Saturday, June 19, 2010


There will be not completed in this prison break ( school break ) season if without watching any movies.

To kill this last minutes, me and Xiang gor
once again went IOI at early morning but the early birds seem have to wait for the gate to open. Poor things. Prince of Persia plan is ruined. Damn. Everything is a rush. Less trailers.

The movie back-to-back for the end of this holiday.


A famous television series which started since I wasn't born has came to hit the big screens in cinemas.

Non-stop action-packed. Love it. The missions are way to dangerous and explosive. And way too fun to accomplish. Unexpected story line. WOOT! Jessica Biel rocks!!!

Actually is there a thousand reasons to join them? Cause I think the new recruit is coming in. :D

We have 5 minutes left to catch our next


Wait.. This time we're in the new hall of cinemas, a bigger screen for sure. :P

The Karate kid has break through what I've expected. This is what I called a movie!!! Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan!!! In China, here's the story of hard work. And there's more, it's a remake!!! 4 thumbs up!!! The fighting scenes are not disappointing. It's superb.

I don't wanna go back to school!!!! I want freedom!! It's never too late to say that since I'm saying it every time? Anyway, Happy Fathers' Day for those who are really done a great job in lifetime.

ps: btw, when will I celebrate mine :P ??

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