexy?? )

DIRT in our life can be REMOVE so trying to fix it before it getting worse.. and yet that's what i called dirt in our life.. peace^^

if u have anything to say.. haha^^ please chat in my cbox.. thanks^^

my emotion post ends here><

Friday, July 11, 2008

happy birthday 2 blake !!!!!!

ok.. tomorrow is blake YJM's b'day.. so.. he'll be the happy one tomorrow>>

well.. there's nothing but food or drink for you>>

hmm.. i dont know what you want but the most realistic thing is give out a present for you..

but wait here's some pictures for you.. and i love it too^^

ok.. try to look at the left ( blake a.k.a SUPERMAN !!!!!) isn't the post looks like superman..??

Superman's coming to rescue !!!!!!!!! LOL.. stupid:P

ya.. thanks for your food.. MAGGI with SAUSAGE and SAUCE CHICKEN??

does it looks familiar to you, blake?? ARE YOU EVEN WATCHING?? it's at your house.. on the tv.. LOVE~~

not enough??

what do you like?? you loves beach?? no.. that's me

whatever it is.. just waiting for your party open mayb in your house??

last word.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU !!!!!!!!!!


football pictures.. we meet again :)

after the "death" of my all pictures.. i started to find again all my football pictures..

it's nicer.. and i found Frank Lampard's more than John Terry's.. sorry..

LOL.. it's just some prologue.. i'll post more~


Friday, July 4, 2008


oh my god~ SPAIN won the Euro match!!! yay^^ CELEBRATE FOR THEIR GLORY^^

and now i realized that joshua's right^^ he's a football professional..


now he's now back to malaysia.. my friend^^ ~JOSHUA~ welcome back again!!!

LOL^^ too excited to meet him already.. we are going out for celebration soon.. with all bunch of friendz.. and since blake's b'day is coming.. we are going out for FUN !!

well.. talking about today.. going to watch Hellboy : Super Sapien on tv.. feel excited.. haha^^

before the cinema shows Hellboy II : The Golden Army.. i'll watch the 1st episode.. cool^^

and he's cool.. Hellboy.. sounds like bad guy?? but he's not.. he's different from others creature..

poster was nice too>>

can this cup of drink describe my mood now??

lol.. just now received songs from angeline.. thnz.. it's my love COFFEE PRINCE OST !!!!
lovely one.. very nice^^ LOVES COFFEE^^

or just a scene??

loved beach view>><<

it's time to go now..

take me to the heaven^^