Saturday, May 14, 2011

Identity Upgraded

Back-to-back events in recent week:

8th May 

On Mother's Day, me and my family went to Nando's for dinner. This time, my treat. :D Well, first time. To spend a little more of my salary. XD We ordered 1/4 chicken and sidelines, but unfortunately, I don't feel nice. The sour taste almost made me puked. Seriously I don't have this horrible feeling before. That was scary. :( It's like having Sour Themed Meal. Anyway, this celebration is special for me.

Upgraded to: "Belanjawan"

9th May

Woah, I have no idea how fast my form 6 life started without my expectation. Probably after registered and straight away became a student of SMK Batu Lapan. Orientation Week at first. I'm afraid of this school feeling. Not yet prepared in new environment. Of course, I will be used to it someday. Many familiar faces. :O Anyway, for boys, the school uniform features White Shirt, White Long Pants and Black Shoes. HOW COOL CAN THAT BE!!!! I mean no more green pants. Good change. Love it.

Co-curriculum is a must in order to enter local U.

Going to decrease my online period soon. Attending tuitions. Still can't believe what's happening now.

Upgraded to: Lower Six student.

13th May 

First driving lesson started today. Actually I'm not really feel comfortable about the paddle. It's different from the game at arcade (usually I will crash a lot of things). A little push of the paddle is enough to make the car moves. The road and cars scare me to hell. What if I hit people and cars accidentally?

I am so jealous of the good drivers out there. Too bad I'm not one of them. This was my nightmare. :"(

The biggest fear is when the car shaking and engine's off suddenly due to my one mistake. Feels like the car is gonna explode. Seriously, sad. :(

Upgraded to: Learner in driving. 

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