Sunday, July 25, 2010

In the middle of halfway

The list is out now. Thanks Eirban.

RM0.20 PLKN: Maaf 930105xxxxxx anda tidak terpilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri8/2011 Terima Kasih.

You left me speechless, so speechless. Say goodbye to all those combat thingy and guns and cool uniform and Malay style river bathing. :(

Good luck to my friends, I really meant it, you guys have my bless. HAHA! Looking forward to the changes when we all re-meet that time.

a long time the match is over, it makes me wanna shout: Spain won FiFA World Cup 2010!!!!! and I know it's weird. This is the second winning after i noticed them in UEFA EURO Cup 2008. At here, I felt proud to even mention this: I extract the name from captain goalkeeper "Iceman" Iker Casillas ( his nickname) besides X-men's character. While Andres Iniesta has took over the fame by scoring 1 pt after extra time, good job boy!! but wasted my time waiting for a goal.

SPM war table is out! Too!! I've just have to admit that I can't take it seriously. Not until the last minutes. I can feel the holidays are just over the fire bridge, and some fun is about to start. Can't wait to plan our "Afterfun". WOOT!

From now on, I need to study HARD as my mom told me to. Well, I can lose my mood on everything and even if it's not true I might get less obsession on anything cause the shit is keep telling me the time bomb is ticking. :(

Anyway, my name is SALT.

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