Thursday, February 11, 2010

After and before

From The Beginning to the next round of movie downloads. Later on I shall not update again for the reasons below.

RACE 2: Redemption

First was 12 Rounds (2009). That was a disappointed moment. When downloaded just a movie trailer realizing after a second of viewing. Seriously dumb and thought that number start with a 9 is closer to the next unit. 95.24MB "is not equals to" 952.4MB!!!!!!! Make me wanna shout to my own face. Damn it. Soon and after, I'm kinda like the trailer. Visionary enjoyable. I'm dying to watch it arghhhhh.

The Hurt Locker (2008). Common cool title. Watching it by keep thinking that was an awards-winning production. Bomb killer. A real life and some sort of war's elements. They got guts to do this. We need a hero. Yes!

Speaking back of the redemption, is a speed redeeming project for
Speed Racer. So long. And now the best friend of it's new member Star Trek. Good luck.

I can't wait for you all my little downloads. Time won't wait too. Our Chinese New Year won't even do that.

My fast-healing ulcers are making appearance close to the CNY. Maybe it's a rush to clean up everything before celebrating CNY. Yeah, cleaning the house. Buying new shirts. Cleaning up hands to receive BiG angpaus. The routine of my CNY ( traditional ):

Eve: Reunion at home and visiting for the starting point of grabbing angpaus.

Day 1: Suited up new LOL! Going back to Semenyih and chatting, eating, crapping until tired.

Day 2: KFC for branch!!!!! WOOHOO!! before going back to Kuang ( hometown ) YAY! with cousins and lots of fun. Spending overnights and sleep late. It ain't the closing mission of "The Angpaus". Not yet.

The sedimentation of season is always quite moody and dull. Dusty.

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