Thursday, March 11, 2010


Accidentally unlocked the secret powers of books on 2005 when I bought English story books frequently for reason that was influenced by my classmates really much that year. ( and it does help a lot )

The Chronicles of NARNIA: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

was the first kick-start book of my reading activity this year.

The 5th book of Narnia series. Doesn't really know why I kept it quarantine in the box for almost five years. Yet, this story is related to seas, islands, dragons, magical and "A Place where Anything Can happen". By reading, I could tell that I'm doing the scenes configuration at the same time before the next third movie coming soon. Every of my doubts will be clear when it does.

Frankenstein. The classic story book of horror and yet creepy. Soon and after I found Frankenstein is not the monster; The monster is the monster!! LOL! Victor Frankenstein is his creator. Cool but sad story.

Gulliver's Travels. Classic too. Familiar if we related to the small-country-man. Giants and dwarfs. Adventures. Politics issues. A sailing man's biggest story.

All those classics are simple to read ( suitable for me ) and I think that we could use it as our Literature study in school too. My speed reading for this week.

Still remember I wrote so many "short stories" to fulfill my past temporarily obsession ambition - Author. *Blinks* A story by Josh: featuring the 1st spin-off debut novel: The Scientific Room with many more.. ( Just remember one, the famous one, really more than 5 and these are out-of-quality-and-unpublished paperworks ). Fake enough to get a award for that story. WAKAKAKA. These stories were mostly previewed by Phyllis. Oh ya, it's a shame to put it out now but that is really the year I've been influenced by mainly movies. A great start is a halfway of succeed. WOOT!

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