Thursday, March 18, 2010


I believe the darkest season will be blown away when we meet the peak of unluckiness: We become the luckiest.

- Anonymous JT.

Meaningful LOL!

This is an unusual holidays. Not just because of the bloody homeworks, it's what we feel. Still searching for the reason of being so good to people. Did they do the same thing to you? Kinda out of the range this year, for not keeping myself inside the line. I'm Sorry. It doesn't really has enough space to fit me in. I hope my negative feelings won't last long.

One main thing seems to be bothering me all the time: Fear. What the fuck are you scaring at?!!!!! People and my friends and myself. Everything.

Let's turn to the bright side ( I'm really really really hope the dark reaction ends asap ) :

The starting part of my Chinese Novel ( which now competition hope turned to dust for no reason )



It's a story about a family generation toy shop. I thought it when I hope I can work in a toy shop during last year end. But ended up not so successfully. Inspired by a true story. XD

I'm also hope that my camera ( which now has been sent to repair ) will work even better ( I want it to happen ) .

Anyway, at the moment I'm wondering how would I survive until now, has become the season of I Miss You.

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